Employee Vehicle Parking Policy and Procedure Sample

Employee Vehicle Parking Policy Rights, License, Permit – Procedure For Staff Car Parking

Here is a parking policy template outline:

Policy brief & Thrust
Our employee vehicle parking policy is structured to outline our parking stipulations for employees and guests. The criteria for the allocation of parking space to employees and the rules governing the use of such parking spaces and vehicle tracking policy for those who have the system in place, are enunciated below:

This car parking policy applies to all employees who are responsible for company vehicles, and/or drive vehicles in the course of carrying out company business (employee vehicle use), and the stipulations cover employees engaged on permanent, temporary or contract basis, including interns and volunteers as well as the employee vehicle allowance agreement.

Policy Objectives
The company will administer guidelines with regard to its parking space as it affects employee vehicle parking as well as employee use of company vehicle predicated on the following:

* The criteria and process for allocating employee vehicle parking spaces.
* The management and running of employee vehicle parking spaces.
* The maintenance of a safe, secure and clean parking lot.

Upon engagement, all regular full-time and part-time employees are allocated a parking space. Barring the first few days of employment, employees are not permitted to park in the spaces allocated to guests and visitors.

All employees are mandated to display their parking permit as stipulated when parked in the Company’s vehicle parking lot. The parking permit must be seen on the rearview mirror with the number placed inside out. Motorcycles will be given a sticker to position on the front fork.

If an employee’s parking permit is not properly displayed on his/her vehicle or such a vehicle is not parked appropriately, an announcement will be effected publicly announcing the license plate number of the employee vehicle and the corrective action to be taken by the responsible party.

A time frame of ten minutes will be permitted for the correction of the infringement. If no corrective measures are implemented within this stipulated grace period, the vehicle will be towed by management.

The Company’s parking set-up will not be held accountable for any damage or theft caused to any car, or contents thereof, while parked in the official parking garage or on company parking space.
Criteria and Procedure for allocation.

Fully-engaged employees or employees contracted on night shift duty are permitted to submit just the single request for a parking spot. This request is expected to be submitted HR department, facilities foreman or other responsible official, who will in turn determine the requested spot should be granted or not by assessing certain criteria.

They are as follows, with order of importance reducing downwards:

1. Employees and staff that are physically challenged( permanent or temporary; this group also covers pregnant women)
2. Executives and management staff.
3. Employees who have company cars under their jurisdiction.
4. Night shift employees.
5. Employees who commute together.

The parking spaces will be allocated based on the above priority criteria until exhaustion.

The company may, at its discretion, assign a park permit corresponding to a particular spot that may require the payment of a fixed amount per year.

Space for parking vehicles that are engaged for the execution of company’s business and operations (e.g. trailers) will be reserved and may be removed from the regular employee parking space.

Visitors/Guests will be directed to park at stipulated spaces that will be properly indicated.

Running of Parking spaces
Parking spaces are permanently beneficial to the employee. They can be withdrawn, at the discretion of the company, at any point in time; either due to disciplinary action or to the needs of people classified as high priority.

Each employee is entitled to a single parking space and such a designated space or allocation cannot be transferred to another employee or individual.

This policy does not cover off-premises parking. However, employees are not allowed to:

* Obstruct exits and entrances.
* Obstruct loading/unloading of company cars and machinery.
* Occupy spots designated for visitors during work hours
* Park at spaces designated for the physically challenged.

If a vehicle is left un-operated for more than a period of thirty days, it may be taken away and the employee who owns the vehicle will be required to foot the bills for storage and removal
The benefit of parking space will experience cessation termination of employment.
Maintenance of parking lot.

The company mandates employees to endeavor to maintain a clean, secure and safe parking space just as they would their office spaces. The following rules are in force at any point in time:

* No littering is permitted.
* Drivers/employees must strictly observe all stipulated driving codes and guidelines when entering or exiting the parking lot. Employee vehicles caught speeding, turning carelessly or driving irresponsibly will be sanctioned appropriately.
* Employees must regard the property of other staff.
* Employees are only permitted to carry out maintenance /repair work on the vehicles in the event that such vehicles cannot be started.

Disciplinary Consequences
Any employee who parks his/her vehicle in unauthorized or prohibited spaces or disregards laid down rules and regulations regarding employee vehicle parking policy will receive a warning and a note of caution. Repeat offence will suffer the consequence of a retraction of parking benefit.

If the employee persistently disregards the dictates of employee vehicle parking policy or in instances of serious infringements, such employees may face disciplinary procedures leading up to and inclusive of termination of appointment.

This is a model example of company parking lot policy.

Sample Memo for Car Parking

Have you been looking for a sample memo to employees regarding parking. Here is a good template to use. Share.

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