Sample Homemade Preserves and Pickle Business Plan Template


Starting a homemade preserves and pickle business involves more than just knowing how to prepare a good recipe.

When it comes to pickles, most people are often left thinking it has to do with cucumbers which have been preserved in flavored liquid.

However pickles involve more than that since other vegetables could be used as well.

For a person interested in starting up a homemade preserves and pickle business, there are several things that attention must be given to.

This article contains some of these things you have to carefully pay attention to before starting up your preserves and pickle business.

Here is a free business plan for starting a homemade preserves and pickle shop business.

  • Hone Your Skills

Getting better and improving on your skills is surely how you will be able to get professional with your homemade preserves and pickle business. A good place to get started is to enrol for a culinary course so as to learn more as regards making use of a variety of ingredients and spices. This will help you to be able to create your own new and exciting flavours for your pickles.

  • Write a Business Plan

Whether you are starting up a home based business or not, a business plan is highly important towards the success of your business. Running your homemade preserves and pickle business without a business plan is akin to travelling to a distant city without having a road map.

A business plan will avail you with a concrete plan on how you will be able to achieve your business goal. Also, if you would want to seek financial assistance from the bank, you will be required a business plan.

  • Carry out a Market Research

Diligently carry out a thorough market research on your business in your area. Chances are you are not the only one doing the preserves and pickle business. So, it will benefit you in your business a lot if you take out time to know every detail about the business vis-à-vis your competitors. Take note of their strong areas as well as their weak areas, and strive to surpass their efforts in the market.

  • Legal Formalities

Go to your state’s health department to make enquiries as to which licenses and permits you will need before starting up your preserves and pickle business. You have to really take this one seriously since it has to do with food. Go ahead and get the needed licenses and permits.

Also, choose a very interesting brand name and proceed to getting your business registered with the respective department. Make sure to keep the name short and simple, easy to pronounce.

  • Hire Staff and Get Materials

It will not be possible to fully operate a very successful homemade preserves and pickle business without needing some sort of help or support. You may require a couple of hands to be able to effectively run your business without difficulty. This is especially so if you intend to be producing very large quantities. A few employees are all you need to get started initially. As you continue with your business, you may require more.

Also, you will need to determine how you will be getting your materials for your business. Basically, pickles are vegetables. So, you will need to determine how you will be able to get a good deal of vegetables.

  • Source for Customers

To go about sourcing for customers, you could start with making a list of all the various places where you could market and sell your products. Farmers markets, mall kiosks, flea market, are all very good places to begin with. Do well to contact the various places which you have on your list. Talk to them about becoming their vendor.

It is important you try to get a lot of names of places since not all of them may work out for you. Another idea is to retail your products to grocery stores, places such as local gift shops, online websites such as Foodzie and Etsy. You could also do well to involve yourself in trade shows and bazaars.

  • Brand Promotion

Promote your preserves and pickle business. There are several ways you could go about doing this. You could print fliers and make sure to distribute them to friends, neighbours, at public places, etc. Local media are also great places to promote your business to prospective customers.

Local media such as radio and TV stations, newspapers, magazines, etc. Make sure to launch a website, as well as create a social presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (those are quite the popular ones).

  • Create Recipe

Create a very interesting and tasty recipe that your customers will love. This is where your creativity will be needed. You have to creatively come up with a good recipe from what you know and have learnt from your training course. Try out different recipes and allow your friends and family to test them before settling for any particular one.

Packaging is also very important too. Of course a good recipe will keep your customers, but good packaging will attract new customers in the first place. For your preserves and pickle business, you could use jars or bags which are safe enough for food. Make sure they are appealing enough to catch the attention of your prospective customers.

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