Dealdey Affiliate Programme: Promote Deals And Make Money On Dealdey

Dealdey Affiliate Program: Registration Login, Signup, Promotion, Payment Plan and Program
Dealdey is an online e-commerce website of Nigerian origin which provides a medium for showcasing products and services ranging from a diverse collection for sale at greatly discounted rates.

The discount in these goods and services are aimed at attracting a large customer base interested in getting value for their money, hence the name dealdey, which when translated in the Nigerian local parlance stands for “available deal.”

With the growth in popularity of the e-commerce platform as a reliable alternative for the purchase of goods and services, driven by the internet, the Dealdey alternative has grown in popularity among Nigerians who use it for purchase of both goods and services.

However, Dealdey is not limited to the sale of products and services alone, as it creates an option for earning to its users through its affiliate program alternative. This means that an interested prospective affiliate, while taking advantage of this platform to purchase goods and services, can also earn money through affiliate marketing on a daily basis under Dealdey’s affiliate program.

The Dealdey Affiliate Program

The Dealdey affiliate program is structured in a way that the affiliate earns through the promotion of deals through the use of links and also banners which are specifically designed to easily be shared on your website or blog.

These links will be visible to visitors to your website, and any sales realised through the clicking of these links by visitors automatically results in the affiliate getting a percentage of the sales made.

The percentages earned by affiliates are known as commission. The percentage of sales accruable to the affiliate is set by Dealdey. In most cases, it is designed to be attractive enough to draw the attention of new affiliates to the program.

Is This Restricted to Website/Blog Owners?

This would be the question on the lips of many interested in taking advantage of this business opportunity. It is not restricted in any way to those without a blog or a website. However, these links can be shared on the affiliate social media platform such as on the fan pages of Facebook and Twitter.

While not being restricted to website and blog owners, it is advised to take advantage of the opportunities owning a blog or a website presents to your affiliate marketing. However, the use of all the available platforms will greatly enhance the affiliate’s chances for success.

The Advantages Enjoyed by Dealdey Affiliates

The Dealdey affiliate program offers a lot of benefits to all its affiliates. With attractive affiliate commissions on offer to its affiliates, it is little wonder that the Dealdey affiliate program continues to grow in popularity among prospective affiliates.

The advantages enjoyed by Dealdey affiliates include a N500 naira bonus which is given in addition to other commissions earned through the purchase of deals by the affiliate’s referrals, a direct deposit of commissions earned in the local currency (the Naira) into the affiliate’s local bank account, a robust support network offered by the Dealdey affiliate team.

Earning From Dealdey Without a Website

An affiliate marketer does not need to have a website before he/she can earn money, as all he/she needs to do is simply to click on the “invite a friend” tab, then send a message containing your unique affiliate link supplied by Dealdey to up to 50 friends.

This message should briefly include the procedure of making money through the Dealdey affiliate program. This link should be continually shared on your social media sites like facebook and twitter. With this method, you can earn without necessarily having a website or a blog.

Earning From Dealdey Through Your Website/Blog

To earn from your website or blog, it requires that you sign into your Dealdey affiliate account and click on the “programs tab.” After doing this, click on the “commission and ads” tab. Here, a list of category of products and services will be displayed. Simply click on the category that most interests you. These categories may include fashion, home appliances, electronics, and automobiles among several others.

Each of these categories of products comes with their own unique links or HTML codes. These codes should be copied and placed where the affiliate wants them to appear within your blog or website.

Doing this ensures that visitors to your blog or website are able to see the shared advert of these products on your website. Clicking and buying these products automatically earns you a commission.

How to Open the Dealdey Affiliate Program

Joining the Dealdey affiliate program is quite easy and stress-free for prospective affiliates. Visit the Dealdey website and click on the “register” button. The registration process requires that the application is approved before the applicant becomes a full Dealdey affiliate.

After getting the approval of Dealdey for the commencement of business, Dealdey sends the affiliate an email containing his/her Dealdey ID and password.

These are to be remembered by the affiliate as they are sensitive information. The email ID and password can be used to log in to your Dealdey affiliate program and familiarize yourself with the information available on the dashboard of your account.


Dealdey is a Nigerian e-commerce site that offers products and services at greatly discounted prices. This great reduction in price is the real deal which attracts millions of customers across the nation to this online platform. From the time Dealdey launched its affiliate programme, Nigerians have made cool cash from this scheme and are still doing so on a daily basis.

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Registering with Dealdey Affiliates is a simple route for anyone interested in making money online. I have been there and I’m ready to show you how you can join other Nigerians in making cool cash from this affiliate programme too. The cool thing about this program is that you don’t even need a website or blog to start making money on Dealdey Affiliate Programme.

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Dealdey affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn income when buyers and sellers register, buy or sell on the site through your affiliate link. Dealdey will pay you a percentage of the value of the item as commission. You also make money by using deep links to advertise specific products. You can promote your affiliate links through your website, profiles and fan pages on Facebook and Twitter, as well as using your email list.

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Benefits from Dealdey Affiliate Program
1. Free 500 Naira bonus in addition to any commission you earn when your referrals buy deals.
2. Great banner ad images and text links resources
3. Direct payment into your Nigerian bank account in Naira
4. Rock solid support from Dealdey affiliate team

How To Register On Dealdey Affiliate Program
Registration on Dealdey Affiliate is simple and free, requiring no technical knowledge.
1. Click HERE to apply for Dealdey affiliate program
2. After your application is approved, Dealdey will send you an email that contains your ID and password.
3. Log in to you Dealdey affiliate program and get familiar with the dashboard in your account.

How To Make Money Into Your Dealdey Affiliate Account Without A Website
1. click on the “Invite a friend” tab
2. Send a message to 50 friends (include your unique affiliate link). Tell them how to make money using Dealdey.
3. Continue sharing your link on Facebook and Twitter.

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How To Make Money Into Your Dealdey Affiliate Account As A Blogger/Website Owner
1. Sign in into your affiliate account, click on the ‘program’ tab
2. Click on ‘commission and ads’ tab.
3. Scroll down and click on any category of products you want to promote e.g. gadgets, fashion, travel and home appliances.
4. Copy the HTML code and place where you want the ad to appear on your blog/website
Now that I have showed you these tips, register below and start making money on Dealdey.
These are the basic information regarding Dealdey affiliate program, and the procedures involved in taking advantage of this business opportunity. By properly exploiting this option, while following the guidelines presented in this article, the affiliate is assured of success.

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