How to Find a Niche Product that Attract Sales


What are the best products to sell online to make money? Where can you find examples of such niche products?

In the face of increasing competition, it has now become a strategy in itself to know what to sell. A lot of entrepreneurs suffer from this problem. I mean the art of knowing exactly what product to sell, where and when. That is why it has become very imperative to develop the skill of knowing what product or service to sell. This is a very critical factor to consider if you want to find a niche product and be successful in business.

You can forget that beautiful theme you have, or that company motto without a viable or sellable product or service. Your business is ultimately wired for failure from the very onset if you are still in doubt of the product or service you will be offering or rendering your customers. Furthermore, knowing your product or service will impact on all decisions taken in your company.

There are two kinds of products that exist in the market. These are commodity products such as the products you buy from Wal-Mart or Amazon that have big brands on them. Products tike, golf sticks, wrist watches, mobile phones, brands such as Heinz, Callaway and Levi. These products are commonly used by most people.

Then we have the second type of products which are called unique or niche products. As the name implies, these are one of a kind, handmade and unique products. The pricing for these kinds of products is exceptional. Niche products are mostly produced on demand. Also the products are custom made to fit a consumer’s needs or desire.

Unique products are very difficult to develop a unique produce. In this article, we will be discussing 6 ways of finding a niche or unique product.


Provide Solutions to Immediate Problems

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. This is very true. You will be on your way to successfully find a product niche. There are problem everywhere seeking for solutions. Begin to research everyday problems you and your friends face. The solution you provide must not be a big one. In other words, the product or service you provide as a solution to a problem must not be huge just unique.

Have Passion and Experience as your Foundation

To be sincere, starting a business is a herculean task to accomplish. There are a lot of pit falls, tasks and challenges you will face in starting your own business and finding a niche product. This implies that you will have to put in longer hours, make sacrifices motivate yourself if you are to succeed in business in the unique product niche you have chosen.

Passion and experience are two essential ingredients you will need in your recipe for a successful business. Without these two, any slight setback or hardship you face while starting your business will have you closing shop even before the business has started. For this reason you should invest in a business niche you are familiar with. In other words, you should have some experience in a particular field before you investing your money into it. Needless to say also, passion for that product niche will be your propelling force.

Passion will help you to bear the brutal impact of launching a new product into the market. When you love your job, you will begin to easily identify problems in that area of interest and also easily see solutions available to you.

Choose a Catchy Brand

If you have to build a catchy brand that resonates in the minds of your audience, you will have to really carry out a research on your audience and the kind of product that will be best for them. What kind of things your target audience likes, their preferences and life style are vital factors you should consider when choosing a brand name. You can acquire the loyalty of your target audience when you craft a brand based on their likes and preferences.

Spot and Ride Trends Early

To find your niche product you have to be abreast of the latest trends and products. You have to constantly research trends and capitalize on them before they elapse. Trending products always present a lot of opportunities to at advantage of. Conduct a search on Google trends and trending products online and see what problems there is with the products. So doing you can proffer a solution.

Get to find out what your consumers are passionate about and work on it. This is a fast way to make your product a hot selling brand. As mentioned earlier, once you have identified your audience and know what exactly your audience wants, you are on your way to finding your product niche. A product niche is a unique area or market segment your product or service addresses.


A product niche can be a very challenging task for an entrepreneur. But the good news is there is a scientific way to go about it, which I have elaborated in the above paragraphs. In summary, it will entail, providing a solution to a problem, being passionate about the niche you intend to cover, having experience in that particular area of interest, following the trends to capitalize on them.

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