8 Most Powerful Event Marketing Ideas You Should Try

Pre and Post Event Marketing Ideas for Small Business, Real Estate

Innovative event marketing is necessary for businesses because having people turn up for events is a testament to your capacity to deliver. People need their events to become a measurement of success and hence to achieve this, effective marketing is necessary.

This article is written to help the reader with great event marketing ideas you can implement in making your business much more successful. These ideas have proven to be very helpful and have been successfully used over the years.

The same holds true for your business as we provide you with details shortly;

Promote and Publicize Event Ideas that Work

  • Send Enticing Email Invitations to your Audience

This is a great event marketing idea where you get to send invitations email invitations to your target audience with catchy headings to make them see reasons why they should attend. Subjects used should be such that makes your readers feel they will regret if the miss such events.

  • Create a Logo to Project your Brand

Through the creation of a unique logo, you are projecting your business to your target audience as one which is serious and in the process creating a strong business brand. People are more willing to attend events organized or advertised by reputable event marketing companies. The creation of a logo does not take much as this can be professionally handled with cost starting from $5.00. These logos will normally accompany all your marketing materials such as fliers, emails, place cards and more.

  • Attracting Sponsorship

The role of sponsors in any event makes it much easier for event organizers to make much more profits. However sponsors will only come when they are attracted by the good job you are doing. It is necessary that you are diligent in handling your business. In order to also attract sponsors, you will need to reach out to them and tell them about your marketing ideas as well as progress made so far and any challenges which their presence will help overcome.

  • Build Anticipation

For events to be successful, you need to build anticipation for such events.  There are several ways to do this. One of such is inviting a celebrity who is certain to attract a lot of attention to your event. You should spin this development as much as you can, because the more your target audience gets to know, the more likely a buzz will be generated about the ‘next big event’ which has a guest attraction people will not want to miss for anything.

You should try as much as you can to live up to the hype created by treating your guests to an unforgettable event they will remember for a long time.

  • Consider Working with Local Radio Hosts

This is an area of event marketing which is often overlooked by businesses (especially small businesses) as most believe that the cost of this service will be much. But the reverse is the case here as your relationship with local radio hosts can go a long way in promoting your business significantly. As a matter of fact, businesses which work with local radio hosts have often been charged highly subsidized rates or benefitted from absolutely free services.

This is possible because many of these local radio hosts themselves pay for their time or slots. You can enter into a partnership with these local radio hosts to have their businesses sponsor your marketing events. This is a great way to enter into collaboration which results in a win-win situation for both parties.

  • Consider to Run a Live stream Session on Facebook

This has been known to attract unprecedented response from targeted audience. This form of marketing is cheap and easy to use as all you need to do is present your event marketing program as well as provide details on registrations and attendance. After live streaming your upcoming event, there is usually a viral effect as there is likelihood to attract new followers on the social media platform as well as email lists.

  • Create a Website for your Events

Yes this option is highly effective in attracting patronage as it portrays your business in a good light. You should have a custom domain to make your business unique and easy to identify. This allows your target audience to have a favourable perception of your business which increases the chances of attracting their attention.

  • Local Influencers can benefit your Business

The role of local influencers cannot be overlooked as these group of people have the capacity to bring awareness to your local events, especially when your business is not yet active on the social media. By sending invites to these group of influencers, they bring their influence to bear on your business as they can easily get people talking about your events, thereby generating a buzz which leads to higher attendance rates.

As revealed in this article, event marketing entails a lot of things. The success of your business largely depends on how effective your marketing method are as well as concrete steps taken to realise enhanced patronage. All of the above listed event marketing ideas will remain ineffective as long as there are no concrete steps to adequately implement them.

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