6 Small Home Business Ideas for Moms, Seniors, Retirees

Home Based Business Ideas and Opportunities

There are many business ideas you can start at home. Of these, not all business ideas for families is for everyone as some people are not family-inclined. If you are willing to invest as a family there are affordable home business ideas you can start with members of the family functioning as team partners under a unified goal which is to make money from home.

Continue reading because below, I have discussed several free home based income ideas and home franchises that can generate income at home for you and your family. This list contains unique practical home based business ideas for moms, fathers and even younger people.

List Of Low Start up Practical Business Ideas You Can Start From Home

I know how determined you are to start making money from the comfort of you home and I’m prepared to show you some free business ideas you can start home without going against the law. Although most small home-based business ideas do not require much capital, you will need determination and solid marketing to succeed at them.

1. ==> Start Food Selling/Baking Business
If you are talented at cook, you can start a catering business. Whether you are in USA, UK, Nigeria and other parts of Africa, you will always make money if you combine your culinary skills with a strong marketing strategy. Many people with little or no capital have opened up food selling business catering for those who cannot go through the stress of cooking and those who don’t have time. Before you know what’s happen, if your packaging is right, you will start receiving special orders to supply packs of food and bottled drinks to parties, picnics and festival gatherings. Food business is one of the most profitable home based business opportunities.

2. ==> Open A Mini Mart/Kiosk
If you are the type that spend most time of the day at home, you can look at opening a small or medium kiosk in front of your house or somewhere close by. In some estates, people have to cover kilometers just to be able to buy an item as small as recharge cards.

The truth is that you know your community’s needs and the taste of the people there. This knowledge would be useful when selecting items and products to stock in your shop. A mini mart business is a lucrative way to make money at home buying and selling raw and cooked food stuffs, items for household use, toiletries etc.

3. ==> Rent Out Rooms As Lodge And Hostel
Do you have a personal residential property? Do you have some rooms unoccupied? Can you convert some areas in your apartment into self-contains and B/Qs? Is your area close to a tertiary institution? If you can provide basic needs, these extra rooms can be rented out on annual basis. They may also be used as lodges or converted to accommodation for students as hostels.

Carve out specifications as to who you want as tenants or who can use your property. The more facilities you can provide, the higher the rent you will charge. Whether you live there or not, your property is busy making money for you every year. This is one of the cool things about real estate business.

4. ==> Run A Child Care Business
If you personality is one that finds taking care of children very easy to do, you can get paid looking after other people’s children. As such, they are willing to pay anyone who can watch over their children for the time they are at work.

In setting up a childcare business, you need a knowledge of child behaviour, minor health issues, accident prevention and first aid. Some activities that may need you to assist kids when their parents are not available include doing homework, preparing food, bathing etc.

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5. ==> Elderly Care And Assistance Business
Many young people are touched when they see old people in discomfort. If you have the passion to take care of geriatrics you can set up a business to provide this care to them. Since you are doing business and helping at the same time, your charges is expected to be reasonable so that more elderly people can benefit from your business.

Looking after gardens, changing and washing window blinds, fetching water, changing bulbs, food preparation are some activities that many old people need assistance with. You can provide a dedicated call service so that these set of fragile people can put a call across to you anytime they need to carry out such activities. Although anyone can start a business of taking care of elderly people this business is one of the most practical home based business ideas for moms especially single mums, divorcees and widows.

6. ==> Internet Business
With a PC and internet connection,
you can set up different online businesses providing web design and
freelancing services, blogging to make money from affiliate marketing,
PPC programmes like Google Adsense, sales of information products and
third party advertisements. You should read more about the various ways
to make money online as I have provided useful links to help you make a
profitable choice of internet business.

I hope you have been able to pick one or two facts from this list of unique practical home business ideas? What do you think is the best free home based business idea? Share.

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