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If you are looking for a sample honey bee farming business plan template, here is a business plan for starting a honey bee farm and free feasibility study example you can download.


Bee keeping has turned out to be among the most profitable businesses in the agro allied sector with increasing interests among entrepreneurs to invest. Although a very lucrative venture, it comes with its own challenges.

To surmount the challenges presented, entrepreneurs need to set up a framework that will ensure that the challenges faced or to be faced by their business are properly handled and surmounted.

An important tool necessary for the success of a honey bee farm business is the business plan. This article presents a sample honey bee farm business plan because of its importance to the stability of the business.

It provides guidelines which if well followed will result in the stability, profitability and growth of the entrepreneur’s honey bee farm. We begin with the following;

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Target Market
  • Source of Revenue
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Payment Channels
  • Sales Projection
  • Publicity and Advert Strategies
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary
Han’s Honey Bee Farms is a commercial honey bee farm to be located in Ohio. Fully licensed to carry out the production of bees and bee products, the Han’s Honey Bee Farms specializes in services that include the sale of live bees, collection of bee venom, royal jelly among several other bee products. Our honey bee farm will not just produce for the local market in Ohio, but will produce for the domestic market (American) as well as for export or international market. Owned by Mr. Han Miller, who possesses extensive experience in the honey bee farm business, Han’s Honey Bee Farms will be driven by excellence and professionalism, with a well dedicated and motivated workforce that will drive the growth of this business. Our workforce will be drawn from the very best hands within the industry to provide the much needed growth drive.

Products and Services
Our products will consist mainly of bee related products such as well packaged honey, collection of bee pollens, pollination activities as well as the sale of live bees. Other services include consultancy and advisory services to smaller honey bee farms as well as teaching the skills of honey bee farming to interested individuals.

Vision Statement

We at Han’s Honey Bee Farms intend to be among the top 5 major honey bee brands within the first 7 years from the commencement of business. This we intend to achieve by bringing together a workforce that shares our passion which will drive our growth plans. Within this period, we intend to commence commercial export of our products to the international market.

Mission Statement
We will be providing quality honey bee products and services to our esteemed clients through the adoption of best practices within the industry. Our outlets will be spread across all the states within the United States.

Target Market
Due to our aggressive expansion plans we have, we will embark on deliberate efforts to increase our clients by reaching out to a diverse market that includes both commercial and individual clients. Our target market will consist mainly of agricultural products merchants, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, food processing companies and households among others.

Source of Revenue
Our revenues will be generated primarily from the sale of the products and services on offer at our farms. Some of these products and services will consist of consultancy and advisory services to smaller honey bee farmers, the sale of our well packaged honey plus the production of bee wax. Others will include organizing seminars on bee and honey production. Revenue will also be realized from the sale of live bees.

Competitive Advantage
A competitive advantage we will have over our competition is the favourable work environment needed for optimum productivity. Our workforce will thrive within a well laid out work environment with the necessary work conditions required for the best results. Also, we will include a quality control unit that will ensure that only the best products reach the end consumer. Our remuneration will be among the best in the industry to ensure proper motivation of our workforce, resulting in the commitment of their best effort leading to growth and increased productivity.

Payment Channels
We will be including diverse payment channels centred around the client, to ease the payment of services enjoyed some of these channels will include the receipt of cash payments, use of POS machine for payments and mobile banking. Others include the acceptance of cheques, bank draft and the use of mobile banking.

Sales Projection
We have carried out studies within this industry which has shown a healthy growth projection for our business. Using a three-year time frame, current economic indicators were used to arrive at these figures. However, unpredictable factors such as environmental disasters as earthquakes and economic downturn were discounted. Below is a chart summarizing our three-year sales projection;

  • First Year $150,000
  • Second Year $280,000
  • Third Year $510,000

Publicity and Advert Strategies
We will be making use of effective publicity and advert strategies to reach the widest possible section of our consumers and clients. some of the strategies to be adopted include the placement of paid adverts in both electronic and print media, the use of billboards and the building of a website all showcasing our services.

This article focuses on providing a sample honey bee farm business plan to the interested entrepreneur who has little or no knowledge on how to write a good honey bee farm business plan. Using the format provided here, the entrepreneur is ensured of success in producing a compelling and well written business plan.

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