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Food and Nutrition Franchising Opportunities – Best Value Franchises

There are many franchises that has to do with food and nutrition that one can join as a franchisee.  This post will be talking about the several food and nutrition franchises that we have in the world. Many food and nutrition franchises with details and information about their requirements are given below:



Saladworks started as a franchise system in 2008 making it ten years that it has been franchising. It is the first and largest salad franchise in the nation which offers fresh, made-to-order, entrée-sized salads, proprietary soups, and Focaccia Fusion sandwiches. The business has a 30 years’ history with 108 restaurants opened worldwide in more than 100 locations.


Saladworks Franchise Training and Support

Saladworks franchise system offers training and familiarization course to franchisees for four weeks covering all aspects of doing this business and also through their support system helps franchisees to get good location for the business and also in designing the store. It also helps in approving final lease agreements and also negotiations concerning the lease of the property.


There is classroom and in store training for franchisees and their employees. Saladworks also provide the following support: an excellent business model, an applicable concept for multiple venues, site selection, construction guidance, store opening assistance, ongoing operational guidance, ongoing ServSafe® certification for store managers and employees, local store marketing and public relations support, ongoing business education training, point of Sale/Information Technologies, regional dine-around sessions and social media.

Financial Requirements for Saladworks Franchise

For Saladworks franchise system, the initial franchise fee ranges from $30,000 to $35,000 depending on the level of the franchise whether high or low.


Saladworks Franchise Ongoing Fee

The business offers royalty fee of 5% of total net sales.

How to Open Saladworks Franchise?

You can join Saladworks franchising system by going to the website and fill the application form provided on the website.

  • B.good

This is a food restaurant that was started by two best friends who started a simple business and today has built the business brand by serving good and delicious food. The restaurant is quite popular and thriving because of the way their burgers and fries are made and served.


The connection between this business and customers is their ‘secret sauce’ which has really helped the business to be successful.

B.good has eight units in total and has been in existence since 2004 with its home office in Boston.


Why Join B.good Franchise?

As a to be franchisee, you might be wondering that what are the reasons why you should join B.good franchising system. The following are the reasons why you should join it:

  • It has a proven concept with a differentiated brand.
  • It operates a sustainable business model that supports local agriculture & food producers.
  • The business is committed to training and supporting franchise partners in several ways.
  • It is dedicated to running a great and successful restaurant.


Financial Requirements For B.good Franchise

The following are the financial requirements of B.good:

Liquid Capital Required: $100,000

Net Worth Required: $250,000

Total Investment: $400,000 – $600,000

B.good Franchise Training and Support

B.good franchise offers training and support to franchisees in several was, some of which are:

  • Brand and startup training for franchisees where they will learn everything about the business brand and concept and also develop their store design.
  • A comprehensive training program for 5 weeks.
  • Ongoing support that will help them face challenges and help franchisees run the best kind of restaurant.


Franchisees’ Requirements

B.good franchise is looking for franchisees who have passion for serving food, who wants to make lots of money and also have the skills to manage a business.

  1. Subway

Subway is the no. 1 quick service restaurant chain in the world. The nutritional value of Subway’s food is very important and therefore the restaurant’s menu is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and is fat free. It started franchising since 1974 and has 44702 units in total.

Financial Requirements for Subway Franchise

To be a franchisee in Subway, you need to have a franchise fee of $15,000, a liquid capital of $40,000, a net worth of $80,000 to $310,000 while the total investment is $105,800- $393,600.

Subway Franchise Training and Support

There is an intensive 2 weeks training program for franchisees and their management team. Subway also help franchisees in evaluating the location for their business and also help in making and writing plans for the business. Guidance is also provided on the required equipment.

Financing Options/Veteran Incentives

Financing support is available via third party.

How to Open Subway Franchise?

In order to join Subway franchising system, you will have to go to the website and click on ‘request information’ to be able to register and fill the required form provided for franchisees.

  • One Stop Nutrition

One Stop Nutrition is a franchise system that provides great future and better skills for franchisees. This business was founded on the concept of “do it right with integrity and care” and dedicated to product quality, value pricing and knowledgeable service. These are the foundation of our reputation and loyalty which the business is known for.

Financial Requirements for One Stop Nutrition Franchise

As a franchisee that wants to join this franchise system, you need to be prepared by having initial franchise fee of $30,000 while the initial investment ranges from $189,953 to $269,856.

One Stop Nutrition Ongoing fees

The ongoing royalty fee for franchisees is 6% off franchise fee while the ad and marketing fee has 1.0 off gross revenue.

One Stop Nutrition Franchise Training and Support

A 90 days training is provided for franchisees and their team, not more than three through at convenient times after signing the franchise agreement.

  • The MAX Challenge

This is a business on a mission to change the health situation in the nation through fitness classes and nutrition counseling. The MAX Challenge started franchising from January, 2013. It has its home office in Manalapan with 59 units.

Financial Requirements for The MAX Challenge

The following are the requirements of The MAX Challenge financially which you as a franchisee must know about and prepare for:

  • Liquid Capital of $50,000
  • Net Worth of $75,000
  • Total Investment ranges from $80,000 to $170,000


The MAX Challenge Training and Support

Ongoing training and support will be provided for all franchisees.

Financing Options

There is no available financing option.

How to Open The MAX Challenge Franchise?

It is very easy to join the franchising system, just go to the website and fill the provided form for application.

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