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Make Money Selling Domain Names (Strategies) – Basics Of Domain Name Flipping

Can You Make Money Selling Domain Names? While many established domainers or resellers buy up hundreds of domain so as to increase and chances of getting premium domains for sale, don’t forget that yearly renewal of such investment items come with a price.

Earning money through buying and selling domains:  As a beginner, you should just stick with putting a few domain names for sale and gradually work your way up. Domain flipping business is not for the weak, many domain investors have ended up turning their domain names into full content sites for the purpose of reselling them and recouping their investment.

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Patience is one key virtue I emphasize while teaching the basics of buying and selling domain names 101.

Buying and selling domains for profit: Let me use this medium to clear the air on the believe and misconception of some internet explorers regarding this particular topic as they are of the opinion that hoarding or selling domain names is a bit unethical but that is very far from the truth.

There are many big names out there in the domain hoarding, flipping and selling industry that are simply getting it right in this business, Namecheap and GoDaddy are not exception.

In addition, there are some domain names that are worth a huge amount of money. So making money while selling them is not a big deal. Findings shows that and were reported to have been sold for $11 million dollars and $7 million respectively.

This result is a solid opportunity for investors – to without fear invest in domain names that could be sold for enormous profit in the future. Though it is not a children thing to land such golden domain names, yet you can make and earn decent amount of money as well if you so desire to sell domains name as a business opportunity.

However, the following are the relevant and reliable ways to make money selling domain names.

How to Make Money by Buying and Selling Domains

Identify your Budget

First and foremost, what ought to be the number one thing to swing to once your mind comes to making money selling domain names is “I’m I financially vibrant?” Just like starting up other normal business, you must know and identify your budget first.

In order to start making money selling domain names, you need to take some time out for the online business financial calculations.

Essence, to make money selling domain names you have to start off the e-business by investing a small amount of capital. After that, you can then move more further to making a bigger and huge investment once you gain a firm footing in the field of selling and hoarding domain names.

Choose a Profitable Niche

Of course, you will need to define your niche if actually you would love to make money selling domain names, but choosing a profitable one is very vital and paramount. Carving out a profitable niche for yourself will give room to seeking out prospective buyers who would be actively interested in such domain names you would be offering.

Master your Keywords

To make money selling domain names require you to have excellent command of the keywords. The nice way to ensure you get a better return on your investment is by picking a domain name with acceptable traffic of something around 10,000 searches in a month.

Before you park any domain names, do ensure you find hot keywords that potential buyers would be interested in. You can conveniently do this by using tools like the Google Keyword Planner, Niche Finder Software etc. If you take cognizance of this-  you are definitely going to make money selling domain names.

Develop a Solid Domain Portfolio

This is another fascinating step that you need to be very careful of. To make money selling domain names, you have to develop a high-quality domain portfolio that can take several months or years to accomplish; but it will in the end worth it. At times, the key is to examine what domains may look like in the future.

Others may prefer to purchase some domain names that already have high profile and rely on them hoping that they increase and appreciate in value but if you patiently build, design and develop a solid domain portfolio you stand a chance to make more money than they will.

Adopt Different Sale strategies

You can adopt different strategies to make money selling domain names successfully. The most common and widely used three strategies are the set price, auction, and make an offer:

Set Price

One of the domain name selling strategy is the set price. Setting out price is the most populous ways domain sellers with pretty big portfolio sells their domain names.


Auctions is the second great way to sell domain names. This category of marketing strategy is meant for higher profile domain names with a lot of interest, this is so because they result typically in the highest possible deals.

Making an Offer

This sales Strategy is the best for certain niche domains that probably do not have many clients that are interested in and/or a situation where the real value of domain is not known.

Therefore, the three domain names selling strategy are there for you to adopt which ever suit or work well for your domain names selling business.

Don’t Sell Right Away

Selling Domain Names is sometimes not always about earning money quickly. Often, you have to use days doing research before you click a profitable sale. Do remember that, it is being better to wait for months just for you to sell a domain name for a huge profit than to settle for less. See domain names selling as more of an investment than anything.

Make money buying and selling domain names – buy and sell domain names for profit

In the long run, since you are acquainted with all the steps involved to make money selling domain names, I do hope you kick start your own domain selling business with ease.

Remember, you are to begin by first learning all the ethics of the trade, and then invest a bit amount of money on it before you decide to go higher. After you must have mastered your Keywords, do build a solid domain portfolio and adopt any of the marketing strategies that suit and fit your online business – with these, you wouldn’t help but to make money selling domain names.

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