10+ Healthcare and Medical Business Opportunities for Professionals

Business Ideas and Opportunities in Healthcare Industry

Are you looking for small healthcare business ideas to invest in? The healthcare delivery sector in many continents, Africa inclusive, is attracting considerable investment, both in human and material terms. This is so because science and technology has vastly improved living conditions by way of improved medicines and the eradication of killer diseases.

Low cost business ideas in health, fitness and wellness
Hence increasing numbers of people are living longer and healthier lives. This inadvertently means that there will be demand for more medicines, healthy meals and lifestyle tips. These demands have thrown up an abundance of business and franchise opportunities in the healthcare services and delivery sector, such that the savvy investor can get high returns on investment made.

The Business of Healthcare – Medicine Related Business Ideas
Healthcare as a business is a broad one encompassing sub-sectors such as Primary healthcare, Secondary healthcare and Tertiary healthcare. There are also lucrative franchises in healthcare to invest in.

The following small healthcare business ideas and opportunities for doctors and nurses are currently the hot offers making the rounds in the healthcare industry:

Here is a list of new medical business ideas for healthcare professionals:

List of the Best Business Opportunities  in Healthcare Industry

1. Health fairs 
As more devices, improved technology and healthcare apps are churned out on a daily basis. There is a need to get the technological advances and innovations to the attention of hospitals, medical professionals, health insurance firms, and the government. The would be investor possessing organizing and people skills, then a fair could be started, in partnership with research institutes and universities, and the proceeds from such events shared on agreed terms.

2. Personal training services
If one has an energetic and athletic background and a love for keeping fit, then starting a personal training business could be a boon. Especially if you aim for the upper echelon of society such as celebrities, the wealthy industrialists and government officials; in helping them keep fit and providing tips and advice on lifestyle changes. The would- be investor could also run a training school for personal trainers.

Improved earning power, better living conditions and access to better information means that there is a demand for body healing and therapeutic services. Once you have received necessary training and certification, you could decide to set up a center, work in conjunction with other therapists or establish a massage academy.

3. Professional Dietitian / Nutritionist 
This is one of the unique healthcare business opportunities in the UK related to food which make money if  one already has some training which includes a Bachelors degree and maybe some internship training. If this then combined with a flair, passion and knowledge of food groups and nutrients that can keep individuals healthy and active, you could set up a lucrative venture providing this healthcare service.

4. Mobile Medical Screening and Testing
Having a flair for excellent logistics planning and execution, as well as having proper training in healthcare testing procedures, these new mobile business ideas in healthcare industry can blossom, due to the demand for bespoke medical services such as instant medical results, eye or insulin shots among others.

5. Medical Equipment sales and lease 
Government agencies, hospitals and healthcare facilities are always on the lookout for good bargains for the purchase of medical equipment and tools. An healthcare related business that can serve as a bridge between manufacturers and end users, in negotiating mutually acceptable terms of purchase, will attract more profits on investment if you market it well. There are lots of marketing ideas for healthcare business if you search online thoroughly.

6. Midwifery 
As demand for hospital services continues to outpace the available supply, people are seeking for alternative sources of meeting these needs. One such area is child birth/delivery. Increasing numbers of people are choosing to deliver their babies at home and in nursing homes; therefore mid-wives and birth attendants are in high demand. Investors will either have to be certified professionals/caregivers, with relevant documentation or engage the services of trained staff.

7. Medical Waste Recycling
Hospital businesses, medical research centers and healthcare facilities produce large amounts of medical and more often, hazardous waste. There is a need for the prompt and safe disposal of these products. With relevant training in healthcare safety management and possessing the right equipment for solid and liquid medical waste evacuation, the savvy investor could soon be servicing a large client base, while making good profit. However, the business will have to pass certain capability tests and obtain relevant documentation.

8. Egg Donor Agency/Sperm bank 
The demand for more improved fertility treatment and means ensures that couples and families are willing and able to pay to conceive and bear children. Sperm banks and egg donor centers are becoming the route of choice, for many. Owning and running such a healthcare service facility will guarantee handsome returns on investment. Having relevant training, regulatory authorization as well as the ability to connect with clients will prove essential to the success of this medicare business idea for professionals.

9. Medical Coding 
These creative healthcare businesses in India and other part of the world is perfect for those who would like to work from the comfort of anywhere; especially their homes. If you are handy with a computer and have a way with programming, then you could set up a medical coding venture that will assist hospitals and medical centers to encode documents of patient identities, medical history and so on, especially for filing insurance claims.

10. Medical Tourism 
The bid to seek better medical attention, especially for citizens in the developing world, in on the rise. What medical tourism entails is connecting patients in need of general or specialized healthcare with healthcare specialists and centres, for a fee negotiated with either one or both parties. What is required is a track record of performance and the clout/resources need to run this healthcare business idea.

11. Non-emergency medical transport services 
This new business idea in healthcare readily finds a market amongst the elderly, the disabled and others who need to visit the hospital but need to use specialized transportation. The savvy small business investor can invest in purchasing these kinds of transportation and offering these services at a fee. Click here to get business plans for healthcare businesses.

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