Gift Ideas for Staff Appreciation

Best Affordable Gift Ideas for Staff Members At Work

Employee Appreciation Gifts
What are the best inexpensive gift ideas for staff appreciation? Pragmatic businesses, especially small ventures keep their eyes trained on two major planks, upon which economic activity will either boom or boon: Customer satisfaction and employee (staff) motivation.

The former will ensure the continuous flow of ‘blood’ i.e. cash or funds, as well as the longevity of the business through the instrumentality of repeat business and positive referrals. If customers are viewed as essential life fluid, the staff of any business will aptly be termed the engine room of the venture.

As engines in real life need care and attention; so do the staff of any business. Staffs need to be accorded the most basic of courtesies, in order to ensure loyalty and optimum productivity. This is because customers and clients first come in contact with staff, and whatever impressions the employee projects, will usually be assigned to the business or venture itself.

Every small business wants motivated employees because they are more efficient and produce better results. A straightforward approach is using monetary and other rewards. However, the challenge for the small business will be how to carry out this task fairly and efficiently, such that the process of reward itself can be replicated.

The following tips can guide the small business in that regard: Put in place an action plan. Any reward or compensation program must achieve the following:

1.Top performance must be rewarded and clarity must be achieved in depicting what staff attitudes, actions and performance are labeled top performance.

2. The small business must cultivate an environment that encourages other staff to strive to better their performance. At the bedrock of this philosophy is the ability to communicate with staff on expectations and targets. Be imaginative in determining rewards. The small business must decide at the outset what kind and level of compensation should be awarded. One way to go about this is to have a performance sheet for a period of maybe a year; such that all performances, good and bad, can be utilized in the selection process.

Also if cash rewards prove a bit of a challenge, non-cash compensation can get the job done in that circumstance. The compensation/reward plan can operate on two levels. The small business must decide whether the employee reward program will recognize group or individual achievement. Behavioral scientists are of the belief that both levels of compensation be pursued.

While group reward will oil the general machinery of business, shutting out individual feats may not engender personal initiative. Hence, the need to create a balance in the whole process. Gift ideas for the group of employees could be giving a day off from work, taking staff on a retreat or vacation and organizing an informal party or get together. On the individual level, the following gifts or rewards can suffice:


1. Dropping a Thank you note.
This is one of the most effective small gift ideas under $10 for any work staff. The individual staff member to be rewarded can have a hand -made thank you/appreciation card, bearing comments and the signatures of other members of staff.
2. Giving a Surprise Standing Ovation

Are you looking for a token staff gift ideas under $5? You don’t even have to spend at all. The employee to be honored could be surprised by other employees applauding his/her efforts with a standing ovation and some words of recognition.
3. Create a Company history Book
This cheap gift idea is to preserve the contribution of the said employee, with pictures and profiles and details of the feat that won the commendation. It bear greater significance when the scrap book has a long history of previous winners.
4. Create an appreciation Video
This unique diy gift can be made with other members of office staff praising the efforts of the selected employee and it could also be posted on social media platforms and news channels. An appreciation video is a farewell gift your employee or co-worker would always remember when leaving the business or company or a position.
5. Training and Conferences
The small business could gift the star employee of the week or year with attending a seminar or training conference, in order to enhance their professional and personal development. This one of the best gift ideas for employee appreciation that will be appreciated by most school staff.
6. Shopping Coupons
The small business could provide discounted shopping tickets to the high performing staff. Shopping comes around as one of the best holiday gift ideas for staff in the office. This is also an employee gift idea that work well during Valentine.
7. Organize an outing for family and friends of employee
What better to make a lasting impression than to show the people closest to the selected staff, how much his/ her contribution is valued and appreciated. Fewer acts have the ability to engender staff loyalty and contribute positively to the work place environment. This is a great Easter or Christmas gift ideas for daycare, nursery and nursing home staff.
8. Awarding a certificate of recognition
A simple handmade card, depicting the achievement and drive of the staff in question is another good gift idea for doctors office staff and employees in other field. It bears greater force, when it is presented by senior executives to the employee, at an elaborate gathering of other members of staff.

Other innovative ideas exist, that could serve as appropriate gifts and rewards. All that is required is for the employee of the small business to know that hi/her efforts are truly appreciated even when leaving. What do you have addition information to these fresh gift ideas for staff appreciation? Share.

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