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How much does it cost to set up a hair salon? A hair salon that wants to keep being successful and patronized should always come up with business ideas, there are many hair business ideas that you can adapt to keep your hair salon being successful and also to get new customers while you retain the present ones.

Keeping your business thriving goes beyond good decoration and talented staff, they are also part of techniques to keep your business growing but it is not limited to that.  Here, it is assumed that you already have a salon and what you now need is tips on how the business will grow and succeed.

In this post, I will be talking about the ideas you can adopt into your natural hair business to make the business grow and also to keep attracting customers to your hair salon. Some of those ideas are:

Using marketing strategies helps business a lot, the type of marketing strategy that you will now use depends on the type of business and size of your business. In hair business, you can decide to give free makeovers to a certain group of people probably those celebrating wedding anniversaries or you can give a discount to regular customers.

Supporting the works of the community where your salon is situated can also increase the visibility of your business and its clientele. Some other marketing techniques that you can put into consideration are:

  • Providing quality and reliable services that go beyond your customers’ expectations.
  • Create a wonderful website for your business, you can even hire a professional to do that for you. Don’t just create a website but create a website that will easy to browse, attractive and also include helpful and updated information.
  • Printing and sending brochures to key individuals that fall under your target audience
  • Advertising your hair salon in business magazines, newspapers, television and radio stations.
  • Promoting your business on the internet, create social media accounts as many as you will be able to manage efficiently.

This is very important to the growth of your hair care business, make sure that you provide excellent and satisfying services to your customers so much that they keep patronizing your salon and also refer your salon to others for patronization.

Also, don’t just provide service to your customers but give them experience that will keep bringing them back.

As a hair salon, you can start a special service for Very Important Persons (VIP) where customers that can afford such service will enjoy a VIP club and also enjoy services that are more personalized. Usually, VIPs are given priority appointments, hair services by top stylists in the salon, car service from and to their destination, and a special reception area where snacks, drinks, and other things are made available.

More so, you can offer additional services to your VIP clients and charge a monthly fee for the service. The additional services may be pickup and delivery of dry cleaning services, masseuse, manicurist and so on. This is another medium of getting additional income for your business.

A business plan is a single document that serves as a guide in the operation of your business which is usually created at the beginning of a business. Since you created a hair salon business plan when you were about to start your business then it is necessary for you to reevaluate it.

Basically, reevaluation of the hair business plan helps in knowing if your business is still on the right track since the business plan is an ongoing process and also to know if there is a need for any changes in the business.

A happy hour can be done for your business where you invite your top and regular clients to visit your salon and you offer appetizers, desserts, and even signature cocktails. The main strategy of this is that you tell each client to bring a friend that has never patronized your hair salon, this helps to build larger clientele and loyalty with your customers.

These programs help in tracking your money and the growth of your business. It is necessary you have a program in the accounting aspect to track your revenue and expenses. We see businesses that die not because the services are not good enough but because the workers embezzle money and made the business run into debt. You wouldn’t want such for your salon hence the need for an inventory and accounting program.

Even though this might sound funny but it is really helpful in growing your business. You can find a business mentor for your business and most importantly, the mentor should be someone in the salon industry that can give advice and answer questions on how to make your business grow.

Providing services other than the hair stylist service is also beneficial. You can be a supplier of hair extensions and other hair products to other hair stylists in the neighborhood and even if you can’t afford to be a supplier then you can sell it at retail price.

All these are ideas of how your hair business can keep growing and even if your hair business has not been growing at all before, you can also use these ideas to make it grow.

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