Gaming Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

List of Gaming Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Online gaming has gradually become a huge multi-billion dollar industry, across the globe. The industry comprises a value chain that includes Game and software developers, game testers and retail consumers; where each plays an important part in the gaming eco-system.

While some games can be played for free on the internet, there are other games that have to be purchased and downloaded. Important members of the global gaming enterprise are blogs and websites that give information and trends on the happenings in the online gaming world.

These blogs and websites offer the reading audience user reviews and test scores, evolving gaming technologies as well as a comparative analysis of gaming consoles and gadgets. These sites are always in the search for engaging and relevant content as relates to gaming and they offer opportunities for writers to contribute guest posts on a regular basis.

Once the intending guest writer can pass stringent conditions for publishing, then the following gaming blogs rank the highest for the acceptance of guest posts:

Top Ranked Gaming Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

1. is fast becoming an authoritative voice in the world of online gaming. The website offers a vast array of resources for the gaming enthusiasts ranging from comparative analysis of games, user reviews of games, articles and news feeds on contemporary issues affecting gaming as well as other relevant issues.

For the guest writer seeking to make a contribution, he/she should visit the contributor page of and follow the instructions that govern the submission of guest posts.


The is one of the leading voices in the online gaming world. With an Alexa ranking of over 53,000, the website has an ever increasing reading audience.

The site contains insightful articles and analysis of happenings and events in the gaming ecosystem. For the writer seeking to make contributions, he/she should visit the guest post submission page to send articles.

In addition it is advised that intending guest post contributors should also view previously written articles, to have a feel for what the website requires.


With an Alexa ranking of 106,350 and a page rank of 3, stars in the top 5 websites that offer comprehensive news and analysis of the world of gaming. The website is richly structured and provides an array of resources for the gaming enthusiast to view new releases of games, gaming comparisons and reviews as well as the latest updates in gaming software development and creation.

For those seeking to make contributions as a guest writer, it is advised that the website’s guidelines page is visited to understand the terms and conditions for submission. The guest writer will be required to submit the post to the email address given on the contact page. The website permits the guest post writer to include two backlinks in the article.

4. is a gaming website that offers a diverse array of resources for gaming enthusiasts. The well structured website has sections such as gaming, business (relating to gaming), science, social and technology. The articles are insightful and they cover a broad range of matters pertaining to the latest development in the world of gaming.

To contribute posts as a guest writer, the website’s submission page should be visited and all the instructions for submission adhered to. The intending guest post writer should also review published articles on the website, to have a sense of what accepts.


With an Alexa rating of 170,421 and a page ranking of 2, is current amongst the top three gaming websites in the globe. The owner of the website prides himself as being a geek, blogger and gamer; who likes to share his love for all things technology and gaming via the media of tutorials, reviews and Do-it-yourself videos.

The process of submitting a guest post on avgjoegeek.nets starts with registering on the website as a user on the website in order to receive contributor rights. Afterwards, the guest post writer fills the contact form and makes a submission. Once the article is accepted, the website permits the contributor to include back links to his/her blog.


With an Alexa ranking of over 190,000, is another authority when it comes to the analysis and reviews of games and gaming consoles. The website is a particularly rich resource for computer games.

The website is well structured with engaging commentaries, reviews and articles. The intending guest writer will have to read the requirements for guest posting under the write for us page, and then submit the article to the email address found in the contact section.

7. offers writing opportunities for new and established writers. It has a large reading audience, hence its Alexa ranking of 196,500. In order to submit a post as a guest writer, the applicant would first of all have to register as a writer on the website.

It is recommended that the requirements for submitting a post is read and understood. The website permits the addition of two backlinks to the writer’s website or blog.

8. has an Alexa ranking of 199,292 and commands a loyal and ever increasing reading audience. The intending guest post writer is required to go through the requirements for guest posting and then make a submission of the post via the article submission page.

9. prides itself as being the eye on the futuristic concepts in gaming. To submit a guest post, the writer will have to understudy the requirements for submission and register an account as a user on the website.

After the writer upgrades the account, he/she can send the article via the submission page and the website permits the inclusion of two back links to the writer’s website or blog.

10. has a number of requirements for the intending guest post writer. The first is that the writer must signify his/her intention to submit a guest post via email. The writer will also have to read the submission guidelines to have a feel of what the website requires.
Once an article is accepted for publication, the writer is permitted one back link to his/her blog and two non-follow text links to relevant materials/articles.

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