7 Most Fun Home-Based Business Opportunities with Low Investment

Profitable Fun Home Business Ideas and Opportunities to Start

Have you been thinking of starting a fun home based business lately? The ideal job these days is a job that is fun, you determine your working hour and how much you want to get paid, and also not limited by location.

If you are thinking of starting a fun home based business that can give you the kind of lifestyle that you want, then you have to stay glue to this post. Home based business ideas are all over the web, it now depends on which one suit your taste.

The most important thing is to find a home based business that can generate enough income, the market is not saturated and there are people who are willing to buy what you have to offer.

Here are top 7 most fun home based business ideas that can help you become you own boss, earn enough money doing what you love and others.


  1. EBook Publisher

One of the product that is very popular in the internet now is eBook. There are so many eBook publishers making money online just from writing eBook on a particular pressing niche and topic. This can be a very fun home based business writing informative and educated eBooks for sale to people that need them if writing is one thing you love doing.

All you just need is to find out about topics that large group of people are interested in. you can get that on Clickbank or Amazon by browsing through the books categories to check on reviews and rating.

  1. Online Survey

Online surveys are one of the simplest fun home based business idea that almost everyone is taking advantage of. Though, the pay may not be huge (depending on the site), but it can cover some bills.

It does not involve you marketing anything unlike some other home based business. It only requires some amount of your time (highest is one hour), and you are done for the day. Knowledge of the internet is sufficient to participate in online surveys and generate an additional income.

  1. Selling Photos

Do you love taking lovely pictures? Do you have a good canon camera and would love to make money catching fun? Then, you need to start taking phots and selling it online.

You can get paid to submit digital photos online. There are websites that will pay you for submitting good digital photos to them. just Google them, read their terms and conditions and if you like them, you can register and submit your photos for reviews.

  1. Blogging

Tell me blogging is not a business but an hobby and I will show you thousands if not millions of people that are making 6 figures doing what they love with their blog. I can’t talk about fun home based business ideas without talking about blogging. The key about blogging is to write rich content that are searched by readers on the web.

Blogging can be a lot of fun if you like to write. If you do not like to write you can hire a blog writer to write your content for you.

After you have gain a huge following using an email list, you can then monetize your blog by different ways and start earning residual income from your blog just like the way I am earning presently.

  1. Freelance Writing

This is another fun home based business idea for those that love providing value to the market place with their pen. Your potential clients are bloggers, editors of magazine (online and offline), and any brand that needs content for promoting their business.

If writing is fun to you, why not make good cash from it. If you are start good and can build a portfolio that can convince client, you can be paid $100+ to write content for businesses.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also one good way to earn money from home. You don’t need any fee to start. Please, don’t sign up for any affiliate marketing company that tells you to join with a fee. Most of them are scam.

If you are good in selling, you can register with online market place like eBay, Amazon, ClickBank and others and you will be given a code call known as affiliate code which you will be using to direct traffic to what you are promoting.

As an affiliate marketer, you get paid to sell other people’s products. But, to succeed in this business, you have to choose a niche you love and focus on it till you hit success before switching to other niches.

Many people do it, it is highly profitable (some commissions go as high as 75%) and relatively simple to do. Don’t let the “arrangements” part scare you! It’s easy.

  1. Virtual Assistant

There is a great demand for this presently for those that possess top organizational and professional skills as a virtual assistant. You can work from your own office as an independent contractor and help other businesses to succeed.

Quite often the services of a virtual assistant are required during after-hours or weekend hours for the last minute completion of a project and your availability is what matters most.

The above practical fun Home Based Business Ideas are there right in front of us. Age is no barrier. The money is there to be made either Full-time or Part-time. Your decision to get started and succeed is what matters now. Good luck!

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