Small Business Trend and Predictions

5 Factual Small Business Trend and Predictions

What do entrepreneurs, business owners, experts and professionals expect the year to be pregnant of for small business? Behind the dim unseen, right? But Business News Daily however got in touch with different experts and consultants to fixture it out, plus, overall, the productions is that this year will be a year full of ripe opportunity, still, also beaming with great obstacles to overcome.

For business owners that didn’t seem well for as planned, mayhap this is the prime time to make them kick off.

The following are small business trends and predictions, though not exhausted.


 Small Business Will Continue Booming and Growing Into the New Year

Small businesses are working towards having brighter future by investing and buying new tools, machines and real estate, firing and hiring new employees, increasing their inventory, and also refinancing debt to achieve lower payments.

 Logistics and on-demand delivery will expand it coast to Small Business

Small businesses will begin to take the privilege of new logistics services and on-demand delivery.

While many big companies have taken proper care for food ordering and package delivery, easy-to-use services-UberRUSH and Amazon Flex are good for small business, and many of them will begin to take notice in the coming year.

 More Businesses Will Show Up for Sale as the Baby Boomers Seem to Retire

Since the economic recovery is well underway, even more and more small businesses are in the red zone for being sold, and with the aging baby boomer higher population, more B quadrants (business owners) will be eager to sell.

This could take over the market with businesses tag with “for sale” and drastically devalue and downgrade the business.

If any business owner is aiming to sell, he should consider selling it sooner- rather than later. The longer the wait will bring about more competitions.


 Mobile-Friendly sites (blog or website) and SEO Will Be More-Crucial in Marketing Tools.

Small business will be left with little or no option than to dedicate much more time, energy and resources to build mobile site into their branding.

With Google new Mobile Optimization Principles and Guidelines, this means by not having a website with a mobile responsive design can jeopardize your ranking on the SEO, even making your website not to pop out when someone is searching for it on a mobile device.

 Small Business Will Move on the Next Big Step with Mobile Technology.

Studies show that not less than 60 percent of small businesses consider mobile solutions to be very essential. Utilizing mobile solutions effectively with client engagement, easy-to-use CRM and the back to end business managing capabilities, the today’s small business personnel who are busy with tight schedules will therefore be able to handle all the key aspects and contents of their business through their mobile device, whether at home, in the office, on the field or after work hours.

 Mobile to surpass the use of Desktop

Predictions also show that mobile phone will continue to surpass the use of Desktop for online traffic, also, there will be an increase demand to using Apps on desktops.


 Small Businesses Will keep on Realizing Their Marketing Advantage

The public relations with their social media tactics will keep on growing and progressive.

Small businesses understand the fact that they are nimble versus their giant counterparts and will see to modern equipment like Kickstarter, content marketing, YouTube and social promotion to grow more authentic prospect engagement and advocacy.

 Google will continue to dominate Search

It has been predicted that Google will continue to be the leading head search engine site. Plus, YouTube “may” lose its market share to some other streaming sites or services; that Twitter “may” also be acquired by Google;


 More birth and rapid growth of IT
Research conducted shows that there will be IT growth. The ZDNet editors laid emphasis on some key trends in technology that will really make impact significantly:

The rise of the “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) and the “digital workforce” on enterprise and the small business fronts; this is as a result of slowdown cases in Apple’s growth when smartphone market matured and came into limelight and the lukewarm reception welcomed by the Apple Watch; and the business applications start in the Virtual Reality technology, which by now has largely relegated into gaming.


 More Cloud-Based Services is Saying there will be Need for Strong Cyber Security
The trend in line with cloud-first companies will be at full speed. All new business startup will be family of the ‘cloud generation,’ and there will be some breakouts that will achieve hyper-growth with little physical appearance.

As a result of cloud-first mentality, major SaaS data breaches will leave serious implications on the small and medium-sized businesses that rely solely on the cloud! While these might not be necessary apply to your niche, business or company, the above small businesses trends and predictions are however, a great place you can start your planning!

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