9 Highest Paying Online Surveys for Money that are Legitimate

Which websites pay the most for surveys? Which of the paid survey sites are actually legitimate? Find out more in this guide.

Highest Paying Online Survey Sites

Online surveys have become a medium through which companies and businesses pay for feedback on their products and services. With information obtained, customer concerns are addressed through the improvement of such services or products.  This is also a marketing strategy that seeks to attract patronage.

We will consider some of the high paying online surveys you can start earning money from immediately!

  • Global Test Market GTM

Global Test Market is among the best paying online survey sites. With this online survey, you can earn as much as you can. This is primarily because there is never a shortage of surveys to take. This survey site pays you through points also known as MarketPoints which requires a minimum withdrawal limit of 1100. Your accrued 1100 MarketPoints equal $50.

In order to cash out, your points are redeemed through gift cards, PayPal and charity donation. If you want to know how many points you earn per survey, such earnings range from 10 to 100 MarketPoints.

  • MindSwarms

If you sign up and take a MindSwarms survey you get paid up to $50 for every survey taken. So how many questions per survey are we looking at? There are actually 7. Most types of survey are in the form of questionnaires, but in the case of MindSwarms, you get a different experience! Video surveys are the regular. Your demographic plays a part in the type of surveys you get. MindSwarms will send you only those surveys peculiar to your demographic.

After creating an account, you will need to login daily to participate in your survey. The best part is that MindSwarms places no minimum requirements limits. In addition to this, your payment is sent to your PayPal account within a 24 hour period. This is one of the best online survey deals you can get.

  • Parent Speak

The name of this online site speaks volumes. This is a parent focused site that supplies surveys relating to a wide range of products considered to be parent-centered. Never mind if you aren’t a parent yet as you will still be interested in other online surveys listed within this article. Parent Speak has a minimum payout amount of $10 which is withdrawn through check.

As a Parent Speak survey taker, you get paid a flat rate of $1 for almost every survey taken. Some surveys may come with other questions. By answering those, you get to increase your pay to as high as $20 to $50.

  • Savvy Connect

This is another high paying online survey you can participate in. With Savvy Connect, you only need to download its app onto whatever device you have, register and get access to tons of market research.  Apart from the surveys sent to you, each Savvy Connect app downloaded onto any of your devices fetches you some income as long as it remains installed. The amount earned per month is $5.

Savvy Connect has a referral program where you get to earn from $5 to $15. This goes on and on as your friends also refer their friends. The minimum allowed withdrawal limit for this online survey is $1 and you get paid via check.

  • TeensEyes

Earlier, we named a survey site for parents. Well, this one is for teens between the ages of 13 to 15. This survey site creates surveys on a wide range of items interesting to teens. In other words, the generate surveys on teen appropriate content. For TeensEyes, points are accrued which when converted will range from a dollar to $25. The minimum points required to cash out your earnings is 1,000 points. When calculated, this translates to $10.

Unlike most online survey sites, there is a maximum amount. You are not required to have up to 60,000 points.

  • Valued Opinions

With Valued Opinions, you are sent surveys on a wide range of products. Survey takers will get to earn credits for each survey taken. Your earned credits can be redeemed for gift vouchers. The value of credit received is shown in your dashboard in dollars. Valued Opinions instantly honors withdrawals with dispatch by sending you a gift card accompanied with the code.

  • Microsoft Playtest

If you are a game enthusiast, you will find Microsoft Playtest really interesting. You get the feel of new games way before they are released and get paid for them. What better way to spend your time than having fun and getting paid? The best part is that you get paid with games and software!

  • iPoll

Whether you are within or outside the United State’s doesn’t matter. iPoll operates in several countries across the world. As a new member, iPoll gifts you $5 free. There is a minimum payment restriction of $25 payable viable gift cards, PayPal, i-Tunes and Amazon e-vouchers. With iPoll, you aren’t only restricted to survey taking but also get the rare opportunity to try out new products.

Its payment rate for each survey ranges from $2 to $5 on average. There are also apps for Android and IOS devices.

  • InboxDollars

Inbox dollars is one of the highest paying online jobs you will find. It pays via check and has minimum cash out of $30. This online survey gives you variety to include videos, surveys and games. Anyone opening an account for the first time gets a $5 welcome bonus. The variety it gives makes it fun taking its surveys.

There you have it! Some of the best paying online surveys you will find. These are genuine survey sites and have been paying. You can take advantage of any or several of these online survey sites. As long as you have the time to fill surveys, there is never a delay in payment.

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