Do you want to start a Flea market business? Flea market is a type of business that deals with renting or providing space for people who are interested in selling batters or merchandise. Most product sold include used goods, cheap items, antiques and collectibles.

In this article I present to you a simple Flea Market business plan sample that can be used as a guide when starting the business.

Here is a free business plan for starting a flea market business.

BUSINESS NAME: Zeetlyer Flea Market

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Forecast
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary
Zeetyler flea market is a business that has been fully registered and has also fulfilled the entire requirement for starting a business in the Florida, United State of America. The business will be concerned with providing an open and convenient space for vendors who are going to pick a space at our market.

Zeetyler will be co-owned by Zee Robertson and Tyler Kingsley. They will both be the manager and CEO. They have both contributed $2,000,000 toward starting up the proposed business, plans are also been made to secure a loan amounting to $1,000,000.

Our Product and Services
Zeetyler Flea Market is a standard Flea market which will be located in Florida, United State. Our main focus will be providing vendors with needed space which is not only needed but the best and comfortable space so as to improve their business.

Below are some of the important things our services will include:

  • Purchase of well spacious and comfortable environment for vendors, the space will be located in the heart of the city which is very popular.
  • Building of both small and big shop and stores for vendors.
  • Providing of important facilities in the market like public toilet and waste bin.

With the above in place we know that our services will benefit all that will be using it.

Vision Statement
Our vision in the Flea Market is to become the best provider of space and well equipped market arena. We are working on building the modern and specifically world approved standard market area and also keep it as clean as possible with the added services provided

Mission Statement
Our mission in the industry is to become a very popular and reputable flea market space for our vendor. Our clients in Florida and the whole of United State will be open to enjoy the best market area ever.

Business Structure
The business structure of any given business defines on a large scale how successful the business will become, so great care will be given to how we will set up our structure. We would want our shops to be reasonably and properly distributed and kept as neat as possible, below are some of the positions to be filled.

  • Manager (CEO and Owner)
  • Accountant
  • In Market manager
  • Security Officer (3)
  • Cleaners (10)

Market Analysis
Market Trend

It’s been observed that successful Flea Marketers are those that offer the best space that can be easily accessed by customers. And when both vendors and their customers feel comfortable and have beautiful sales, Flea Marketers tend to enjoy. Flea marketers that receive yearly payment are also seen to be very successful.

Target Market
Since Flea market is a market in itself our target market is very wide and in fact everyone can pick a space in our market. But for professionalism below are some of the target audience for our market.

  • Fashion Designers and sellers
  • Food sellers ( Especially snacks)
  • Furniture seller
  • Electronic appliances seller ( New and Refurbished)
  • Book sellers
  • Provision Store
  • Jewelry sellers

Sales and Marketing Strategy
Promoting our business well will be the only key to our success, so we will try as much as possible to market our business so that everyone in and around Florida, United State will be able to have access to our services.

  • Billboards will be placed in important areas in the city where passerby can easily see them
  • Advertisement will also be made via news outlets like Television, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine.
  • Distribution of fliers will also be done to inform people of our business.

Sales Forecast
We would be having more of a static sales forecast since the price range of stores in our market are fixed, but based on the fact that not everything will get filled up immediately and that most would still make use of open spaces below is the estimated sales forecast for the first 3 years

First Fiscal Year $2,000,000

Second Fiscal Year $2,500,000

Third Fiscal Year $3,500,000

This article contain our sample business plan for our proposed Zeetyler Flea Market. The business will be owned by Zee Robertson and Tyler Kingsley and will be carrying out its operation in Los Angeles, United State.