How To Get 1000 Visitors Per Day To Your New Blog

How To Get 1,000 Visitors To Your Website or Blog A Day Free

Today, I have decided to share with you gold nuggets you can apply to stop your struggling for visitors for your new blog/website/forum. So sit well and get ready to add a few more things to your bank of knowledge on how to get 1000 visitors to your blog per day free. Blogging is a sure way to make money online.

How to get 1000 visitors to your blog/website 

Facebook is a popular social used worldwide with millions of daily users. You only have to create a Facebook fanpage, it is very easy and does not consume your time. Share any post on your blog there. You can also share the links there. Once people open your Facebook fan page they will see your different post and many will decide to check out your website. They can also comment or like your post  which makes your post appear to their friends. Another importance of using a Facebook fanpage is that it promotes your blogs rank. Once you share your link, you will get a back-link to the post which will help improve your blogs rank. Your rank determines your traffic.

Another website that will increase your traffic rapidly is yahoo answers. Thousands of people ask questions daily using yahoo answers and you can use this to your advantage. You have to first sign up to yahoo answers. Always try to give correct answers to any of the questions that come your way. This will earn you points and this points will increase your level as a  user. Once you scale level one you can start commenting links to posts in your blog. It gives you backlink from GOOGLE search engine thereby increasing your backlink and improving your rank.

Guest blogging is very potent method of getting traffic and backlinks. All you have to do is to write an article and publish it on a popular website that will accept your article. They will give you backlink if they approve your article. Most of the bloggers submit their best articles to the big websites just to get a backlink. And backlinks will definitely increase your organic traffic. So make a habit of posting as a guest to be successful in getting organic search traffic.

Commenting on various blogs is most successful way of getting traffics from other blogs. All you need to do is to comment your blog’s link on other blogs. This will give you backlinks and direct traffic to your blog .

Posting in forums are also a great way of diverting traffic to your blog .Also forums give you high quality backlink . As you know quality backlink are key to success . So , register to some high quality do follow forums and start replying to conversations and post your blog’s link sometimes only. Posting too much blogs link will make you  spammer and you will removed from that forum.

Every time when I write a post for my blog, I tweet it on my tweeter account too. This gives me PageRank 10 backlink and also a high amount of organic traffic. So, create a tweeter account if you do not have one. Millions of peoples use tweeter and this is for the benefit of bloggers.

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How to get 1000 visitors a day free
In conclusion, you can get organic visits from different search engines but you have to write good contents with good selection of keywords. However if you find writing good contents difficult you could refer to how to get 1000 visitors to your website for free. The popular saying READING WITHOUT DOING IS NOTHING is very true. You need an implementation of the instructions in this post before you can enjoy it to its full potential. 

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