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Employee Appreciation Day Ideas for Small and Large Companies

Most companies today do not really show their employees that they value them enough for their hard work and dedication to the company. Employee appreciation or recognition basically entails recognizing and acknowledging your employees for their hard work and achievement towards the success of your company.


Employee appreciation has several benefits or advantages to a business or company when properly done. Here are some reasons why employee appreciation is really important to the success of your company:


  • Employee appreciation makes your employees feel important and valued. This consequently makes them to be very proud of their jobs and give their best to doing their jobs. Employees are just as human, and they also want to be loved and respected by their employers.
  • Showing employees some sort of appreciation makes it very easy for them to be able to trust you as their employer, because they do not just feel like another employee, but a human being, who has a relationship with his employer.
  • Employee’s happiness and satisfaction is a function of employee appreciation. When employees are appreciated and rewarded by their employers, it helps boost their satisfaction and happiness level, and put them in a good mood.


In this article, I would love us to consider some employee appreciation ideas you could adopt in your company and put more genuine smiles on the faces of your employees:

Let Employees Take Part in Making Important Decisions

One way you could really show your employees that you truly appreciate them is by allowing them to take part in making important decisions in the company. Sure, showing your employees that you appreciate them either verbally or by showering them with bonuses is very nice, but there is a very great feeling an employee gets when they are allowed to take part in making important decisions in the company. This indicates to them that their employer trusts their expertise and values their opinion.

Another way you could let your employees make important decisions in the company is by encouraging feedbacks from your employees. Start with distributing surveys which allow them to be able to give their feedbacks anonymously on certain key aspects of the business organization or structure.

Ask questions such as ‘what would you encourage us to keep doing?’ ‘In what areas do you feel we should work on?’ and ‘…any other suggestions to move the company forward?’

Surprise Your Employees

Appreciate your employees by surprising them. You could surprise them with some sort of unexpected treats such as sponsoring them for a surprise lunch, giving them a day off, allowing them to work from home, extending their lunch time, giving them half of the day off from work, or surprising them by placing their favourite snack on their table. For employees that show up early to work, you could surprise them with coffee or breakfast at work.

You could also throw an employee a surprise that would benefit them and your company such as paying for courses that would help them improve in their work or career.

Praise your Employees Specifically

One great way you could show to your employees that you truly appreciate their efforts is by showering them with praise in a specific way. It is not enough to just say, “Thanks for a great job”. Be specific about it! This will help reinforce the message you are trying to send. It will also make the employee work harder at that particular area and improve.

Also, it will be very helpful if you specifically call their names too (first name especially). You could go, “thanks James for how well you handled the clients this afternoon. And you also want to be quick about praising them too; you do not want to put off praise till the next day. As soon as you are impressed by what an employee has done, immediately call them out and give them praise for it.

Set a Recognition Day

It is good you set aside a day when you appreciate and reward your employees. You could decide to follow the world’s employee appreciation day (a day set aside to appreciate employees, usually the first Friday of the month of March) and choose to reward your employees for their hard work on that day.

However, you could set aside your own employee appreciation day and reward your employees on that day. One way you could make the day special is by making an event off the day with lots of food, team-building activities, and awards.

Show your Employees that they are Important

Letting someone have the feeling that they are important is a very great way a person could really feel appreciated. Do you let your employees know that they truly matter? You want to show to them that you consider them important by always actively listening to their thoughts and contributions.

As mentioned earlier, knowing your employees by their names (particularly their first names) would go a long way towards making them feel valued, important and appreciated.

Even non-verbal and informal ways of appreciation such as a warm handshake, an honest and friendly smile thrown at an employee would certainly not go unnoticed by them.

Throw End-of-year Party Celebrations

Throwing an end-of-year party for your employees to celebrate them is another way you could show employee appreciation. At the end of every year, you could take aside some funds and organize a good end-of-year party as reward for your employees for the year’s hard work. It could be anything from organizing a small office party with great foods and drinks to throwing a big party; it all depends on how much fund you want to allocate for it.

The idea behind this is just to show to your employees that you could not have achieved so much in the company without their help, dedication, and commitment.

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