What is a Profitable Small Business to Start Today?

Are you looking for a profitable business to start? If you want to start a business that can make you more or up to a million yearly, you will need to first consider any business idea to make sure you are starting a profitable business.

There are many profitable businesses to start whether online or offline. When you are looking for profitable business ideas, you need to think about something the public needs, and that needs is not saturated with multiple businesses offering the same thing.

I will take my time to share with you 10 profitable business to start this year so you don’t get into the wrong business where you start regretting.

  1. Blogging

This is one very profitable business to start online and make 6 figures within a short time if you are persistence and know how to make money blogging. For you to achieve a fast result with blogging, you will need to have a coach that has done it to show you the right way to get the 6 figure result.

Blogging is the only online business with more than 4 streams of income. You can make money from at least 3 streams if you know how.

If you are thinking of an online profitable business to start, I will say you should consider blogging.

  1. Landscaping

This is another common profitable business idea to start. If you are gardener or just like to get down and dirty then this may be a great option for you. People are always looking for flowers to brighten their home and would rather purchase them from a shop or greenhouse than having to plant the flowers themselves.

Owning your own greenhouse is an added benefit because this will give you much more room to grow your plants and will increase your supply. If you don’t have one now or can’t afford one, then I would suggest looking into something similar to a greenhouse in order to plant more flowers throughout the year.

  1. Poultry Farm

You must have been hearing that this business is a profitable business. It is not capital intensive like other business. With as little as $250, you can get your poultry farm started. You don’t need to have the capital for 100 birds before starting.

You can start with the little you have and grow the business to another level. So many poultry farmers have been raking in millions every year. Festive season is when most poultry farmers make the most money.

Aside that, you can land a contract to supply some of the top restaurants in your city.

  1. Car Wash Business

If you can get a nice location with good management skill, you can start a car wash business and become successful. This business can also be started with small capital. You just need to get money for the washing equipment, employ some boys that will be doing the washing and also a good location on a busy street.

  1. Real Estate

This is a profitable business to start if you have the skill and knowledge about the real estate market. I know by now you must have known that it is a big lie when people tell you that you need to be very rich to invest into the real estate market.

These days, with as little as 10% down payment on a property, you can become the owner. My candid advice is that you need to attend real estate seminar to be able to start this profitable business and succeed.

  1. Online Tutorial

Blogging is not the only way you can make money online. Many people now take online courses to make up for the knowledge they could not get in the classroom. There is a big opportunity in this niche and it is a good profitable business to start.

If you can deliver tutorials on topics people are interested in learning, people will gratefully pay you to learn them. Starting your own online tutorials does not take much. For a start you can sign up as an instructor on Udemy and later, develop your own platform.

  1. Graphic Design

If you have a good background in designing and you are very creative when it comes to designing logos, business card and banners, you can start a graphic design business and sell your skill for cash.

The demand for graphic design is increasing daily as more people are willing to pay for good design if you can deliver it. I know of a friend that charge $500 for design depending on what you are looking for.

Imagine having up to 10 clients that you can charge such an amount a month. You know what you will be making monthly.

With tools like Adobe Illustrator and Stencil will make your designing job easier. If you don’t have the skill but love to design, you can go learn the skill through YouTube videos or pay to learn.

  1. Podcasting

This is one great profitable business to start if you have ever found love for podcasting. You don’t need to have a lovely voice. If you can launch a podcasting business and grow a large audience, you can make money from different ways.

If your listening audience is large, you can make money from sponsorship. Top brands can sponsor the first 15 seconds of your podcast before it gets started. You can also record valuable podcasts and sell them to your audience.

  1. Event Planning

Do you love throwing parties and organizing meetings? Start an event-planning business and turn your passion into a profitable venture.

As an event planner, you can help individuals and corporations plan their need to be resourceful and have a keen eye for detail. You will also need the patience to deal with clients’ demands and the ability to stay calm during stressful situations and unforeseen disasters.

  1. Ebay Sales

Similar to selling on Amazon, eBay is a place to make money selling just about anything you can think of as a main business or side hustle. You can sell anything on eBay and make money as far as you have the product to sell.