Easy Businesses To Start From Home

Easy Small Businesses To Start from Home

Have you been thinking what type of easy businesses you can start at home? If you are like most people these days, you will find love running a business right from the comfort of your home. So many people are in the internet looking for jobs or business they can venture into that will allow them to start working from home.

Will you like to start a home based business? if yes, here are 10 easiest businesses you can start at home. I came across so many but I narrowed them down to 10. Keep in mind that I am only giving an overview about the business, it is your job to do more research among them to decide the one that will work well for you and become profitable in the long term.

Here are 10 easiest businesses to start at home

  1. A Dog Walking Service

This is one of the easiest businesses to start at home. You can decide to start offering dog walking services to people who are too busy to take their dog for a walk. This business can be started with no money, but you can choose to spend money on flyers if you don’t want to use word of mouth marketing.

You can promote this business idea around your neighborhood letting them know about your service.  Once you have built up a good clientele, you can start charging reasonable fee for dog walking service.

  1. Data Entry

This is one way to make money working from home. There are so many companies where you can take up online data entry tasks and make money from home.

Data entry jobs don’t pay much but if you combine a hand full of good ones with reasonable pay, you could come up with a better monthly income. You should be aware of scam websites that promise high pay.

I will advise that you to check out reviews of any company you choose to work with before you sign up for any of their program.

  1. Pooper Scooper Service

This is another straight forward business to start at home. You could start cleaning dog poop for dog owners around your neighborhood and get paid to do it. You can do a simple door to door selling of your service, and you might be surprised on the number of client you will arrive at.

Keep in mind that you must have made arrangement on how you intend disposing those poop. If you are good at delivery customer service and building a strong relationship with your customers, you will surely make good money from this business.

  1. Take Surveys

If you are looking to making quick cash, you can start taking surveys jobs online. Just like data entry jobs, it is not a get rich quick business.

If you sign up with site like MySurvey, you can nice income coming every month. You will need to meet a payout level of between $50-$100. Every sites with its own net payout. Some pay cash, while others pay with vouchers and others pay with various reward schemes like Amazon gift card.

Other sites that also offer survey programs for people looking for easy businesses to start at home include:

  • Earning Station
  • InboxDollars
  • Global Test Market

You have to first check their working policy before you sign up as each of these sites has their own different working policy.

  1. Graphic Designing

Are you very good at designing business cards, flyers, logos? If yes, you can start that business at home and make good money.

Businesses whether big or small need beautiful graphic designs for branding purpose and marketing. This make the job of a graphic designer in high demand. Graphic designers earn up to $5000 monthly on an average.

You can promote this business directly to potential customers or go through freelancing sites like Fiverr.com and Freelancer.com.

  1. Network Marketing

This is another easy business to start at home. Starting this business does not require an office of any kind. You can run this business from any location in the world.

If you are a success driven individual that is not looking for get rich quick way of making money and has patient, has a business mindset to manage people and motivate them, you can join any network marketing company and become a business owner.

Once you join, you will be trained on how you can start recruiting people into your team without harassing them. This is a business for the long term gain.

  1. Blogging

This is a perfect business for people that love writing and also love to share their thoughts about their passion through content.

Blogging is a home based business that has made lots of people billionaires working just with a laptop or desktop and an internet connection. Blogging is for those that has the patient to watch a business grow.

As you start blogging and start getting huge number of traffic to your blog and building great audience, advertisers start requesting they run adverts on your blog which you will normally charge for that and that is just one stream of income from blogging.

  1. Web Designing

This business require that you have web designing skills and know how to market your skill to potential clients if you want to make big pay and not depend on freelancing sites that offer low fee for web designing. Helping clients design their website is another business you can start at home.

  1. Bookkeeping

If you are a trained accountant with experienced, you can choose to work as an independent bookkeeper offering bookkeeping services to small and medium businesses that can’t employ full-time accountant but work with freelancers.

This business is common with stay at home mums who has once worked for companies as an accountant with experiences.

You don’t have to be certified to work as a freelance bookkeeper, you just need the required knowledge on bookkeeping.

  1. Building Furniture

You may think you need a location to start this business. This wood business can be started from home and you don’t need a show room to display your home built furniture. Esty is an excellent online platform where you can start selling by uploading pictures of your furniture so that customers can pick the ones they like and place order.


Running a business from home is not easy. Just like every other business, it requires a plan, hard work and determination to succeed.


Easiest cheapest home businesses to start – Easy startup home business ideas
What are some easy small businesses to start from home? With little or no capital, you can start making money as there are mow industries that allow any normal person with or without experience to make money from nothing.

Alas! one of the errors most people make is that they do not have a website with a good web hosting company. You may know nothing about building a website, but there are numerous guides that can assist you on the internet.

It is not compulsory to produce one of the best products or services – you should be conspicuous, you must have a lot of traffic because if people do not come to your website, how will they be aware of your products?

If you wish  for an honest, ethical, and legitimate way to make money online, then your payers have been answered. What you need is just the important information and guidelines that will help you.

Here are the 3 easiest small businesses to start from home:

Easy startup home based businesses

1) Multi-level marketing Market with principles. Avoid deceit, bogus claims or exploiting the condition of people around you.

2) Affiliate marketing Selling or promoting products & services produced by other companies on your website.

3) Training Teach others what you have learnt so that they can also be as successful as you are. In the process of doing this, you may not have to speak directly to anyone but you can produce videos and manuals for sale.

Don’t think these tips are too easy or irrelevant as they are the starting point for those who plan to start an online or offline business from home. These are some easiest home based businesses to start.

It is paramount to know that it is not easy to start a business from home! But it is also not as difficult as you think. So give it a try. See this top 10 easy home based business for moms.

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