Best 10 Fast-Growing Profitable Business Ideas

Fast growing businesses fall under different industries. Because the economic climate of towns and nations differ from one another, it is very difficult to compile a list of businesses that grow fastest. Nevertheless, from investment trends, some facts are clear. Some business ideas are easy to start up while others are easier to manage. While some have better chances at growth and expansion due to the nature of the demand for the products and services they generate, others require injection of large amounts of fund in order  to survive the competition out there.

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In this post, I will take you through some investment opportunities you should consider especially if you are interested in starting a venture that makes massive returns. This list of high returns businesses will be beneficial to investors who may still debts and loans to pay off and informs prospective investors who want to find out the best industries for starting a business.

List Of Top 10 Best Small Businesses And Fastest Growing Small Companies That Could Be Future Giants

Agriculture and farming claim a sizable fraction of best investment opportunities that grows fast. Health and child care are some other profitable areas you can look into. Evolving human needs which is evident in attendant changes in taste, demand and policies has provided some industries the opportunity to grow faster than the rest.

Which Small Businesses Are Growing The Fastest? Below, I have arranged the biggest industries and fastest-growing sectors that you can invest in Africa, Asia, Europe And America:

List Of Fast-Growing Industries to Start A Business

1. ==> Broiler Production
There is no doubt that agriculture tops the list of fastest growing small business industries to start a business. In poultry farming, farmers have realized that they can make more by raising birds for meat. With quality and quantity feeding, you can hit average target weight of 1.8-2.0Kg by 7- 8weeks. The only issue is that you should produce based on the size of the available market and their live weight requirement. Connect with other broiler producers to get links to firms that buy live birds en mass.

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2. ==> Eco-Friendly Construction
Engineers and contractors who are involved in building and machinery construction which achieves minimum level of pollution have created businesses that expand at alarming rates. The recent surge in local and international concerns about global warming and the public health hazards of environment pollution has created adequate room for such businesses to grow. These include manufacturers and distributors of eco-friendly paints, building materials, solar panels etc

3. ==> Baby Products
Production and distribution of baby wears, toiletries and toys is one of the most lucrative fast growing businesses. As population expands, there is need to cater for the newborns that result in this increase. Provided you are strategic in siting your business, this business is a sure money-spinner anytime any day.

4. ==> Agribusiness Consulting

Because many people now fall back to agricultural investment after looking for jobs that do not exist, losing their cherished jobs or even after retirement, people who are expert in a chosen field make a lot of money helping others start their own farming business. Plant and animal production involves life and a simple mistake can set the whole investment on fire. This is the major reason why people need consultants who they pay to help them manage their farm, train their staff and put them through certain production processes such as feed formulation and milling, brooding, vaccination, irrigation, fertilizer application, produce harvesting and packaging, farm produce marketing etc.

5. ==> Metal Product Fabrication
Many industries need small and medium size iron tools. Agriculture, mining and construction are the major consumers of iron equipment. Businesses centered around local metal and steel fabrication as well as industrial producers of precision tools have witnessed one of the most steady growth rates across this century.

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6. ==> Mobile Health
People are now very conscious of factors that influence their state of well being. They are interested in evaluating their health status periodically. If you can bring health, medical and nutritional facts as well as assessment methods closer to people, you will rake in thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. Developing android mobile applications for mobile phones and tablets which can be used in weight loss exercise program, calculating menstrual cycle and safe period, evaluating daily and weekly energy calorie intake, designing body building routines etc are some of the best mobile health software/applications that you can make money from as a developer through monthly and annual subscriptions.

7. ==> Cassava Farming
Farming cassava in Nigeria and other African countries is one sure way to make a lot of money from plantation farming. This business grows fast because most governments have set up large agencies that buy up cassava roots from small scale farmers eliminating the cost and stress of looking for market. In many rural areas, farmlands are available at very cheap prices. With the knowledge of cultivating this crop, a soil that supports the root system, available of water/irrigation system and access to affordable mechanization and farming inputs, you can start commercial cassava production and succeed at it.

8. ==> Social Media Marketing
Apart from the fun and buzz on social networks, wise investors who have put in efforts to grow social network accounts into large following base make lots of money sharing sponsored posts, links and tweet to their followers. Some companies who do not have time to start growing accounts from the scratch even buy off some of these social profiles if it conforms with what they are looking for. Be it Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest or LinkedIn, the focus is the same: share and make money.

9. ==> Production Of Herbal Drinks And Organic Foods
Public enlightenment has exposed the health benefits of taking fresh natural animal and plant produce as opposed to most fast foods and bottled drinks which have passed through series of processing and are being preserved chemically. Different parts of plants have been blended to produce herbal supplements and medicine to cure a wide range of ailments and diseases. Medical personnel recommend that more people take fresh vegetables, eggs, meat, fruits for renewed health and vitality. This is the secret behind the fast demand for fresh fruits and vegetables as well as natural herbal drinks like Briskly, Alomo Bitters, Orijin etc. Please note that you will need approval and licensing to be able to produce and sell herbal preparation for the public.

10. ==> Sales Of Building Materials

New buildings spring up everyday. Fortunately, most new residential buildings tend to be concentrated in developing areas. Siting a building material business in this area will guarantee you steady sales. If you don’t have the capital to acquire a major distributorship license, you may start with becoming a retailer selling to end users who are mainly composed of artisans such as carpenters, plumbers, welders, bricklayers and cement block moulders, aluminum and glass fitters.

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Some businesses focused on building materials that can give your fast sales and huge returns include becoming a manufacturer, wholesale supplier or retail distributor of tiles, steel rods and beams, gravel, sharp and gutter sand, wood and planks, tie rods, plastic pipes, sink and other plumbing works, cement, electrical installations, sliding glass windows and doors, iron gates and security doors, furniture fittings, industrial bricks, iron sheets, asbestos roofing sheets and pop, emulsion and glossy paints and others.

Top Cities For Fast Growing Small Businesses

Here is a list of the fastest growing small business cities in the world. Whether you are in the UK, Japan, China, Germany, Canada, Australia, America, Africa, these cities offer the best investment options for the small scale entrepreneur: Houston, Osaka, Nairobi, Bombay, Lagos, Shanghai, New York, Johannesburg, Ontario, New Delhi, Tokyo, Guangzhou and Maryland.

Do you have another business idea that should be on this list? What do you consider the fastest growing business idea in the world?