If you are looking for a sample internet cafe business plan template, here is a business plan for starting a cybercafe business and free feasibility study example you can use.


Are you thinking of starting an internet cafe business and also looking for an internet cafe business plan? Internet cafe business is a business that deals with providing users with service for browsing the internet. It also deals with doing online registration for those interested in our services.

In this article, I present to you an internet cafe business plan sample that you can use as a guide to create a business plan for your internet Café business.

BUSINESS NAME: Slicky cyber café.

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Sales Forecast
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary
Slicky Cyber Café is business that has been fully registered and has fulfilled the entire requirements for starting a business in Los Angeles, United State of America. The business will be concerned with providing internet services for its clients.

Slicky Cyber Café will be co-owned by Patrick Nelson and Theodore Francis. They will both be the manager and CEO. They have both contributed $550,000 toward starting up the business, they have also made plans to secure a loan of $450,000 to complete the startup fund which amount to $1,000,000.

Our Product and Services
Slicky Cyber Café is standard Cyber Café which will be located in Los Angeles, United State. We would be interested in providing stable internet service for client patronising us in our office. Below are some things that highlights our reasonable preparation:

  • Purchase of sets of Computers and Laptop.
  • Purchase of a standby generator for constant powering of our facility.
  • Plans are already in place to install the best Internet Server.
  • Our services would include 24hours internet browsing service.
  • An ever open online registration service for examinations and other important tests.

With this in place we know our services will not be altered and our services will be top notch.

Vision Statement
Our vision in the industry is to improve the previous standard set by those ahead of us. We are working to provide browsing services as fast as 10mb/s for our clients. Slicky Cyber Cafe is also looking forward to becoming the major internet café in Los Angeles and with time the entire United States. And before our fifth anniversary we want Slicky Cyber Cafe to become a household name.

Mission Statement
Our mission in the industry is to become a very popular and reputable cyber café that will be offering the best internet browsing speed for our clients in Los Angeles, and the whole of United States. We wish to build a stable business that will be beneficial for all.

Business Structure
The business structure of any given business is one of the defining factor of a successful business. This is the reason why we will be paying maximum attention to staffing and our structure. Our recruitment process will be done critically and efficiently. Only those with experience and good recommendation will be considered for recruitment. Below are the positions that will be filled:

  • Manager (CEO and Owner)
  • Sales and Marketing Executive
  • Accountant / Cashier
  • Cyber Cafe agents
  • Security Officer
  • Customer Service Personnel

Market Analysis
Market Trend
It’s been observed that successful cyber café in the industry are those that offer fast and reliable internet browsing speed. This is the only way to stay relevant and always on top of the game.
Target Market
We have identified the following as our target market:

  • Industries
  • Schools
  • Higher institutions
  • Online business industries
  • General public
  • Residential places

Sales and Marketing Strategy
Our business will be promoted primarily by our great customer’s services as well as quality delivery. One thing we know is good sales and marketing strategy is the key to a successful business and as such we are trying to create a good sales and marketing strategy that will help our business, below are some of the plans in place for the project:

  • Using introductory letters and fliers we will be introducing our cafe to people in Los Angeles.
  • We will also be using the internet to inform the world about our business. Specifically, Ads targeted to people living in Los Angeles.
  • We would extensively be using the Television and Radio stations to inform the world about our products.
  • Newspaper and Magazines would also be use to market our cafe.
  • We will also locate some important areas in the city and place some billboards there as this will help people to discover us quickly.

Financial Plan
Source of Startup Capital
Investing big and reasonably brings more success. We are informed of this and as such both Patrick Nelson and Theodore Francis have contributed $550,000 for the Slicky Cyber Cafe business, and are going to get a loan of $450,000 from the bank to complete the startup capital.

Sales Forecast
Having received correct and valid information from the industry database, below is the sales forecast for our first three years of operation.

First Fiscal Year $900,000

Second Fiscal Year $1,500,000

Third Fiscal Year $2,200,000

This article contains our sample business plan for our proposed Slicky Cyber Cafe. The business will be carrying out its operations in Los Angeles, United State. It will be owned by Patrick Nelson and Theodore Francis.