Are you interested in starting up a food and beverage distribution business, and are looking for a food and beverage distribution business plan sample to aid you in writing one for your business? Here is a food and beverage distribution business plan sample to serve as template for writing a good business plan for your food and beverage distribution business.

I believe you must have done your research to know the services of a food and beverage distribution company. Nevertheless, a food and beverage distribution company is a business that is concerned with the distribution of bottled and canned beverages, carbonated soft drinks, and other beverages.

BUSINESS NAME: Tommy & Peterson Distribution Company.

Sample Food And Beverage Distributor Business Plan Template

  • Executive Summary
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Products and Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Sales Forecast
  • Conclusion

Tommy & Peterson Distribution Company is a fully registered distribution company that will be located in one of the traffic areas of central Las Vegas, United States. Tommy & Peterson Distribution Company will be concerned with the distribution of beverages, carbonated drinks, and other beverages to households, hotels, retailers, restaurants, etc.

The utmost goal of the business is to be recognized as the number one Food and Beverage Distribution Company in Las Vegas, as well as be rated among the top 10 business franchises in the United States.

Tommy & Peterson Distribution Company will be owned by Tommy and Peterson. A startup capital of $550,000 will be required to start the business. This amount will be contributed by the owners, Tommy and Peterson, from their personal savings, while the other part will be obtained as loan from the owners’ banks.

Our vision at Tommy & Peterson Distribution Company is to be recognized as the sole leader in the food and beverage distribution business industry in the whole of Las Vegas; and be rated among the top 10 business franchises in the whole of United States, within our first 10 years of franchising. This vision will be actualized by making sure we employ the right employees for our company; ensure we give nothing short of our best towards offering the best services to our customers.

Our mission at Tommy & Peterson Distribution Company is to establish our business as one, in the food and beverage distribution industry, that is committed to distributing a broad range of top quality beverages and carbonated soft drinks sourced from reputable manufacturing companies to our customers all around Las Vegas and the whole of United States. We will offer the sales of our quality products to households, hotels, retailers, restaurants, etc.

Once we have started offering franchise opportunities to qualified candidates, we will ensure we put a training programme in place to fully train our prospective franchise owners to establish their business successfully.

We intend to start and grow Tommy & Peterson Distribution Company into a renowned business in the food and beverage distribution industry. In the following years, we will start franchising our business to the general public.

For us to actualize our goals and objectives, we will make sure we put in place the right business structure. We will do well to hire the right employees. We will hire only honest and competent candidates that are ready to work with us to build our company into the desired level.

Thorough interview sessions will be organized by the owners to select qualified candidates for each position. In no particular listing arrangement, the following are the key positions that will need to be occupied by qualified candidates:

  • Warehouse Manager.
  • Merchandize Manager.
  • Human Resources and Administrative Manager.
  • Sales and Marketing Manager.
  • Information Technologist.
  • Customer Services Executive.
  • Distribution Drivers.

Tommy & Peterson Distribution Company is a company in the food and beverage distribution industry that will focus its resources in the distribution of a broad range of quality goods and products. Our goods and products will be sourced from a number of reputable manufacturing companies both in the United States as well as other countries around the globe.

Our utmost goal in the food and beverage distribution industry is to have returns in profits. This, we will do by abiding by the laws of the United States, and by doing all that is permissible by law to achieve our business goals and objectives. Below are the services we will offer to our customers:

  • The distribution of carbonated soft drinks.
  • The distribution of fruit juices.
  • The distribution of sports drinks.
  • The distribution of bottle waters.
  • The distribution of cocktails.
  • The distribution of energy drinks and ice.
  • The distribution of teas.

Market Trend

The wholesale distribution of goods to retailers can be dated back to the earliest history of man. Over the years, this trend has evolved, and it is still evolving. Today, it is very typical of distribution companies to use technological aids to forecast consumer demand patterns, and consequently strategize their businesses to satisfy the needs of consumers. This trend will not change in coming years; rather, it will advance into a more sophisticated form.

Target Market

Everyone on earth consumes one beverage or the other. In view of this, everyone is a prospective customer. Our services will especially target the following categories of people:

– Household Units.
– Schools.
– Hospitals.
– Restaurants.
– Bars and Night Clubs.
– Hotels.
– Beverage and Carbonated Soft Drinks Retailers

We carried out a feasibility study before choosing the location of our company. In order for us to actualize our business goals, we must streamline our sales and marketing strategies in the right direction.

We will start off by opening our business in a grand style to send a message to prospective customers in the neighbourhood. We will send introductory letters together with our brochure, to hotels, restaurants, retailers of beverages and carbonated soft drinks, households, etc in Las Vegas.

We will promote our business online and offline by advertising our business on radio and television stations, local business magazines, etc, as well as establishing a website for our business, having a Facebook page, and connecting on Twitter and Instagram.

Startup costs

The total startup investment sum required is an estimated amount of $550,000.

