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Pool Cleaning Business Profit – Cleaner Average Income Per Hour / Year

What is the average income pool cleaning business? How much does it cost to have someone clean your pool? A whole lot of processes are involved in swimming pool maintenance. Pool maintenance is necessary to keep it in good condition and to increase its lifespan. For the purpose of this article, we are interested in an aspect of maintenance which is pool cleaning. Simple as it may sound, pool cleaning requires knowledge of definite procedures to follow. Therefore there are professional pool cleaners whose job is to ensure your pool sparkles. But is this line of work lucrative? And how much do they make? We are interested in the latter as we discuss how much pool cleaners make. Is there an industry minimum? We will provide answers to this as you read along.

Pool Cleaning and Servicing

Most pool cleaning professionals or companies always provide pool cleaning services in addition to maintenance. Here, maintenance refers to minor repairs for damaged pool equipment/components. There are varieties of pool cleaning services. These consist of full pool service, the chemical only service, the chemical plus service as well as the commercial pool service. Each of these has unique approaches to how care is administered. Let’s take a look at each of these;

1. The Full Pool Service:

As the name suggests, the owners/clients hand over complete care of their pools to the cleaner. This means that the cleaner is responsible for complete cleaning and maintenance of the pool. This is mostly done on a contract basis and may be charged monthly or any interval determined by both parties. This costs higher as it has to do with total care and maintenance.

2. The Chemical Only Service:

Under this arrangement, the pool cleaner is responsible for ensuring that the chemical composition of the water is balanced. Less emphasis is placed on cleaning and the pool owner may do his/her cleaning himself. Under this arrangement, the pool cleaner can earn more because he can handle several pool “chemical only service” accounts. This is unlike the full pool service which takes more time for each job/account.

3. The Chemical Plus Service:

This is like the mid-point between providing a full pool cleaning service and a chemical only service. Here the professional is in charge of a wider range of services that includes full pool service as well as also providing a chemical service. This is similar to a full pool service. However its only difference is that it is more detailed and includes taking care (that is cleaning and maintaining) of the filter, clearing any debris in addition to repairing malfunction of pool equipment. How much a professional will make depends on how many pools/accounts he can cover per hour. This would take a longer time than full pool and chemical only services.

4. Commercial Pool Service

This involves providing pool cleaning services to commercial or public schools. Such may be located in apartment buildings, hotels, or resorts among others. Because these are public pools, they have a higher use frequency when compared to private pools. Therefore it requires more frequent cleaning rounds or sessions. This may be twice a week or more. This account type typically costs higher than the aforementioned cleaning/maintenance plans.

Cost of Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

How much do pool service techs make? Pool cleaning/maintenance charges can be broadly classified into the monthly service income as well as the maintenance income. The full pool service falls under the monthly service income category. Typically the range of income for pool professionals falls within the $50 to $60 bracket per hour. This covers both cleaning and services. Carrying out minor repairs can be significantly higher and falls within the $150 to $200 per hour range. This pool guy salary translates to a $75,000 to $85,000 per annum net income.

Ways of Maximizing Income

There are several ways pool cleaners maximize or increase their income. Some of the common ways include handling several pool cleaning accounts. This is the most common as the time spent carrying out pool cleaning/maintenance services varies on the type of service provided. As mentioned earlier, there are four types of services that include the full service, the chemical only service, chemical plus service and the commercial service. Each service provided by a pool cleaner has a varying degree of time demand. Hence while some pool cleaners can handle up to six pool cleaning/maintenance services or account a day, others may handle 3 to 4 depending on the type of job.

This has a significant impact on income. Another way of maximizing income is by cutting down on expenses. This is possible by using your home as your base. This significantly cuts down on expenses that would have been channeled into renting an office space as well as other running costs related to maintaining a business outlet.

Advantages of the Pool Cleaning Business

Starting a pool cleaning business does not require a high startup capital. In addition to this, a long-established attraction to pool cleaning is its recession-proof nature. This is hardly affected by any downturn in the economy. Pool cleaners have more control over their time as they do not have to work weekends or at nights. This is in addition to the job being quite easy to learn, hence making it possible to learn part-time.

This article has provided details on the income earned by pool cleaners. As an increasingly popular business opportunity, it offers the potential to earn handsomely while doing a job you love. It is important to also state here that pool cleaning requires dedication to service and diligence. Customer satisfaction should be the main goal, as only this would ensure the growth of the business.

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