Do you know how to choose the perfect name for your small business?

Congratulations! You have finally decided to start that business of your dream so you can become your own boss and be signing your paycheck. But, you are stuck with one problem—picking a name for your business.

One of the very first thing in starting a business is choosing a name for the business. I have in this post important tips to take you through the process of choosing a name for your business.

What should I name my business? How do I name my small business? How do I choose the right name for my brand?


I know for sure that choosing the right name for your business is not easy when there are so many names to pick from. It is an exciting but stressful process.

A great name is very crucial for business success. Some experts believe that it is better to pick an abstract name. For example, Uber. Others argue that a good name must tell what a business does so customers can immediately identify their needs with it.

In reality, any name can be effective if there is a good marketing strategy to back it up. Here are 4 tips you will need to consider when choosing a name for your business.

So how do I choose a business name?

Step 1: Get Creative
How do I get a name for my business? You have to be creative when choosing a name for your business. You won’t know what names you never thought existed has been taken until you start looking for a name for your business.

Most sweet words you would have loved to use for your business has been taken and trademarked. You must have the ability to coin words together to come out with a name. That is what most entrepreneurs are doing now as it is very hard to find names that are free.

Words like ‘Acer’, ‘Tesla’ and ‘Compaq’ has no dictionary meaning but with their strong campaign and marketing backup, these companies were able to put the name in the heart and mind of customers that when the name is mentioned, people can associate a meaning with it.

What should you do?

Just think of a word that is easy to spell, pronounce and to remember. It must not have any dictionary meaning. And also, forget about what the name might mean in another country. Most names you think has no meaning in your country has a meaning in another country, but that doesn’t change anything.

Don’t just try to be a copycat. Just keep your intending name simple. Better still, two syllables are enough. To avoid being frustrated, later on, I will suggest you pick up to 6 names you feel you want to use as your business name.

Do you want to know why? Read further.

Step 2: Test It Out Before Committing
After you must have written down the list of names you feel fits your business, you will need to test it out to get a feedback.

How do you do that?

Ask your business friends and family members what they think about the names. Watch their reaction when you mention any of the names and ask for their honest input.

You can also test the sweetness of your name by asking yourself if your friends will agree to wear a T-shirt with your business name on it. Whatever way you choose to test your business name before you proceed to the next step, make sure you are also okay with the name.

Step 3: Conduct a Search to Make sure the Name is Available
Most times, you will get to discover that the name you pick for your business has been taken and registered by another person and has been existing for years. You will have to check both online and offline.

To check online, you can type it into Google search engine and see what comes up. There is a possibility that most of the names you wrote down are already taken. This is why I earlier told you to write down at least 6 names that fit your business.

You can also use to check if the name is also available on major social media platforms.

To search offline, you will need to visit Trademark office in your city or state to check if the name you want to use for your business has been trademarked. You can use this site to do a search to get an idea if your business name has been service mark or trademark.

Since you would likely register your business name, it would be advisable you visit the Secretary of State in your city to see if the business name has been registered too or a name similar to it has been registered.

If there is a registered business name similar to your intending business name, the official at the Secretary of State won’t allow you to use that name. You may need a lawyer to help you conduct this kind of search.

Step 4: Take Legal Action
This is the final step. Now that you have come up with a business name that has passed the above process, it is time to claim the ownership of the name so you can start using it for your business.

You should do this by contacting a lawyer with experience in business registration. With this, you are sure that the process of registering your business name will go successfully.

For those interested in picking the perfect name for their startups, the process of picking a name for your business is very important, so never rush it. And, also make sure you are happy with the name you finally pick. You don’t want a situation where you won’t be proud to mention your business name in front of friends or business colleague.