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If you are looking for a sample drone business plan template, here is a business plan for starting a drone service company and free feasibility study to use.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles otherwise known as drones have found a lot of uses. These include security, photography, movies, music and more. Several businesses have sprung up around this invention.


We have written this drone business plan sample to help people interested in this sector of business. Our targets are specifically those with limited knowledge on how to write a good plan for their business.

We will always advise you to find out as much as you can about the business you are going into. The feasibility study is the method through which you will achieve this.

Armed with this knowledge, reading this sample will enable you articulate your findings into a solid plan of action.

Executive Summary

Birds Eye Inc. is a registered drone photography business in to be located in Montgomery, Alabama. We specialize in the provision of High Definition aerial photography services to a variety of clients. These will cover environmental assessment studies, surveillance, power line inspections, commercial ads and much more. Although our business is new, we have been involved in the drone industry for over a decade.

Birds Eye’s proprietor James Scott has been involved in the running, maintenance and administration of major drone photography businesses in New York, California and Nevada. He is bringing his wealth of experience to set up a world class company that will provide services for both domestic and international clients.

  • Products and Services

Because there is an increasing demand for highly professional drone photography services, our company is poised to provide these and more. Our services will include the provision of power line inspections, the provision of high definition commercial ads, environmental assessment services and surveillance. We will also provide training to drone technicians as well as advisory services.

  • Vision Statement

We are in an industry that is highly regulated. However, we are backed by the advantage of experience. Hence, our vision is to establish a highly professional drone photography business. We seek to break into the top 10 bracket of the best drone photography services in America within 10 years.

  • Mission Statement

At Birds Eye Inc. we have a mission to serve an industry driven by innovation by providing excellent services. All clients we will be working with will experience unbeatable drone photography services. Within the first 3 years of our take off, we seek to explore other drone business avenues. This will largely be determined by demand.

  • Financing

Drone business is capital intensive. The amount needed depends on the specific area of specialization. For our photography business, we need the sum of $1,000.000.00. This will be raise from loans which is already in the application stage. A monthly interest rate of 3% is being worked on, with the principal to be paid in 10 years.

  • SWOT Analysis

A measurement of our competitiveness and vulnerabilities has been worked on by a reputable business solutions firm. We have identified areas we have the most advantage as well as those which we will need to work more on as well as plan ahead of time for. The results show the following;

  • Strengths

Our strength is bolstered by the fact that our proprietor and management staffs have a significant measure of experience in the drone business environment. We are consolidating our advantage to run a highly efficient drone photography business.

  • Weakness

Weakness is a constant feature for every business. However, identifying them and handling them effectively will help overcome them. Our weakness is in our size. Major companies needing the services of drone businesses prefer to work with established and well known brands. As a new business, we are not yet in the top league. This will limit the type of clients we will have initially.

  • Opportunities

There are increasing numbers of economic sectors needing the services of drone photography businesses. With several businesses and individuals needing our services, we have a unique opportunity to provide drone photography services that are second to none. We are also exploring possible areas of drone application that will enable us expand our services in the near future.

  • Threats

Threats to our drone business arise mainly from unfavorable policies that may disrupt or limit our operations. The aviation industry for good reason has limited the altitude range for drone operations. Unstable policies may lead to a change regarding other areas of operations.

Also, the increasing level of terrorist threats is bad for business. Terrorists are likely to use drones for the purpose of causing harm. This has led to stringent rules being implemented to regulate the industry. Although these are for safety reasons, it has created several hurdles to doing business. These are in the form of bureaucratic bottlenecks.

  • Sales Projection

How much sales do we expect to attract over the next three years? Using the current demand for drone photography services, we have arrived at a likely projection. This has been shown by the chart below;

  • First Financial Year $80,000.00
  • Second Financial Year $300,000.00
  • Third Financial Year $1,000,000.00


  • Competitive Advantage

Success in this industry depends on the edge we have over our competitors. Although we are a small drone business, we have the advantage of having a team of seasoned professionals who have been involved in every level of management with major drone services companies. This will be used to our advantage in positioning our business for success.

Also, our connections are vast. We have succeeded in building our reputation with a rich collection contacts. These will be used in promoting our business as well as attracting patronage.

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy

We have set up a world-class marketing department that will coordinate our marketing campaigns. These campaigns will focus on the most effective measures such as newspaper ads, social media promotion of our business, and taking our business to the doorsteps of potential clients.

  • Target Market

Have identified our target market, and these consist of clients who frequently need the types of services we offer. Some of these include corporate clients, private/individual clients, surveyors, film and music makers, and agencies of government. To widen our reach, we are understudying other possible areas we may likely be involved in.

This drone business plan sample has provided you with a good tool to use when writing your plan. It skips to provide you with a summary of what is expected. Findings you make from your feasibility will help you expand on these areas and more.

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