How to Deal With Controversial Issues on Social Media


Are you searching for the surefire method to embrace when any issue that seems controversial should arise online? Do you need the antidote to reputation spoiling and ruining through online controversial issues?

Arguably; it is only unsuccessful individual, business, congressman, politician and other prominent beings that is free from criticism, the developed, top notch and successful ones are usually full of criticism on social media; most especially on controversial issues.

And at times, issues that seems controversial do ensure it sees the back of the victim or business, when such individual or business is being burn into ashes only then will people stop arguing and debating on the issue that look odd, weird and strange to them.

To avoid these mess as a business owner, it’s your onus to stand firm and neutral on any controversial issues to avoid risking your image and reputation: hence causing you to chase away your valuable customers in the ugly scenario.

It has been said over the time that, bad news travels so fast like an electricity circuit and nowhere or platform does it travel that faster than on the social media.

Some rumor about your business here, few inflammatory tweets on your family matter there. However, the good news is that the social media controversy issues can be solved through some ways to be treated below.

Happily; I shall vividly expatiate all what it entails from head to toe without leaving an atom untouched.

Without much ado, the following guidelines on how to handle controversial issues online are rare gem, you can’t afford to miss any, right? Sure!


1. Address Duly the Negative Comments

My first point on ways of dealing with controversial issues on social media is for you to quickly address the negative comment first. There isn’t any doubt in splitting this, negative comments only add fuel to the controversial issue.

Addressing the issue that causes the feud directly on the social media outlets will actually allow you to reshape the ugly conversation that may spoil your reputation instead of letting it spiral out of control.

Also, go on as far as addressing any comments that contain frivolities, profanities, hateful, or spamming messages by erasing them online completely.

In lieu with this, reply other negative comments by providing the right answers by shading more light to the issue that sprang up the controversy as such, putting doubting Thomas into a big shame politely.

2. Adopt The “Staff Meeting Test”

The staff meeting test says; if you have decided in your mind not to share what you think aloud with everyone during the staff meeting, it’s being best to keep it in your pocket.

Reason is that, your words, actions will reflect- and will continue do on the company every day.

So, same thing could be applied here when dealing with political issue online, it’s believed that not every controversial issues online needs your response because you never can tell if the perpetrators weren’t sponsored just to paint you black and blue.

3. Respond without Delay

Research tells me that 89% of customers are better okay and satisfied when an immediate answers or response is being given online and that majority will go beyond by recommending your organization to their love ones.

This means a real quick answer and response also prevent controversy online and allows you to take total control of the conversation peacefully and name your organization as a perfect go-to source for the official information needed.

Be enlighten that, if condition warrant and you’ll need to be away from the social media, it is ideal you note this in advance to your followers to prevent any further problem in the future.

4. Enlighten Your Employees

It is very important you give every new intake of your organization the organization rules and principles; if you don’t have a published copy, do create time to orientate them. Let your employees know beforehand that the business avoids and dislike controversial topics on the social media, and provide adequate examples.

In case, one of your employee decides to stand up for your organization and tag the company, let them know that it is prohibited. In fact, it’s alright for them not to stand up for the organization than to tag the company after stating the fact.

Social media conversation could easily develop and explode like time bomb if clear boundaries are not set up from the very start. Of course, they are employee not the company public relations officer.

5. Take the Conversation Offline

Another way to deal with controversial issues on social media is to take the conversation offline.

Are you doubting me if this is possible? This is done by changing the online conversation to a phone call, direct message or email.

Drop the necessary contact where the negative commenters can reach you with a derivative of better explanation. Therefore, to deal with controversial issue on social media, suggest taking it offline or stop responding. Simple!

6. Keep Prominent Stakeholders Abreast

In a scenario like this, even the politician, coach, athlete and the board members; all of them will become a potential mouthpiece. Among your work is to make sure that they’re staying tune all the time- brief them how you would like them to reply and who they should and not to contact for more or better information.

7. Use Trending Topics Opportunity While Staying Neutral

Dealing with controversial issues on social media, the last sure fires ways I shall explain is using the trending topics opportunity while staying neutral. You can without stressing yourself use many humorous post and messages to address trendy topics, so far you stay neutral.

Look out for a profound post that is in conjunction with your brand and pokes fun at the controversy topic/issue without siding either side. Also, use any trending hashtags with that post to further increase the engagement on the social media pages.

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