How To Create Information Products That Sell Online Fast


Obviously you want to learn how to create information products that sell online fast so you can join the league of people that are making money online selling information products. You want to make money online right?

Selling information products online is one of the easiest way to make money in the digital space. Just that most online marketers struggle because they don’t know where to start and what product to create that can sell fast online.

The fact is, there is no super-secret to creating information products that sell online fast, it just come down to simple business principle.


In this post, I will be sharing with you how I was able to create information products that sell online fast and made my first 6 figures that same month of launching the product.

What is an Information Product?

Before I dive into how you can create information products that sell fast online, let me briefly cover what an information product is.

An information product is simply a means of teaching something. It can come in many format which includes:

  • Audio (mp3 file)
  • Video
  • Written (eBook, kindle book (PDF)

All these formats can be downloaded online when buyers make payment.

How to Create Information Products that sell Online Fast

So, how do you create information products that sell online fast so you can start making money from your idea?

Pick a Problem You Want to Solve

In order for your information product to sell successfully, you must first pick a problem you want to solve. This is the first step.

If you have an audience (which you should), you can conduct a survey to really get into what they are struggling with so you have a clue of what they want and what you should create.

The problem you want to solve must be something that people will be willing to pay for to get their problem solve. If the benefit of buying your product is not more than the price you are charging for the product, nobody will buy.

Conduct a Market Research

After picking a problem you would want to solve, you need to conduct a market research and find out if the niche you want to work with is profitable as you think it is and what format you will be using to sell your information product.

Check around any online platforms, Facebook groups, Twitter hashtags, blogs, forums and watch what they are discussing in your niche.  This is how you know if your information product will be a hot product when it is launched.

Your Outline

The next step after you have discovered the problem you want to solve and have done your market research so you can create information products that sell online fast is to create the outline for your product.

I believe you must have gotten a topic in mind which you will create your outline from. If you are confused about the topic, write down as many topics that comes into your mind.

For each main topic, write a list of bullet points that your readers would need to know to understand the topic. Your outline will be like a list and you will explain each points under them. your bullet point will be your sub-heading in your material.

Create your Product

Whether it is an eBook or an audio or video product, make it very valuable to your buyers. If you choose to go with audio recording, you can go and download Audacity. It is a free and easy to use software used for recording audios.

Record what you have to tell your buyers and make it professional. You can go download other people’s audio program to have a feel of what it looks like so you follow suit.

If it is an eBook, it is still the same thing just that this time you are writing. If you can’t write, you can use speech recognition software. It will help you produce a recorded audio and written document at the same time.

Upload Your Product

After the completion of your product, you will need to upload it into a cloud space where it will be stored and access only by you and your buyers. You can also upload it into your website but it will need a passcode before anyone can access.

A buyer can only access the product after payment has been confirmed by the payment processor you will be using. PayPal is mostly used for online payment because it is trusted and popular.

Your Sales Page

This is the page that either make or kill the success of your product. Your sales page explain why the buyer should purchase your product. If you know you are no good at copywriting, I will advise you hire a freelance copywriter.

This page must be perfectly written if you want to sell online fast. Your copy must first state the problem you are providing the solution to. Your copy must tell the benefits buyers get if they purchase the product.

Product Launch

Once everything is in place, it is now time to launch. Start by building buzz about the product. Don’t believe that people will buy because they like and know you.

By building buzz, your audience already know when you are going to put your product on sale. Before then, test every link to make sure they are working. Make sure the payment processor is directing people to the right place.

On launch day, send out an email informing people that the product is out and watch how people are going to rush your product because they have already prepared themselves and waited for it.


One of the numerous ways people like myself make cool cash off the internet is by selling information products. You may want to ask, ‘what are information products?’

These are products that are created specifically to supply information to end users. They are designed in such a way that people are willing to pay for them because these products supply information that solves their problems.

Examples of information products include manuals, tutorials, e-books, pictures, history, maps, videos and so on. They are usually files you create on your computer and sell in softcopy or hardcopy formats. To make money, you can sell on Snapdealor Flipkart

It is worthy to note that to venture into this business, you will have to be good at using computers. The first step is to identify what people are really looking for. You can visit popular online forums to gather ideas. You will then have to create your own e-files. Tutorial manuals can be created in .doc, .docx or pdf formats while videos may be created in .3gp, .mp4 or .avi formats.

Assuming you discover people are searching for detailed business plan for setting up poultry farming business or a feasibility study/report on fish farming. You can go ahead and create a comprehensive guide on these topics using Microsoft word and then convert it to pdf or other formats and then upload it to your website, email or passworded file hosting sites. Now is the time to start marketing. When interested people pay for your product, all you need do is to send it to their email address after payment has been

Payment for your information products be received through bank deposits or payment by online transfer. The products can then be sent through email attachments or direct download link on your website.

So many people are recording success in this business, selling e-books and videos. Just find a hot product to sell. If your product goes for N1500, selling 100 files a month earns you N150,000 from the comfort of your home. This business is one of the best internet business ideas as most bloggers make more money from selling information products than from publishing ads. I have made some pretty cool cash too in the past few years.


This is just the best way to create information products that sell online fast. Have it in mind that creating an information product takes time and hard work which is why most people never do. But the reward is amazing and you should give it a try.

Good luck!

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