How to Start an Interior Design Business

Interested in small interior design business ideas? If YES, here is how to start an interior design company with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

Starting an Interior Design Business

The interior design industry has witnessed and still continues to witness huge innovations in the way interior design is done. To start an interior design firm, a lot of creativity is needed. Creativity is the single biggest ingredient for success in this industry. An individual can be creative with designs. However, further training is required to fine-tune these skills for maximum output.

In addition to training, certain structures must be put in place in any home design business for the smooth running of the business. Although this business might seem easy, it requires a lot of effort to be put into the business especially during its formative years. This article will discuss some of these requirements need to start an interior decoration business.

Creativity and Self Development

It is not enough to want to start an interior design business. Other equally important measures are required. First, an interior design business requires creativity. An individual should be able to be creative enough to see beauty where everyone else does not. With creativity comes self development. A lot of self development is needed to improve on previous skills.

Self development might be achieved through self study of interior design literature and videos. The other alternative for self development is by attending interior design classes which may be found in major cities. In any case, to attract the attention of clients, an interior design business requires a lot of creativity and self development for maximum productivity.

Building a Website

This is an important requirement for interior design businesses. To attract major clients, an attractive website must be in put in place. The website should be such that it speaks volume on the interior design business. There should be innovative designs which are catchy and attractive to the client. Therefore, for beginners in the interior design industry, extra effort and attentions should be given to building an attractive website containing different interior design samples.

You may want to seek the services of a reputable web designer for a great website. The services of reputable web designers does not come cheap as they can follow every specification with an added advantage of offering useful tips that attract clients to the website. How to Start an interior design business requires adequate startup capital that will be sufficient enough to cover every expenses of the business.

Provide Samples of Previous Work

The first thing a client will ask for is to see samples of previous work done for other clients. If there are no samples, then a business deal will hardly be struck. But how can you get samples when you are just starting the business? This is easy. You can start by offering free interior design services to friends and associates, and taking snapshots of these. These photo shots are your first samples.

To convince new clients, the photo samplesof previous work must be shot by a professional interior design photographer. Interior design businesses require professionalism is every aspect of the business. Therefore, if you can shoot these pictures, then by all means do so, but if you do not have the necessary skill, consider hiring the services of a professional who knows the trending photo angles and what is needed to produce superb interior design photo samples.


An interior design business requires extensive networking with other professionals within the industry. A great starting point for networking is through establishing contact with real estate developers, architects and a joining construction related business networks that will eventually lead to the growth of your own clients. Doing this might take some time. However, if properly done, the after-effects can be very rewarding.

Being Certified

This may vary from country to country or state to state. There may be regulatory guidelines which need to be followed. Such regulatory/professional bodies license interior designers.  An interior design business will need to present some level of certification to the client. This is because some clients may not want to do business with just anyone who calls him/herself as an interior designer.

Having the certification handy when approaching clients, eliminates any doubts that may arise. This should be presented to clients even when they do not ask, as some clients may not voice out their doubts. A degree, diploma or any form of proof of training is essential for this job. But above all, the work (previous samples of work) will speak loudest.

Writing a Business Plan

How to Start an interior design business without a business plan is like a ship doomed for wreckage. A business plan is the guiding light of the business which provides the much needed direction during trying times. At such times, the business plan clarifies the objectives of the business. An interior design business plan should be carefully written by seasoned professionals, providing all the requirements and actions to be taken which are necessary for the sustainability and growth of the business.

These are some of the requirements any serious interior design business should possess. There are extensive planning stages to be followed which help at arriving at the much desired result. As earlier stated, starting an interior design business requires creativity and training which will hone the skills (creativity) already possessed.  Therefore, it is necessary to go for self development through enrolling in interior design classes/schools and through self study.

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