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Get Paid to Write Articles Online: Earn Money Online Writing Articles

Do you know how to get paid writing articles online? There has been an increase in the usage of the internet in recent times. This is especially true of intellectual work. The number of people using the internet for intellectual work continues to grow on a daily basis.

Writing, especially concise and well written ones are in high demand as site owners need fresh materials to update their sites. These fresh content are paid for. Simply put, you write materials, you get paid for those materials by website owners and your materials are being featured as new posts on their websites.

Qualities of a Good Writer

But first and foremost, to qualify as a writer, there are certain attributes that must be possessed by a would-be writer. These attributes should include the following:

• Having unique ideas and perspectives on well-known topics.
• Having an understanding of working online and also having access to the internet which is indispensable.
• Being able to make research online without much delay and able to come up with good short travel articles as demanded.
• Being a fine writer with good English coordination such as spelling skills, structure, punctuation, spellings, and grammar.
• Wanting to make a living from writing informative content either as a part time job or full time.

Article Brokers

Article brokers have come in handy in the writing industry. Here, they either buy the writer’s work directly from the writer, or they act as middle men, connecting the writer and the buyer. In this one, they take a percentage of the sales or payments made.

In order to guarantee payment, the use of escrow or payment validation is practiced so that both parties (sellers and buyers) are satisfied.

Getting paid to write articles online is a responsibility the writer should take very seriously. In order to get paid to write reviews online, writers either write articles on topics or ideas of their own choice, or they respond to specifications given by a client for specific topics or content.

Either way, the writer is supposed to give his/her clients a satisfactory job. Getting paid is usually through different channels which includes Payoneer, PayPal among several other payment options.

Watch Out!

However, writers should be wary of scam sites. There are terrible sites that lure writers to write about anything, benefit from their skills and either pay them peanuts or do not pay them altogether. This is frustrating, especially to the writer who wants to make an extra income on the side, and has dedicated his/her time to generate unique content.

In order to avoid such sites, I would recommend sites that have an escrow service or some kind of validation. At least, it would help avoiding the pitfalls of scammers.

It is very difficult for an article submitted by a writer to get easily accepted without editing which in some cases is quite rigorous and thorough. But the reverse is usually the case especially in low paying online sites where there are lower standards and articles are accepted without much scrutiny.

But much scrutiny of the writers’ work in my opinion should not be viewed negatively. This is because it only contributes in making the writer become better in his field.

How You Get Paid to Write Blogs and Articles Online

For a writer to be paid his/her due successfully there are procedures followed that lead to this. Some websites pay the writer immediately he or she submits his/her article, while some other sites pay only based on the submitted article’s performance. In other words, we could call this upfront payment and performance payments respectively.

For the upfront payment, how well a submitted article performs, how well it comes up in search engine rankings is never a consideration, but instead, it’s an arrangement where the writer immediately gets paid for submitting a finished article.

The opposite is however true for performance payments, whereby, payment to the writer only decides on how well his/her article fared online or its performance.

Some Sites that Pay Writers to Write Articles

• Cracked
• Love to know
• Fiverr
• Snipsly
• Writer Access
• Freelance Writing Gigs Among so many other writing sites.

Are There Restrictions?

These sites however have their different terms and conditions. Some of these terms and conditions include a process of selection which is usually follows a period of trial to verify the writer’s writing skills.

However, for some, they are restricted to writers from only a particular geographical location or territory. For instance, particular writing job sites might only accept US writers only for engagement.

However, there are many other writing sites which have an open policy to all writers regardless of location or destination. You can be wherever in the world, and not necessarily a citizen of a particular restricted country. There are tons of these online magazine sites available to writers to get paid writing even essays and short stories from home.

Still yet, other writing job sites have requirements such as membership payments. In this case, for writers to benefit from premium service or assigned tasks, they have to register with a token in order to be allowed full access to the online writing sites.

There are still other writing sites that have both options, the free account signups and the paid account signups. For the free account signups, writers enjoy just the basic features such as getting writing jobs that do not pay much. While for the paid, they get high paying writing jobs available to them at every moment.

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