5 Ways To Get Quality Media Attention For Your Business

How To Get Media Attention For Your Business

When you work for an organization, there may be specific personnel and department in charge of marketing and public relations. But when run a business of your own, the situation changes. As a business owner, it is your sole responsibility to generate visible results for the business include awareness which eventually translates into more sales. There many entrepreneurs out there who would love their small businesses to enjoy major media coverage and publicity.

One of the things that appear almost impossible to achieve for a small business owner is getting press and media attention. Many people find it difficult because they don’t know who to contact, when to contact and what to contact them with. Sending a press release in a bid to get media coverage for a business is traditional and may not get you as far as you proposed. Some even bother themselves with questions, like: On which business model is most of the media attention focused?

Do you need quality press and media attention for your business? In this post, I will show you five simple ways to get business media attention really fast.

Get Media Attention for Business

Your business should partner with big businesses in your industry. These are related businesses, not business in competition with what yo do or offer.

Are you a caterer? You can partner with established event planners, band artistes and DJs in your locality. Many of these businesses extend invitations to other businesses affiliated with them depending on the strength of relationship. When they secure contract for big events that naturally attract media attention, your business will enjoy a perk too as more and more people become aware of what you do.

When President Mohammadu Buhari, Nigerian present won the election,Union Bank was quick to maximize the buzz by coming up with an advert with a tag-line, ‘If the President Banks with Us, What Is your excuse?’ This is called New Jacking. It involves running promotions such as a viral image or video that buy into a trending news or event to get maximum reach for your business. When a piece of news breaks, reporters are still scrambling for more details and this is a suitable time businesses can release their own ‘weave’ This will ensure that your advert enjoys a huge share of the huge traffic from search keywords and hashtags generated by the heightened public interest. With social tools like Google Alerts, your business is updated about relevant news in the the industry while Facebook and Twitter effectively for advert campaigns.

Building relationship with journalists will make featuring your story or press release easier. Keep the relationship friendly and professional. Don’t force a story down their through or be very desperate that you don’t allow them space to review and decide. Being assertive is different from being aggressive. Send them cards or a little gift on Birthdays, Christmas etc.

You can share opinions with journalist about a story. This method involves a diligent survey of areas where expert opinion may be needed. As a law firm, you can send in your opinion on avoiding being a fraud in buying land if you notice such trend. HARO- Also known as ‘Help A Reporter Out’ is a powerful platform use by popular websites as a new source. With a free account on HARO, you can share news three times daily. ProfNet is another website that connect professionals with journalists.

Participating in community development projects and volunteer in the capacity of your business can get you the desired attention. Focus more on charity works and volunteering that require your professional input and expertise.

Are you an architect? Drawing plan for the community school at no cost is one good way to promote your business. The awesome thing about local participation is that such events carry great tendency to be broadcast by my the media. If the services are rendered in the capacity of the business, this draw attention it too. Depending on what you are offering, you may even explain to the community what you desire in terms of business visibility in exchange for your services.

Do you have a business you would love to be promoted? Advertise. Advertisement increases your exposure to regions you cannot get to physically. It is good to also secure attention through advertisement. The main thing is you should be ready to manage and preserve such attention. Promotion only brings awareness, it does not guarantee sale nor continual sales.

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