Are you interested in starting a Hedge fund business? Are you searching for a Hedge fund business plan template for your hedge fund business? Well, you are in luck, as below is a hedge fund business plan sample for your perusal.

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Objectives
  • Mission Statement
  • Products and Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Management Summary

JJ and Associates LLP is a standard hedge fund company that gives big time investors and well established institutions an opportunity to pool cash together in order to be able to invest in securities as well as every other form of investment opportunities that requires large capital for start up.

It is no secret that there are lots of entrepreneurs searching for large capital to startup their businesses.

There are also others who have large amount of cash and are looking for a means to invest such. This need will be taken care of by a hedge fund firm.

JJ and Associates LLP, will be made up of a management team that is well experienced in the investment field and also of people who are core professionals.

Business Objectives

At JJ and associates, our objectives are pretty straight forward.

• To become the leading hedge fund firm in America that caters to the needs of major investors and other entrepreneurs
• To develop into a large scale investment firm that will provide our clients dividend income and capital appreciation.
• To build a firm that is efficient in providing its investors and senior directors with attractive interest income.

Our mission is to offer clients which include investors and partners with the best investment services out there in order to stand out as leading partners in the investment sector.

At JJ and Associates, we will solicit capital from accredited investors and then make use of such investments to invest in marketable securities and other hedge funds. We expect to generate an annual compound return of 30% to 35% per year on the capital invested into JJ and Associates’ portfolio holdings. JJ and Associates management will retain a 25% ownership interest in the firm.

We would also invest in marketable securities as well as other hedge funds that specialize in specific aspects of trading. Other methods of trading including options trading and LEAP trading will be employed in conducting our business.

Market Trends

Research has shown that the headquarters of most of the top hedge fund firms is in New York. New York is seen as the headquarters of most businesses around the world. In fact most key business decisions are taken in New York.

Core professionals in the management team is an important requirement in starting an hedge fund firm as is seen in almost all hedge fund companies.

It has also been observed that most hedge fund companies place a limit on the amount of capital they accept over time. This is done in order to limit the amount of amount of capital they can employ successfully before the returns start diminishing.

Target Market

When it comes to hedge fund companies, one thing is always common and that is the fact that it is a company meant for the rich and accredited investments. This is because of the large capital involved in it.

Hence, as a hedge fund company, we are only open to limited partners who have the required capital for such capital intensive portfolios.

We this in mind, we have specifically designed our products and services for the list of individuals and organizations below.

• Rich people
• Accredited investors and investment clubs
• Top corporate bodies
• Other corporate organizations

The fact that there exists a stiff competition among hedge fund managers and even with other financial service providers in the United States is not lost on us. With this in mind, we have employed an efficient and experienced team to handle our sales and marketing.

JJ and Associates sales and marketing team will comprise of only those who have vast experience in the field in order to be able to meet with the goals of the organization. Our team will also be trained on a regular basis in order to keep them refreshed and up-to-date.

At JJ and Associates, we have developed some marketing strategies to help us meet our goal of becoming among the leading hedge fund companies in America. These strategies are stated below

• Using maximum use of social media by introducing our business on every available avenue.
• Sending introductory letters as a means of introducing our business to corporate organizations, accredited investors, top corporate executives and key stake holders in and around New York City as well as other cities in the United States
• Advertise our business in online platforms and other important business related journals, newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations.
• Attend international and local finance and business expos that are relevant to hedge fund business including, seminars, and business fairs
• Engage in word of mouth marketing as well as direct marketing approach

JJ and Associates LLP will comprise of a management team of made up of professionals with a minimum of 10 years experience in the investment sector. JJ and Associates LLP’s management team will be headed by Jacob Justin who has spent years working as an investment banker in New York.

We will endeavor to employ capable and trustworthy hands in order for us to be able to achieve our goals as a hedge fund firm.

This above business plan for JJ and Associates LLP will serve as a basis for achieving JJ and Associates’ short and long term goals in the hedge fund investment sector. The founders of JJ and Associates LLP have it in mind that this hedge fund business plan is subject to change, in order to be able to accommodate any changes that might occur in the investment sector anytime soon.