Starting Okrika Business – Buy and Sell Fairly Used Clothes, Second Hand Shoes And Bags


Starting a second hand wears reselling business in Nigeria is practical way to make cool money. Many young and unemployed Nigerians are making cool cash from this silent investment.

If you doubt me, below are some of the reasons why you should give investing in fairly used clothing items a serious thought.

==> Many people are happy to get durable designer wears at lesser price not bothering whether it has been worn before.

==> The desire to look good among youth and middle age population despite tight budget has made selling second hand clothes, shoes and bags a lucrative investment.

==> There is a popular belief that fairly used wears last longer than new ones as they are generally more durable.

==> People have the liberty to choose different grades of clothes and shoes according to the size of their purse.

==> You need little capital to set up an okrika business. Fairly used wears attract it buyers. You will spend little or nothing on marketing and advertisement.

==> You can easily move your goods from place to place. The second hand wears business is mobile. You can sell used clothes and shoes from place to place; schools, offices, roadsides, churches etc.

==> Due to the high demand for clothing items, there is a huge ready market for okrika wears. Investors can decide to sell to people online or through physical contact. You will be surprised that some boutiques even buy these products especially grade A ones.

==> After food, clothing is the next important man’s basic need. There is great returns on okrika cloth business which doubles during festive seasons.

==> Success in fairly used wears business needs no education or technical skill. With the determination to succeed and perseverance, you are good to go. One key secret to success in okrika cloth business is to monitor trends in fashion and your customers’ buying pattern.

==> There is great future prospect in this business. Many Nigerians have made millions selling used wears and many people will still make wealth from it. All you need is to be well informed before starting okrika business.


Starting a fairly used clothes, second hand shoes and okrika bags business is one business young and old entrepreneurs in Nigeria need to start pondering on because it is a very lucrative business. Large number of people out there buy these items every day, even at high prices.

There are countless number of people who enjoy going for fairly used clothes, secondhand shoes and okrika bags whenever they are not financially buoyant to buy new designers.

The fairly used clothes, second hand shoes and the okrika bag business have been a big and profitable business over the years and the trend doesn’t look to fade away soon.

Before going deep into the tips to put in place before starting the fairly used clothes, second hand shoes and okrika bags business, it is ideal to highlight some reasons why starting a fairly used clothes, second hand shoes and okrika bags business should be something you need to consider. The reasons are:

They are Relatively Affordable

Starting a fairly used clothes, bags and okrika business is good for a newbie like you. The second hand wears business is rewarding because you can buy a very nice clothes, shoes and even a designer bag for half the initial or original price and redistribute them to your prospective customers with a heavier price.

They are Widely Embraced

The fairly uses clothes, second hand shoes and okrika bags business have been widely patronized over the years and as a result of this, many people preferred to buy the second hand clothes, shoes and bags than to go for the new once.

This is a common and popular trend among the youths, hence, made the business a profitable one for those who are into the business.

They are Resistant to Wear and Tear

No doubt, fairly used clothes, second hand shoes and okrika bags business have been known to be a durable business than trading on new once. This is so because they are mostly imported from countries with perfect quality control.

Apart from the fact that they have been used already, the second hand clothes, shoes and okrika bags still maintain their durability despite any factor like weather etc.


The fairly used clothes and second hand bags business will give you a variety of choice to choose from based on how heavy your pocket is. In fact, some of the fairly used cloths, second hand shoes and okrika bags are okay enough and worth to be sold in refined boutiques.

Less Startup Cost

Another reason why you should start the fairly used and okrika business is that less startup capital is needed to venture into the profitable business. You can start the business with just some token and at the end, you can still earn some good profit.

It is Mobile

Easy mobility is another reason why the fairly used clothes, second hand shoes and okrika bags business is meant for a starter who is really tired of being idle. It is not a must you start the business in a store, you can move the products around for sale if you choose to.

High Investment Returns

Also, fairly used clothes, shoes and okrika bags business is a business you can start with which you can earn a higher investment return on if you do it in the right way.

However, it is obvious from the foregoing that the fairly used wears business is a rewarding business that you should start.

Now, the question is: How do you start the fairly used clothes, second hand shoes and okrika bags business? The answers to this question are not far fetch. To get started, the following tips need to be taken cognizance of:

This is very important when you are planning to venture into the secondhand wears business. Your startup capital will determine whether you are going to start the okrika business on a large scale or you are going to start small.

However, one of the greatest advantages of this fairly used clothes, shoes and okrika bags business is that you can begin the business with a little capital. All in all, your startup capital will largely determine how big or small you are going to start the rewarding business, mind you, there is no harm in starting small as such, don’t even think of borrowing money; believe that you can start the fairly used clothes, shoes and okrika business with the little cash you have.

Location or Store
Your fairly used clothes, second hand shoes and okrika bags business will require you to have a specific location where you can display your fairly used designers for your prospective customers to have a feel of what you have for them and you will need to get a very nice shop or store where you will be stocking your second hand merchandise when it arrives.

Alternatively, the same store can be used for displaying your new arrivals so that the passerby and your target audience would be enticed to bend down and select the clothes, shoes and bags of their choice conveniently.

Source for Supplier
Another thing you need to put in order before kick starting this lucrative business is the supplier who will be serving your fairly used and second hand wears business its necessary goods.

For your own convenience, you can source for supplier online by visiting some popular e-commerce website like eBay. Better still, you can stroll round and search for suppliers that is reliable.

Sort and Package
At this stage, your fairly used clothes, second shoes and okrika bags business should be set to kick started. This particular point is equally important and necessary if you really want to stand out amidst your to-be competitors.

You need to sort and arrange the fairly used clothes, second hand shoes and okrika bags grade by grade and package them accordingly, with a designed polythene bag for distribution. In case of the clothes, those that don’t seem good enough to your taste can be ironed and hang where necessary without any serious packaging.

If with enthusiasm, you do this, your fairly used clothes, second hand shoes and okrika bags business will be seen as of high standard and this will rake in more prospects that will patronize your lucrative secondhand business. So, if you seriously mean this business, you should not overlook those items explained above.

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