How to Increase Adsense CPC Rate on Blog and Youtube

How to Increase CPC Rate in Google Adsense

As a blogger or vlogger, it is very difficult to take the importance of AdSense optimization with a levity hand when it aid the generation of revenue, in fact it is the prime source. So making a move towards increasing your AdSense cost per click (CPC) is not a barrier.

How to increase your CPC on Adsense
Why is my adsense cpc so low? Are you looking for ways to increase your AdSense CPC? Do you want some tips on how to improve your Adsense CPC rate? If you are a blogger and not happy about the low revenue you are generating, coming down here to find remedy to the problem is not a mistake instead, congratulations for your problem is solved already.

What is AdSense CPC

The concept, Google AdSense CPC is the cost per click (i.e. money) you earn on your blog on every single click made on the advert (ad) place on your website by Google. We have tones of ways to increase the rate of your revenue, the best and the major ones will therefore be detailed in this comprehensive post. The fantastic five out of them are as follow;

Adsense CPC Increase Strategies and Optimization Tricks

1. Identify your Niche

To improve your AdSense CPC, the first thing that you have to take care of is how to choose a nice niche for your blog. There are some website niches that are hot potatoes which people do search for day in day out.

Among these niche are finance, web development, business, politics, sport, farming etc. keywords relating to them are quite impressive, as such they are high paying niche you can trust. This also works to increase CPC of Adsense on Youtube.

Of utmost importance is choosing a specific niche for your website, the topic on which your blog is used to depend on the cost per click you are prone to earn. It may not be necessary how much you generate from the AdSense CPC in the first place, but choosing a specific niche for your website will give you long time income opportunity.

2. Always Write Unique and Quality Contents

Some websites generate huge money from Google AdSense CPC and CTR because of their up to the minute quality contents.

The second tips that will help you increase your Google Adsense CPC is writing unique contents that answer your visitors query. It is however imperative to note before writing, what your potentials readers are searching for online and present them with quality and reliable solutions to them.

Search engine optimization is always after good contents, hence more click will bring about more revenue especially if your traffics are around United kingdom, United States etc. and your ads is also highly targeted.

Don’t be too covetous by writing beyond your niche, any write up to be posted on your website should be tailored in accordance with your website niche but failure to do so will lead to drop in the click, hence your Google AdSense ads rate will be low. Be cautioned!

3. Visitors Country or Location

Of importance towards increasing AdSense CPC rates is your target visitor’s country. For instance, a single ad click from America visitor may generate a revenue of $2 to $5 or even more and the same ad could be clicked from an Indian visitor and bring about 20 to 30 cent. This is also important to increase your Youtube Adsense CPC.

Let your post be targeted to audience in English speaking countries because their AdSense CPC is of great value. Below are some few niches you can concentrate on to welcome visitors from the States in your blog, by so doing generating more income for you maximizing Adsense CPC by country.

• Fitness
• Game
• Entertainment
• Cooking
• Weight loss
• Dating tips
• Technology
• Real estate
• Latest news etc.

If you choose to be furnishing your website with any of the above niche, you are liable to experience high traffics and ads click.

4. Image Format and Typeface Font

This should have come up earlier. You need to choose the right and the best format for the ad. You can go for image resolution of 338×680 and 468×60 for two ads and an ad respectively if you prefer to use three ads in a page.

It is advisable you go for fully text ad because it has higher CTR (click per rate). And you can go for the two i.e. image and text simultaneously as it generates more CPC.

5. Nurture your SEO Effort

Another key to your increase in your AdSense CPC and CFT is to nurture your SEO effort and this could be done through on page SEO and proper SEO. Endeavor to use very well, your subheading, title tag, image alt tab, URL, link etc. to enable Google rank your contents very well in search result.

Also, drop keywords stuffing and moderately use some of the highest CPC adsense keywords that are relevant because Google crawler may freeze your contents and sanction it as a spam one if you keep on using same words often and often but relevant moderate to high CPC keywords will be of help in search result ranking.

I hope by now you are able to see various aspects you need to improve upon to increase your AdSense CPC.

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