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How to Improve Your Creative Writing Skills: Best Exercises, Classes, Examples, Tips, Degree, Courses and Programs

For most modern-day jobs, creativity is not a bonus skill that employers consider useful; it’s an absolute necessity for success. Managers ask their teams to think of new ways to do their jobs more efficiently, and they constantly add more tasks to their job descriptions. One of those tasks is creative writing.

We used to think that the talent of creative written expression was necessary only for writers, journalists, and students who have to handle different types of assignments. In reality, we all have to get creative when writing; even if it’s just a Facebook status we need to think of. There are several affordable creative writing programs, online programs, graduate degrees, good colleges and best universities offering master and PhD programs in creative writing.

Professionals of all industries need creative writing skills and techniques for the following reasons:

This is how to make your creative writing interesting:

  • Generating creative writing ideas for year 1, 2, 3, grade 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 students involves uniqueness and creative solutions are the guiding point of all businesses. The process of generating ideas requires huge creativity, which is usually expressed in the form of written reports.
  • Finding methods to implement the solutions. The entire process has to be managed in the most productive way. For that purpose, the managers and their teams need to get creative when thinking how to delegate and execute the tasks.
  • Promoting new products and services through online campaigns. Clearly, all marketing techniques are heavily based on creative writing processes.

There isn’t a switch that lets you turn your creative thinking mode whenever necessary. This skill takes a lot of practice, but it’s never too late to start developing it. Try these 5 techniques that help you boost your creative writing skills:

1. Take some time to think

So how do you start a creative writing piece? People get the impression that creative individuals just sit and start writing the piece as soon as you give them a spark. That’s not always the case. The creative journey starts with self-awareness. First of all, you need to know what you’re supposed to deliver. What’s the base of information you have to start with?

Think about the way you can approach the issue, and think about different topics revolving around the same subject. Remember: doing creative writing is not only about expressing your individuality; it’s about delivering something the audience will love. Thus, you need to think and analyze the starting point before you get to work as this is what makes good creative writing.

2. Approach writing as a progressive process

It’s important to take these creative writing steps one at a time. Although creativity can be messy, the process of writing still demands organization. Here are the stages you need to pay attention to:


  • Analyzing the issue
  • Brainstorming for daily narrative creative writing plots and prompts
  • Writing an outline that shows how your ideas and arguments will be organized
  • Writing the piece
  • Editing, formatting, and proofreading

Take one step at a time and do not skip any of these essential stages in creative writing format that will bring your innovative ideas to reality.

3. Use the right brainstorming and writing tools

The online tools you use can support or block your creative writing process. You can also download cool images and free pictures of great creative prompts photos for writing designed for teenagers and children online. Make sure to experiment with different tools and choose the ones you feel comfortable with. Here are three suggestions to consider:

  • Stormboard – online brainstorming and planning tool that supports team collaboration
  • Calmly Writer – a distraction-free writing tool that puts you into “focus mode”
  • StayFocusd – an extension for Chrome browser, which will keep you away from distracting websites that undermine the creative process

4. Know when you’re stuck

Even the most creative minds have their limits. Sometimes it’s simply not your day, or you can’t handle the project you’re working with. It’s okay. Take some time away from the project and move onto another important task. Before you get back to the creative writing process, ask yourself: “how can I make this work?” This is important in discovering creative narrative writing essay prompts.

If the task is outside your capacity or the deadline is too close, you can always outsource it to online writing services like AssignmentMasters. When you start collaborating with professional writers, you’ll find different ways to improve your creative writing skills in English as well.

5. Get rid of flowery prose

This is the ultimate tip for improving the overall style of your pieces: get rid of unnecessary adverbs, adjectives, flowery words, and complex sentences. Composing something that average people wouldn’t understand is not the point of creative writing. Your style has to be clear and straight on point. Fix the mess and deliver a clean, readable piece for your audience. That’s how those good creative ideas for writing assignment in poetry will shine. You can also create a list of random creative writing fiction prompts and generators that you come across in journals.

Creative writing is more than bringing fresh short story ideas and creative writing prompts to surface. It’s a complex process composed of different stages, which demand your close attention. Be very thoughtful when trying to develop creative solutions, and always have the interests of the target audience as the guiding point. The 5 creative writing tips and tricks listed above will help you improve your creative writing skills, but you have to practice. Today is the best day to start doing that!

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