How to Get People to Buy your Products

5 Proven Ways To Get More People Buying From You

Most people hate to be in the position of selling. They start imagining themselves trying to approach people they don’t know or like, friendly and pushy at the same time, making fool of themselves all in the name of getting people to buy their products.

I have been there before, and I can remember when I was selling my first product on how to start a fish farm. I had to shamelessly approach people and tell them about my product.

So, how do you sell your products then? There are few different things you need to know to get people to buy your products from you anywhere in the world whether online or offline.

You are thinking about driving traffic to your site or bring customers to your store? That would be good if it were that easier. Here is what you need to know before drawing a marketing plan for your products:

1. Who is your Target Market

Before you can get people to buy your products, you need to be clear about who you are selling to. Describe your customer in detail of age, income, position, location and interest. Many business organizations are not sure of the answer to this question.

They have at best an unclear picture of the psychological and demographic characteristics of their customers. Who should your customer be if you want to be successful in the markets of tomorrow? Who could your customer be if you were to change, improve, or upgrade your product?

So, who do you want to sell your product to? You can’t say everybody, everybody is nobody. There should be a particular class of people your products is position to solve their problem. Who are they?
Every product you see today has a particular market that it was made for.

2. Find out Where your Target Market finds its Information

Where does your target market spend most of their time? You have to go to where your audience spends their time and drop your product on their face. Another way to tune this question is, ‘where can I find my target market?’

Where do they hang out online? Are they on Facebook or Instagram? What blogs do they read? What group do they belong to? If you don’t know the who, it will be very hard to find out where to find your perfect client or customers.

So, make sure you try to figure out where you can attract your ideal market audience. Pick up a pen and paper and write down few places you think your target market can be found and structure your marketing plan towards that area.

3. Create your Marketing Budget to Reach your Market

Is advertising an approach that will work? You need to know and set your marketing budget to reach your market.

Are you using direct marketing, social media, PPC advert or blogging? What is the cost for each of the marketing channel?

How much are you willing to spend to win your desire customers and where are you willing to spend more?

4. Use a Bait

Once you know your ideal customers interest and where to find them, you use what I call a bait to get them to your store. Another word for bait are those free eBooks, videos, audios, physical books that you got in exchange for your email address.

Most of you must have downloaded free eBooks or videos so we can get a particular free product. But, remember you gave your email address for that product, which means you have given access for that particular brand to keep contacting you.

Many people who downloaded free eBooks, videos like you did have more than once bought from that same brand and maybe you too.

Most companies give out free information newsletter to their email subscribers as their bait, others give physical books while you just pay for shipping which is not always more than $9 which you will consider small.

But, they are doing this to get you closer to their product. So, you should sit down and think of a bonus or bait you can use to catch your target market attention and draw their attention to your product.

5. Talk to More People

For you to get people to come buy your products, you need to talk to more people. The more people you talk to, the more people know about your product and possibly may buy from you.

Don’t just sit down and expect your target market to come buy your product from you, though they may come but it will be slow. You have to go out there and preach your products, that is how you make sales.

This is the formula that will get people to know your products exist, and possibly buy your products from you.

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