How to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Grow Your Business Through Social Media Marketing

If you are a business owner and you want to take your business to another level, you need to learn how to benefit from social media sites. If you think social media cannot help your business grow, you better think again.

Social media marketing has become one marketing method for small and big brands worldwide and if your business is not taking advantage of the social media, then you are leaving a huge sum of money on the table.

Having a business advertised in the old fashioned way like placing an ad in the newspaper doesn’t work like before again, now you can create and distribute your content through the web using various social media options.


But, how you can grow business with the help of social media is what I will be sharing in this post. I must confess, I have never at any time run any advert since social media became a must belong community.

Social media sites have greatly helped my business grow to where it is today and I will be sharing with you the social media platform that is best for a certain type of promotion.


YouTube is now the new TV

Statistic has shown that people spend more time on YouTube that they normally do on traditional TV.

One site where one can get traffic these days is on YouTube. It is one powerful way to get your message out. Your business can go viral with videos that are helpful to your audience in regard to your niche.

Make them informative, professional, funny etc. it will make people want to watch and keep coming back for new videos. Create how to videos, interview industry leaders, demonstrate your products and services, create viral videos for your business etc.

After uploading your videos, try to share them on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where others can find them. One thing about YouTube videos is that it usually displays on Google search engine when someone search for a keyword you used when uploading your video.


Twitter is another social media platform that can help you grow your business. Using of Hashtag is the best way to follow a conversation or create a following on Twitter.

Search for Hashtag that is related to your business niche and join the conversation by inputting your own thought into the conversation. Just imagine if your tweet with a link back to your site goes viral.

Imagine the tweet being Re-tweeted about 300 times. Imagine if each of those Retweets only generated 3-4 clicks at a time, how much traffic would you get?

That’s right-A LOT!

Getting targeted leads by using the right keywords is very easy with Twitter. Make sure that you use the keywords in your heading and in the message. The chances are, people who are interested in what you have to offer will do a search using these keywords or Hashtag and they will stumble on your tweet and follow you.

After you have obtained enough followers on Twitter, let say 1000 followers, you can begin your marketing. Use your tweets to inform your followers about anything new or interesting about your business, your products or services.

You should write informative articles about your products and send tweets say every 3 days. Your tweets or articles should not only be about selling, but they should give free advice and useful information.

Make it a rule to always give value first before trying to market your products or services. Don’t be like those spammers who just spread advertising everywhere.


This social media network is known all over the world. Having a Facebook presence can sky rock your business. Using Facebook to grow your business demand that you have a Facebook page.

Having a Facebook page help to improve your visibility. Though, at first you won’t get much attention but at least you are already out there. Someone may land on your page and choose to stay if you do a good work by providing interesting content.

Whatever message you intend sharing, make sure there are informative and relevant to your followers. Facebook is one best platform to drive traffic to your site if you use their ads for promotion.

People love looking at photos and videos, don’t just major on words only. Spice it up with photos and educational videos or funny videos. You can post photos of your products or services or photos of quotes by industry leaders.

Use your Facebook page to spread your brand message by posting information about specific products and services you offer. You can also share your site URL alongside.

Apart from a Facebook page, you can also grow your business using your personal account. Search for people who would be interested in your niche. If you are into MLM, join as many MLM groups you can find and join the conversation.


LinkedIn is another social media platform you can use to grow your business. If you’re a business owner or professional and you are not on LinkedIn’s the day to get started.

LinkedIn is best known for business to business social platform and using it as one of your social media marketing tool will greatly enhance growth in your business in the long term.

LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers are excellent ways to showcase your knowledge and talents. Seek groups where your target market hangs out and start to add value in those circles.

Aim to own your sector by creating your own groups. The best groups are not based around a specific company brand, but are targeted toward a sector, profession, special interest, or common problem.

These are some effective social media platforms that you can use to grow your small business in this present century.

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