How To Improve Your Small Business Website

Ways To Improve Your Business Website

In 2001, Bill Gates famously said “If your business is not on the internet, then your business is out of business.” While some offline businesses are still hanging in there, we basically take it for granted these days that every business will have a website, and probably a Facebook page, Twitter account and blog to boot.

But what makes the difference between a ‘good’ business website and a ‘great’ business website. Take a look at our 5 tips on how to improve business websites.

Have a Mobile Version

Almost everyone has a mobile device they use to access the internet these days, and more and more frequently people are using mobile devices to browse the web rather than on a computer. Having a mobile compatible website is therefore essential to reach more visitors to your website.

A mobile version has the advantage of being more user friendly for those with vision impairments with larger and clearer writing and buttons. If a mobile site is not possible, then at least make sure your developer knows to create your website in such a way that will be as easy as possible to access on a mobile site.

Make it Clear and Simple

As well as fitting well on a mobile screen a clear and simple website is more appealing to visitors and will help them access important content more easily. Having clearly labelled pages and tabs helps users navigate your content more easily.

A good rule of thumb, especially if you’re building your own website, is to look at the design you’ve chosen and see what you can leave out to create a simpler navigation and appearance.

Make your Contact and Help Pages Visible

Part of your simple website design should include making your ‘Contact’ page and a ‘Help’ tab or page visible and easily accessible. This means that once a visitor is interested in your business or services they can more easily get in contact with you to request your services, or if they have any issues with your website, they can quickly get help, and you can rectify the problem as soon as possible.

No matter how simple and clear you make your information and website layout, the chances are that at some point a customer is going to require more help. A frequently asked questions (FAQ) page can also help to direct visitors to some answers for the more commonly encountered issues or queries. Your visitors should have a way to contact you from every page on the website, whether it’s a contact button in the sidebar, or an email or telephone number in the footer.

Make Your Website Worth Visiting

Your visitors have come to your website for information – about your company, your products, or your services. Make sure your website is up to date with all the relevant information your customers might need. Make your content informative, interesting and succinct, as this helps to save space on your website and ensures your clients have all the essential information they need.

Inviting pictures and graphics make your website more appealing for those who are more visually inclined. Don’t neglect to include professional and interesting images of your products or a representation of your services, and staff profile pictures can also be useful for showcasing your staff toy our customers.

Convert Visitors into Customers

One of the main reasons to build a website is not only to provide visitors with information about your website, but also to turn visitors to your website into customers. There are numerous ways of doing this to varying degrees, whether it’s encouraging visitors to sign up for your newsletter or blog, offering them a free download of an eBook, or helping them buy a product from your online store.

In these cases a visitor to your website has become a customer. There are various ways to do this with your website, and the best way for you will depend on your particular business and the services and products you offer. Some companies can help you turn more visitors into customers by an analysis and development of your individual needs through a process known as conversion rate optimization services. This way your website ‘converts’ more visitors into customers for your business without you having to increase website traffic.

With these tips you can make you business website one that people will want to visit, and turn that into real growth for your company.

Written by Evie Coles, a freelance business blogger who provides well-researched business information and tips to her reader. She believes that hiring a PPC management agency can boost business sales and client conversion rate.

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