Employee of the Month Ideas, Criteria and Strategies

Employee of the Month Ideas

What does it mean to be an employee of the month? Employees are the life wire of any company or organization. In any business organization, employees are the ones that work directly with customers and it is their ability to satisfy customers that will determine the growth and success of the company.


You know why?  The reason is because customers are the reason why businesses exist. When there are no customers, a business won’t make sales and there will be no money to sustain it.


This is why successful businesses do not joke with their employees. They put necessary incentives in place to motivate their employees to perform better at work. One of such incentives is “employee of the month.”


Employee of the month is a type of reward program that companies organize to recognize and appreciate the employees who are giving their best and making outstanding contribution to the company so that they can be motivated to perform better.


For you to know how effective the employee of the month program is, you have to understand how it works. Appreciation is one of the fundamental needs of man. And when you recognize your employees as the employee of the month, it shows you appreciate them.

People love to be recognized, appreciated and rewarded for their works, it makes them feel good about themselves and become more confident of their abilities. The effect of this is that they will be propelled to perform even better than before. When your employees are performing well, the level of your business productivity will increase and this will ultimate led to the overall growth of your business.

It is important to note if the employee of the month program is not properly done, your organization will not get any tangible result from it. In fact, it can end up doing more harm than good. For example, if the employees that really deserve the employees of the month are not recognized, what do you think will happen?


One of the ways you can make the employee of the month program in your organization effective is by explicitly defining the criteria that will make your employees qualified to become the employee of the month and clearly communicating it to them.

If you don’t know the criteria you can adopt for choosing the employee of the month, you can check out the following ones.

  • Contributions

The specific ways the employee has personally contributed to the company. The contribution should be something tangible that one can easily make reference to. Examples include, referring clients to the company, suggesting ideas that lead the company’s growth, promoting the company’s brand on their social media platforms and bringing leads that generate conversion and sales for the company.

  • Attitude

Attitude is another criteria that can be used to determine the employee of the month. Questions to be asked are, what is the attitude of the employee to his work? Is he punctual? Does he come to work regularly? Is he diligent? Does he go extra mile to get things done? What about his attitude to customers? Is he friendly and courteous towards customers?  Does he patiently attend to customer’s need?

  • Performance

In order to be able to effectively measure the performance of your employees, you must set a goal or create a target for them. Any employee who give his best to achieve that goal should be recognised as the employee of the month.

  • Dependability

Dependability refers to the ability of an employee to follow through the tasks assign to them and do it well with little or no supervision. It also means the willingly of an employee to work when nobody wants to. This should also be one of the criteria for choosing the employee of the month.

  • Support

You can also use how an employee is supporting his colleague as criteria. You can ask questions like, how is this employee supporting his colleagues in achieve the company’s objectives? Is what ways he is helping his colleague to grow? What are his attitude towards team work? How are his actions inspiring and encouraging others to do better?

Like I have explained, when employees are recognized and appreciated for their works, they are motivated and encouraged to do better. This shows that the employee of the month program is of great benefit to any business organization. However, you should not forget that it is when you do it properly and in a fair and just way that it can be effective.

It is also important to note that employee of the month is not the only reward system that you can integrate into your business structure. So I suggest you research for the others ones to see the one that best suit your business organization.

Any of the reward system you eventually settle for should not be a one off event but something that is done at regular intervals in your organization. One of the ways to ensure this is to make the employee of the month or any type of reward system you deem fit a part of your business culture.

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