EXPERIMAC Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

Experimac is a technological franchising company which has been in operation for the past 5 years. So many are interested in joining Experimac to become a Franchisee based on the fact that they have good reputation and a superb testimonial from previous clients, below is all that is available to know about Experimac.

At first we will see an overview of the company, after which important details needed by the Franchisee such as Repair cost, the required total investment cost, the available training and supports, and how to open an Experimac store. Fasten your seat belt and let’s explore.

About Experimac Franchise
Experimac Franchise is the innovator in technology sales and service of pre owned computers, cell phones and other electronic appliances. The first Experimac store was opened in Florida in 2012, by Jim Muir. Their services include sales and repair of pre owned Apple® computer and devices, laptops and cell phone.

They also sell accessories for both computer and cell phone and other electronic devices, they offer upgrading services for the said appliances. Special focus is giving to Apple® products, because of its second hand value, even after 18months it maintain more than half of its original price value.

Since the start of their franchising endeavour in 2014, they have sold over 100 Franchises with more than 50 stores currently open for business in different country.

How much does a Experimac Franchise Cost?
Experimac Franchisee must pay a $49,500 franchising fee and show $50,000 in liquid asset before opening a location.

Experimac Franchise Fee
Experimac receives a franchising fee of $49,500, which would probably be deducted from the overall startup cost.

Experimac Franchise Startup Cost
If you are interested in starting up an Experimac Franchise, you will be required a total investment capital which amount to $136,000 to $277,000 being the minimum requirement.

Experimac Franchise Training and Support
When you become accepted to become one of Experimac Franchisee, and own your personal office, these are the benefits in support and training that you stand to enjoy.

  • You will take part in one of the most extensive training programs in the franchising industry. This is a two weeks training at their global headquarters.
  • There is also a one on one training at your store to ensure you are efficient technically at repairing.
  • Another training you receive is to ensure that you have attain business and marketing expertise, this is done so that your business might survive early storm.
  • An ongoing training is also provided through regional meetings, Experimac brand conventions, the united Franchise groups leadership summit.
  • Further trainings are available at their proprietary online education portal.
  • You recycle site selection guidance base on experience and demographic study.
  • You receive set up assistance and build up for your store
  • Opportunity to receive lease negotiating strategy and assistance
  • Proper and efficient marketing and advertising guidance are provided.
  • Website setup and social media setup and support for online advertisement.
  • Third party financial assistance for required equipment leasing when necessary
  • An ongoing support through the life of the business.
  • A 24hours online support.
  • Establishment of vendor relationship for their Franchisee
  • Mass purchasing power.
  • A continuous online training for Franchisee and staffs.
  • Continuous research and exposure based on technological advancement.
  • Availability of Intranet which provide a very easy access to all needed information.
  • Franchisee receives regular visit from the regional marketing staffs to check their progress.
  • You also get to learn from other Franchisee from other company through the peer relationship via world Expo

Experimac Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
To know more about the terms and agreement and renewal offered by Experimac, you can contact them by requiring the information or by also filling out a request form on their website.

How Much does an Experimac Franchise Make?
Presently there are no information how much an Experimac Franchisee make, but one would agree that since the number of people using electronic device is as large as the number of device itself, in fact, the number of present electronic devices available is more than the present world population. We would reasonably and readily conclude that the Franchisee will make a lot of money.

Also remember there are many factors that could also define how much a Franchisee makes over time and this factors could be based on location, specialty, and even their price. But to get based on average how much a Franchisee make you could contact them online by visiting their website.

How to start an Experimac Franchise
Having explored the basic information available for the Experimac franchising company, if you are interested in joining you can visit their website www.ExperimacFranchise.com. You could as well give them a call on 888-251-7693. There is also a 24/7 CHAT agent that can help with other information about startup. There is also is a free eBook specially scripted for those who are ready to join the Experimac Franchise.