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Hair Cuttery Franchise, Locations, Prices

Ever heard about hair cuttery salon? So the other day, a friend of mine came back home and I could tell there was something different about her. I looked and stared until I noticed it was her hair, she had it made in a way different way that just suited her. I wondered where she had done that and when I asked, her response was, haven’t you heard about hair cuttery?

I went on to do a little research about this amazing hair salon that seemed to be performing miracles and here are my findings. So if you are wondering just like me, here are little details about Hair Cuttery.

Hair Cuttery is a hair salon for both males and females. Hair cuttery is a hair salon that guarantees you loving your new look each and every time you walk into their shops. Offering services to both men, women and children, this is one hair salon that sure stands out from all the others out there.

Hair cuttery was founded way back in 1974 by Dennis and Ann Rotner. The first Hair Cuttery hair salon was opened in West Springfield, Virginia. The concept for Hair Cuttery started over a dinner table in a restaurant. The couple were both itching for a change on their jobs and the idea came up for a hair salon.

The first business plan for Hair Cuttery was actually on a restaurant napkin where the couple both out their plans on how the hair salon was going to turn the hair care industry around.

This little business idea soon manifested into the first hair Cuttery opening up in West Springfield, and in just a year, they already had three Hair Cuttery salons up and running.

Today, Hair Cuttery now has way over 850 locations in 16 states in the United States. Hair Cuttery has now turned into the largest hair salon that is privately owned in all of North America.

Hair Cuttery offers a wide range of hair care services to customers which includes the following;

  • Shampoo and cut: this involves giving your hair a relaxing with shampoo and conditioner while getting a customized hair cut
  • A shampooing, haircut and blow dry
  • Bangs and beard cut.
  • Special customized haircut for special occasions
  • All coloring services including, single application, single application with highlights and all other forms of highlights.
  • All form of hair treatments and texture treatments
  • Waxing of different types.
  • Different hair care products and other value packages

These products and services come with free consultation for customers.

At Hair Cuttery, you do not just get your hair cut, shampooed or treated, you also get free advice on what to do on those days where your hair just would not cooperate with you, when you have got one issue or the other with your hair with no idea whatsoever on what to do.

The best part about the free consultation services from Hair Cuttery is the fact that not only are they free, but they are available online on their website. There is also the Hair Cuttery app, which puts hair care at your fingertips.

The owners of this amazing hair care business has also shown that they are not just in the business for the money but are interested in giving back to the community they are involved in. this has been shown in the million free haircuts they have been giving to children since inception.

The less fortunate is not left behind as programs such as cut-a-thon, school donations, and sponsorships of different leagues all in v bid to give back to their society.

Hair Cuttery has location in Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia and many other cities.

For those of entrepreneurial minds, there is hope for you if you are interested in Hair Cuttery franchise. To invest in this largest privately owned hair business, here is a little information for your perusal.

Startup Cost of Hair Cuttery Salon

To invest in this franchise, you would need to have liquid capital of $120,500 to $283,000 and a net worth of $500,000. There is a franchise fee of $25,000.

Hair Cuttery Salon Financing

Although Hair Cuttery does not provide direct financing assistance to franchisees, financing is provided through a third party.

Hair Cuttery Salon Training and Support   

Franchisees are trained on what they would need to provide the perfect hair care services just as those found in Hair Cuttery. When it comes to support, Hair Cuttery offers support in choosing a site for your salon, assists you with negotiating your lease, décor for both your layout and for your interior, operational support and marketing support.

Additional Information

Single and multi-units are available for franchisees. So you can start up with one unit and grow up to multi units if you wish to.

If you are willing to invest in Hair Cuttery, you have to have a passion for the industry, ready to grow your business and be customer centric.

So, there you have it. All you need to know about Hair Cuttery.

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