Creative Small Business Ideas List for 2019

Most Creative Small Business Ideas List to Start

Do you need innovative ideas for small business? Most of the time when people look for innovative business ideas, one thing is topmost in their minds: business ideas with low investment and high profit.

If you intend to start one, this is likely to be your desire too.

This article will provide a list of some of the most profitable creative businesses that require little investment to start. You are likely to find any/some of the following unique business ideas interesting;

List of Creative Business Ideas with Small Capital

Disc Jockeys are some of the most sought after artists in the world of entertainment. You can turn your passion for music by playing in events and parties. You do not need a significant investment in equipment to kick-start your business. Yet, profits can be substantial if you know your craft and make the right connection with those that matter.

People you need to work with include musicians, event planners and many more. Your network will help promote your business to the right audience. To make this a reality, a lot of hard work is needed. The more you are in demand as a DJ, the greater the potential for high profits.

With a a change in the ways of doing business comes a need for creative online businesses to have a greater presence and wider reach. This is a service web designers provide. To get into this field, you first need to obtain critical skills for success. You can either choose to follow the long path by learning the basics of programming or you can choose the easier and shorter path such as WordPress.

This requires little investment as your most basic needs will include a computer with access to the internet. As a web designer, you can work remotely. This saves you the cost of having to rent an office space. Demand for web design services are increasing among business owners.

Do you love taking pictures? Are you a photo freak? If so, this might just be the gold mine waiting to be exploited by you. Depending on what scale you envisage, you can set up a thriving photography business with a few thousand dollars. These will be spent mainly on the purchase of equipment.

However if you own a camera already, then the investment sum needed is significantly lowered. There are several photography niches you can specialize on. These include wildlife, wedding, landscape and several other types. There are tons of free and paid online tutorials and courses you can enroll for on Lynda, Coursera among several sources.

If your environment has some historical importance or holds some value or meaning to tourists, then you should consider doing this. As a tour guide, you need to possess detailed knowledge on the history of such an area(s). If there’s to be an investment, it should be in knowledge.

As tourists come around, they will rely on you for detailed information. You will be asked a lot of questions as well. This is highly profitable especially during peak periods which mostly fall on holidays. The more significant your tourist location is, the greater your profits in this good creative business idea for students.

The availability of rental companies have made it more easier to start and run a hauling business. The investment required is little as you do not need to own the delivery trucks. Yet, the financial rewards are amazing. Before starting this business idea, you need to have the necessary clearance from all regulatory authorities.

Different states have their peculiar requirements. On your part, your driving records needs to be up to standard. If you handle this business properly, the rewards are highly satisfactory.

  • Residential Cleaning

Do you need a creative business to start from home? Residential cleaning services require little financial investment. Yet these have the potential of yielding high profits. Although for this to happen, proper planning and implementation of well thought out strategies are required. As an owner of a residential cleaning business, only a limited number of cleaning equipment are needed.

You can start with clients within your neighbourhood and gradually expand to cover more areas. Patronage depends on client satisfaction. Hence you may want to give your clients the best services.

To be successful in this line of business, you need to be able to pay utmost attention to detail. As a planner, you want to show your clients that you have the capacity to be entrusted with responsibility. Experience is of utmost importance here. You can gain this by working with established/veteran event planners.

With low investment, you can become a successful event planner and earn significant profits.

To establish a successful landscaping business, it requires an in-depth knowledge or understanding of the field. You also need to purchase the right equipment required. These give the best results. Such will not cost a fortune. However your services will be in high demand from both corporate and private clients.

The more you make your clients satisfied, the greater demand you will attract.

  • Painting

If you are love painting and are creative enough, this might be a business idea that you will find exciting. As a painter, you will attract both private and corporate clients. The most basic equipment include paint brushes and rollers of different sizes plus ladders. These require little

investment. But the profit potential is high especially when you provide satisfactory results or even exceed client expectations.

This is also a business idea for persons with high creativity. You only need to know how to arrange things in ways that project certain moods and bring out the aesthetic appeal to clients. You can learn on-the- job by working with established interior designers. There are also a lot of materials online that gives you tons of ideas to work with.

Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration. The best part of this business is that you can start with low investment, yet make impressive profits.

Why not use your computer skills to set up a business where you teach or transfer such skills to interested clients? There are several aspects of computer training. The major ones include software packages as well as hardware maintenance and repair.

Lots of people are willing to learn such skills and will be glad to pay to be taught. At the minimum, you need to have a computer and teaching materials which require little financial investment. The earning potential is huge with the right marketing approach.

  • Baby Sitting

As people become more busy, they need a helping hand to look after their kids. You can offer that helping hand by starting a babysitting service. You can hire more capable hands to spread this vital service to more customers.

An increasing number of people find travel fascinating. This is more in countries with a growing middle class. Travel agencies provide an important service to travellers. You can also establish one if you find it attractive. Investments are low while the profit potential is high.

This requires a lot of content generation. To be successful, you need to choose your area of expertise. Billions of people visit the internet everyday. By choosing an area you are well suited for, you are likely to provide a people with solutions to their problems.

You need a computer and an internet connection to start. These do not require huge financial commitments.

  • Data Entry

Lots of businesses outsource their data entry services to other businesses. Why not start a data entry business today? This requires little investment yet you stand the chance to earn big depending on how much work you are able to complete.

As an active or retired professional, you can start a consultancy service to provide expert opinion and advice on a wide range of issues relating to your specific field or qualification. Knowledge, they say is power. There will be lots of people needing and willing to pay for professional advice.

This is a low-investment, high profit creative business you can start once you have the interest.

Freelancing finds application in a variety of fields. There are freelance journalists, freelance writers, and many more who offer their services for a fee. These work with multiple clients. Starting a freelance service in your chosen area of specialisation does not require a substantial amount of investment. Yet it can be highly profitable.

An increasing number of people in big cities are turning to Yoga. This is due to its stress relieving effects. Are you a Yoga expert? Why not help out those in need of your service? A Yoga center is a business idea that can be started with limited resources.

  • Motivational Speaker

Motivational speaking is big business. You can help others by giving them hope through your skills as a motivational speaker. For established names in the industry, they have sold out speaking engagements round the year. You can venture into this area if you have the desire. The good part is that you will not need a huge investment sum to start.

This is a creative business ideas list with low investment and high profit you can start. There are so many more unique business ideas that are highly profitable yet require little investment.

With the above-mentioned, you are sure to achieve success with the right approach.

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