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Getting into wedding photography business doesn’t automatically guarantee success. You might be a photography enthusiast who wishes to take your hobby to the next level. To transform this hobby into a business, you wish to venture into wedding photography. How can you get a wedding photography contract?

There are a lot of people in the photography industry. Many of these people are trying to get into the wedding photography aspect of photography. It is no rumor that getting into the industry is hard, and it is even more difficult to stay in it.

Landing that wedding photography contract seems even harder to do since you have no experience with wedding photography. You have never shot a wedding, you don’t have a portfolio, in fact, you are a complete novice. All the potential clients you have approached have rejected your bids due to your lack of a portfolio of experience.

Rest assured, after reading this article and putting into use the tips it contains you will find that it will be easier to get a wedding photography contract.

Step 1: Get Experience
The reason should be obvious. Take advantage of family and friends around. Do family photo sessions with them. One photographer, who from zero prior experience landed over 10 wedding photography contracts, said that he started with his friends.

One of his friends was planning to propose to his girlfriend and he arranged with this friend to take pictures of the moment. Though the results at first were amateurish, to say the least, he gained experience and was learning a lot.

Another way you can gain some experience is by second shooting. This can be done by arranging with other photographers who have a wedding or weddings to cover and sitting in on some of their sessions.

With the permission of the photographer take along your camera and take photos. It is a great idea to take these photos for free as it will let them know that you are not the main photographer, thus reducing the pressure on you to get the photos right and perfect.

Since you are under no pressure, you can take pictures from different angles, using different styles and on a wide range of subjects. After all, nobody is going to slate you while you are doing a free job.

The second shooting also exposes you to the different ways photographers manage and navigate a wedding successfully. Take their advice and use them in your own future shoots.

Step 2: Build your Portfolio
Building a portfolio is one step on the path of getting a wedding photography contract. With the permission of your clients, you can use their photos to build your portfolio. They won’t mind. Edit, print and show your prospective clients.

It is vital you do as good a job as you can with the portfolio. Make it as professional looking as possible. Print, laminate and where possible, use a comb binder to bound them and keep them looking professional.

Step 3: Advertise
So, you’ve gained experience and now have your portfolio. The time is ripe for advertising your services. How can you convince people to choose you to cover their wedding? Use Craigslist. Many wedding photographers started from this site. How can you maximize engagement?

First, start by offering free engagements to anyone who might accept it. It might be free, but make it as professional as possible. Draw up contracts and guidelines. These should contain the duration of the sessions, the number of shots to be taken (in most cases, unlimited), the number of edited photos given to them.

Deal with this free gigs as if they were paid gigs. Surprisingly, many who signed up for free shoots might decide to make it into paid wedding shoots due to how good the photos turn out and how much fun they had, shooting with you.

But you do not want to hand out freebies forever, right? How can you use your limited portfolio to land paid weddings? Sign up for freelance sites. Examples are Fiver and Thumbtack. As a freelance photographer, you submit bids to interested employers to choose you.

Step 4: Liaison with Other Wedding Vendors
It is good to have a network with people in the wedding industry. These include wedding planners, caterers and other players in the industry. Doing this helps you get your foot in the door, so to speak. There are many communities both online and offline that you can connect with.

Step 5: Build a Website or Blog
This is a very vital tool when you want to get a wedding photography contract. It assists you to organize your photographs, and your services are promoted. Spend money building your site by hiring a company to help you with the design. In the long run, this is worth it.

Your website can also serve as your online portfolio while at the same time a medium of advertising your services to potential clients. Your website should be detailed, containing information about you and how to reach you.

There is no denying that the industry is not easy to break into, especially into a branch as lucrative as wedding photography. However, following the advice and tips given here can help you get that wedding photography contract. Network, gain experience and advertise. Your successful career awaits.

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