Interested in small daycare business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a daycare or creche center with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Daycare Business: Ideas, Opportunities, Planning, Prospects, Challenges

Is Day care business profitable? One business idea that has thrived over time is the day care business. Daycare business involves providing childcare services for parents for certain hours while the parents are busy or most especially when they are at work.

Now, this is one child care business idea that is highly rewarding as new babies are born every day and parents are always in need of the services a day care provides, especially since both parents have to put in work in order to be able to provide for the family.


Questions to Ask Before going into a Day Care Business

So, where can I get free information on how to start a daycare? What does owning a daycare entail? How does one start up a daycare? How much does it cost to start a daycare like KinderCare? Can I start a daycare center with government grants? how do I start a daycare with no money? Are there special requirements in order to go into daycare business? How do I go about licensing a daycare? How do I ensure I succeed in a day care business?

In order to answer the above questions, here are some things to know, when it comes to day care business….

How to Open a Child Care Business at Home


When it comes to daycare business, the advantages are inexhaustible. First, you get to be your own boss, which of course is the main drive behind becoming an entrepreneur. Then you get to have fun while working.

Children are fun to be with, that is definitely a fact for sure. Then, as earlier mentioned, you will never run out of clients. New babies are born every day and with the work schedules of parents, daycare services would always be in need.

A daycare is also easy to set up and can totally be started at home and requires low startup capital. And then, if you are a parent, you could also get to spend time with your kids when they are young.

Get Licensed

Daycares do not just pop out from nowhere and then start functioning. You are being given the responsibility of taking care of other people’s kids and most states or countries do not just give anyone that privilege. So, if you are interested in starting a daycare, it is important you get licensed to run one.

Licensing is definitely not required in all places, but then it is important to find out if you are going to need one and then if not, at least check out for registration of your daycare business.


As earlier mentioned, a daycare is one business that can be totally run from home. But then, there are other aspects to consider when it comes to the location of your daycare business. It is more advantageous if it is located in a commercial area. This makes it easier and more accessible to parents dropping off their babies when they are off to work.

The space in your home is also important. You need to know the number of children your home would be able to contain, if you are starting your daycare business at home. It is important for the children to have enough play space. If you are using some other facility for your daycare business, you should also ensure it is spacious enough for the number of kids you hope to cater to daily.

You could also decide to have separate rooms for the different ages of children in your daycare in order to place them according to their ages.

Dealing with Logistics

When thinking about starting your daycare business, it is important to work out your logistics. You have to decide how many children you would cater to, this would determine your location and space.

You also need to determine the minimum and maximum age of the children you would accept into your daycare business.

You could also decide if you would be making any provisions, such as snacks or other food items for the kids in your daycare business or if they would be coming with theirs.

Get It All Set Up

Your daycare needs some items such as furniture for kids, toys, fun books, art supplies and other forms of entertainment. This is all dependent on the ages of children in your daycare or you could also separate them into different rooms according to their ages.

Planning your Hours

When it comes to daycare business, the hours are all that matters. You have to set the operating hours for your daycare business. Checking out the operating hours of your competitors as well as working hours of most of the parents dropping their kids would help you set the hours you would operate daily.

You should be ready to open shop really early since most parents would love to drop their children early on their way to work. You could also set up measures to check parents who would come to pick their children late, such as extra charges.

Hire Staff

For your day care business, especially one that would have lots of kids, you would definitely need hands. This is where employing other people comes in. When choosing employees for your daycare business, you have to ensure that they are people who love kids and can actually take care of them.

This means they would treat them with love, hence making your daycare business succeed.


Opening a daycare business in your home is sure cheap and fun, but then extra care and attention has to be given to the kids in order to avoid accidents and any other complications that may arise when one is not really careful. Hence, safety has to be paramount when it comes to handling a day care.