Sources of Funds

The startup investment sum will be sourced from the owners, Tommy and Peterson; and from our bank in the form of a loan. $300,000 out of the $550,000 will be generated from the owners’ personal savings and investments, while the other $250,000 will be obtained as loan from our banks.

Below is a sales projection for Tommy & Peterson Distribution Company for the following three years. This projection is based on a number of factors such as location of business, and obtainable statistics in the industry. Also, this projection does not consider the emergence of a major competitor within the same location, nor does it consider the occurrence of any major economic downturn.

Year One                    $200,000

Year Two                   $400,000

Year Three                 $700,000

The above is a detailed sample of a beverage distribution business plan. It highlights all the necessary key aspects of the business that need attention. It presents the business’ goals, vision and mission, and how they will be actualized; as well as the kinds of products the business will offer and the marketing strategies to be implemented.

It is hoped that this business plan sample will provide a useful template towards writing a good business plan for your beverage distribution business.

Interested in small bottled beverage company ideas? If YES, here is how to start your own beverage production and distribution business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Beverage Business

Do you want to start a beverage company? Do you need an ideal template on how to start a beverage company ideas? If YES, then this article is meant for you.

The mistake most beverage entrepreneurs do make is as their failure to analyze their market. Some lack the required positioning strategy, and most of them do not have much capital which is the backbone of the business.

However, you will find the following guidelines helpful on how you can start your own beverage company.

  • Carry Out a Market Research

The first thing to do if you want to start a beverage company is to conduct a thorough market research. It is of great importance for you to carry out a research on the beverage market prior to taking a plunge.

You need to know the market size and the market differences and it is very crucial to know whether or not the market size is increasing and at the same time if the market is a fragmented one or not?

The beverage production is a very competitive business, and so it requires careful planning. The business requires a huge startup capital, and being impatient on this business can screw up your funds.

To avoid this mess, take out of your time to conduct a market survey. Search the internet for any useful news in the beverage production business in your country to have some basic insight on how fair the market is.

Meet with beverages company managers or owners you know and ask them varieties of questions about the beverages manufacturing business. Find out more about the startup capital, the required tools and equipment, the kind of environment that the beverage company should be located, plus any challenges you may come across during the course of starting the business.

  • Draw your Beverage Startup Business Plan

Having carry out a market survey on the beverage production, the next thing you need to do is to come up with your business plan. The business plan will serve as the foundation on which the beverage company will be built. Draw a comprehensive, accurate and adequate business plan for your proposed beverage company.

This plan will entail all your beverage company details, like how the company will look like, what will be the business goals, aims and objectives, mission and vision of the proposed beverage company, estimated startup capital, operation costs, unique selling point, projected earnings, market analysis, market competition, target audience, marketing strategy etc.

It is this business plan that will guide and direct you throughout the process of setting up and running the beverage business, it will also keep you away from going off-track.

Your proposed beverage company plan will also be useful whenever you approach third parties like investors and business lenders, for the startup or better still, for expansion funding.

So, make sure that your business plan is well detailed, accurate, comprehensive and professionally packaged. In case you cannot draw up the business plan yourself, you can visit any nearby business consultant office to help you out with the planning sketch.

  • Company Location

After you must have embarked on a market survey and adequately prepared your business plan, the third step is to look for a commercial location for your beverage company. Since the beverage company is not going to be located on air or on the sea, therefore looking for a nice location that will suit the business isn’t what to be taken with levity hand.

  • Meet the Necessary Suppliers

It is very necessary for you to find a reputable and reliable raw material supplier who will be supplying your beverage company all that you will need for the beverage production like flavors, carbonators, sweeteners and coloring.

Also, you will need someone who will be supplying you empty containers to fill in the beverage, fuel, and other important products.

  • Company Registration

Going for your beverage company registration is another important guideline to be put into consideration. In most part of the world, owning a beverage company of any sort, be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic, requires the government licenses and permits.

So, it is very important you contact the necessary and appropriate regulatory agency around you to find out more about the necessary paper work you are required to sign and whatsoever form you are to obtain before kick starting your beverage company.

  • Hire Employees

Since it is obvious and apparent that you cannot single-handedly run the beverage company; you will need some staff who will work together with you in different positions.

Staff like accountant, machine operators, Public relations officer, packaging supervisors, and host of others depending on the size and need of your beverage company.

However, it is ideal that you hire only those that are skilled and have enough experienced as your working staff, this is so because, the reputation and image of your beverage production business hinges greatly on the competency of your employees.

  • Market and Advertise your Business

You will need to create awareness of your new beverage company for your prospect and target audience to know of your existence in the market. Being a new company, you will definitely need to promote, advertise and market your company on any available media outlets.

You can market and advertise your beverage company through the television, radio, and available print media, such as distribution of fliers, handbill, construction of bill board etc.

You can also advertise your beverage company via the various online marketing platforms, such as popular blogs, online forum and communities, social media etc. An added advantage is you setting up a website or blog for your beverage company and offers.

In conclusion, if you carefully follow the seven steps mentioned above, you wouldn’t encounter any problem when you are to start a beverage company.