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If you are looking for a sample fashion business plan template, here is a business plan for starting a fashion business and free feasibility study example you can use.


Fashion has become an everyday part of our lives with wide applications. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that provides livelihoods for millions while also making it possible for people to express their individuality in a variety of ways. Fashion is a broad term that encapsulates several industries such as the beauty care industry, the clothing industry, the makeup industry and many more. Starting a fashion business requires that you have a proper plan in place for bringing your desires to fruition.

A business plan is one of such requirements as it contains the blueprint for your entire business idea. Rushing a plan can be equally disastrous as not having a plan at all. This is why you need to take your time when writing this document. This small fashion business plan sample offers a guide on how to write a good plan for your intended business. By using this as a template, your chances of success are greatly increased.

Executive Summary

Fashion for All is a fashion business that handles the supply of a variety of fashion supplies for smaller businesses. In other words, we are a wholesale supplier of high-quality fashion wares and accessories to smaller businesses. Located in Bronx, New York, our supplies include women’s clothing, shoes, bags, makeup and men’s pants and shirts.  We have a network of reputable manufacturers who allow an attractive profit margin which allows us to make good profits.

We are conscious of the quality of our products, hence, we believe that only the best is good enough for our esteemed clients. To maintain our reputation, we go the extra mile in choosing our suppliers. We only work with reputable suppliers who share the same philosophy as ours which is absolute customer satisfaction. We are determined to create a formidable brand name reputed for quality, hence we believe we should spare no effort in achieving this.

Fashion for All is a business concept developed by Margaret Price with the sole purpose of competing favorably in the fashion industry by forming alliances with major manufacturers as distributors for their products. The business will function as a Limited Liability Company.

Mission Statement

At Fashion for All, we seek to establish a thriving business that will see us beat off competition through the valuable partnerships we enter into with formidable fashion names. We also realize the importance of a brand to a business. Hence we are determined and focused on building a reputable brand known for quality by sourcing only the best.

Vision Statement

There are major players in every sector of the fashion industry. We see this as an opportunity as we believe they would complement our efforts by forging a partnership that will see us achieving a win-win situation where both parties are satisfied at the end of the day. Within 8 years of commencing business, we plan on expanding our services to spread beyond the Bronx to other major cities within New York and ultimately to spread our services to cover every state in the long term.

Sales Projection

With the many opportunities available in the fashion industry, we have examined the fashion industry by conducting a research on the profitability and opportunity for our business. This three-year profit growth plan has returned cheering news, as we will witness a healthy growth in sales resulting in a steady climb in our profits. The table below shows the results obtained;

  • First Year $200,000.00
  • Second Year $600,000.00
  • Third Year $950,000.00


Financing for our business will come from two main sources. These include savings from which the sum of $120,000.00 has been realized, while the remaining required sum of $380,000.00 will be raised from debt financing arrangements entered into with financial institutions of which the owner is a client. We are only interested in low-interest loans within the range of 2 to 3%.

Publicity and Advert Strategy

Attracting impressive patronage will require doing the work required. We realize the importance of this to the success of our business, hence our decision to adopt a variety of ways to market our products. First, we will have a functional website with the list of all our services provided. The design will be such that it will be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Clients can easily place their orders online. The print and electronic media channels are yet an effective way of spreading the word about our services. we will pay for these adverts to run for a reasonable length of time.

Social media channels are also very crucial to attracting patronage. Hence we will be very active in these media which will include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Billboards will be mounted at strategic locations to create the needed awareness in addition to the printing and distribution of fliers. We will not overlook an age long advert/marketing strategy which is the word of mouth marketing. This will be targeted at our satisfied clients to help spread the word.

Payment Channels

We will be integrating a variety of payment options to attract our clients to patronize our services with more ease. This will curb cases where clients are frustrated due to the limited payment options available for most businesses. Here, we will be receiving cash payments, receipts of cheques, bank transfers, electronic/mobile banking, and POS among others which will be subsequently added.

These are important requirements a business plan should contain. By using this as a template or guide, you are able to provide information relevant to your business which will result in a well thought-out and written plan that will result in a well-run business. It is important to note that without proper implementation, your plan will not result in any tangible results.

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