Creative Ways To Make Money Online

7 Most Creative Ideas To Make Money Online

Everyone these days is searching for ways they can make money online and become financially free. It’s interesting how much money can be earned by one’s online activities, however, with a unique touch of creativity, one could even do this in such a way that one ultimately becomes fully attached to the online world for convenient sustenance.

In this article, it is intended that you would be inspired to check out any of the 7 creative ways to make your dream money online.

1. Blogging 

Blogging is one facet of the cyber sphere that is hitting a passive jackpot for its owner, given the required time. There are a vast plethora of blogs that you can number at the expense of your internet.

This implies a necessary competition that could turn in your favor depending on the characteristics content. And even if your content is not characteristic enough to fetch good enough fortune, then other aspects of innovativeness becomes necessary.

For instance, the separate venture of affiliate marketing may be merged into your blog in such a way that you market as many as possible products of a specific or multiple brands. This ways you can make money from Google Adsense and affiliate marketing too.

2. E-commerce 

With the introduction of ICT in this new era, most people prefer shopping from the comfort of their home using their computer or smartphone with an internet connection without stressing themselves going to a long journey just to purchase some few items which they can still get online with just a click of a button.

You can create your own e-commerce store that sells whosoever you wish to sell online and promote your products using SEO, Google PPC or social media platforms to drive traffic to your store.
If you don’t have the financial backup to create an online store, you can use eBay or free site like

A website for whatever business you run, whether a coffee store or spare parts firm, it is a giant advantage to have an online inventory that potential customers can seam through probably before purchase. A good virtual impression is to be seen as an agent that aid in convincing a client of reliability of a marketer’s ware.

3. Freelancing

As a freelancer, you could exhibit your expertise in web designing, graphic design, animation, photography, copy editor, writing etc. It is a fun way of earning cool (not below 0 degree Celsius though) cash.

Whatever it is that you can passionate about, you can stand out doing it as a freelancer, and this is achieved by pouring out your signature expertise into work. There are a good number of sites where you could sell what you do at leisure for good fortunes, examples are iWriter, Fiverr elance.

One channel of freelancing is tutoring. This is basically a virtual configuration of a physical classroom. This could be achieved using applications like Skype, to deliver lectures over the internet for which you are paid hourly.

So say you are an expert at Math, sites like MathTutor and, offers the opportunity of reaching out to those who have challenges with what seem like normal mathematical manipulation to you. So you get paid for the size of your brain.

4. WordPress Developer

Are you conversant and good at designing WordPress blogs? Most bloggers are finding it difficult to tweak their blog look to their taste and therefore needs a WordPress developer. Recent surveys show that 22% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, even Google, CNN, eBay, LinkedIn etc. This is not a dart of surprise as it hits our awareness considering its appeal in flexibility, SEO friendliness, and ease of use.

One can even go as far as customizing themes. The beautiful part is that you can make money designing WordPress themes without prior expertise or being a professional programmer. You could directly design themes for clients or sell them to organizations like Mojo Themes and Creative Market.

5. Social Media Manager

Have you heard of that before? Do you know that busy online entrepreneurs do hire people to take good care of their social media accounts? These people are called social media manager and they are well paid.

You don’t need any qualification to become a social media manager, you just market yourself to them and obey what ever instruction they tell you about what they want you to do. But have it in mind that before any online entrepreneur will pick you, you must have an account with most of the popular social media platforms in the world which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Snapchat and MySpace.

6. Photography

Do you have love for taking pictures? Do you know you can make money from those lovely pictures that you take? There are multiple sites online that will pay you to submit some cool lovely pictures to them.

You can go to somewhere beautiful and take a shot, look for something unusual and beautiful and take a shot of it. People may not understand what you are doing because they are not aware that you are making money from your passion.

Sites like Fotolia, 123rf, and Shutterstock would actually pay to get truly original pictures you have taken, and definitely with your probable experience you should be up to the task. These pictures are potential visual representation of related subjects. Here a nutritious spice of creativity is rigidly recommended. This is indeed a seemingly too easy means to make money online.

7. E-book Selling

Selling of eBooks is another really superb and interesting means of passively making money online. You can make as much as $500,000 from ebook sales; depending on how entangling the content of such ebook is.

Barry Eisler is a self-publishing author who wrote on the former CIA agent John Rain who is a freelance assassin, and he made over that amount. The beauty of eBooks is that it helps one overcome the hurdles of publishing a physical book. You could publish on Amazon and distribute through several channels like Apple iBookstore, Diesel iBookstore, and the Sony Reader store.

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