Crazy Business Ideas That Worked!

New Crazy Business Ideas That Made Millions

What are some crazy small business opportunities to start? Having a niche in business is becoming difficult by the day. This is because everyone is going into crazy money making ideas and looking for means to survive. In present time no enterprise has the monopoly of business as there are a whole lot of same crazy small businesses everywhere.

What stands as a distinctive ark is the quality of services and packaging of the services rendered. Despite this business situation, it is possible to still have a business enterprise that is not overrated hereby creating your own niche of business.

I must say that the craziest ideas can be developed on, to build up a massive business venture.  The businesses in trend or should I say the businesses that people engage in and end up a success might not work out for you so picking crazy successful business ideas and developing them might be a way you can create a niche for yourself.This is why I would give you some crazy ideas that can turn out to be a means by which you succeed in life and that crazy business.

Crazy Business Ideas That Made Might Work 

1. Slaughter house
I went to the market yesterday to buy some frozen chicken and instead of going to a cold store I decided to buy live ones. After I had done my selection and had paid. Some young man from nowhere collected the live chickens, began to slaughter and cleaned them up. I had to make inquiries and then I realized that there were a number of young boys who did that for a living, what they do is observe when you come to buy the birds and once you have paid, they collect them to kill and clean them up for the customers.

They do this every day and one person kills nothing less than one hundred chickens everyday and is paid two dollars per chicken which is equivalent to 200 dollars everyday. I know, it sounds amazing right?

Well its reality I know the idea sound very crazy but it is a source of livelihood for someone somewhere. I was thinking just in my mind though but now thinking aloud, of a way to expand this as a crazy idea for business. Now what if a place is opened up purposely for killing birds and a good marketing plan in introduced and serious publicity is done to inform people that once they buy live chickens there is a place they can kill and clean up properly at a very affordable price.

2. Cleaning services
Most people starting up a new family for example have difficulty in joggling family with work, school and even kids and this is a very big problem in most families today. So this is the idea, creating a company that does professional cleaning of homes on particular day on request. This is not a maid business idea but a business where by you clean people’s homes for a price but remember the goal of every business should be to satisfy customers and the money follows automatically.

3. Gas delivery
Most times filling up gas cylinders can be stressful, sometimes it can finishes without warning on days that gas stations do not open. What if you can be the person to solve this problem? It may sound irrelevant but being a call away gas station that does home delivery is not only a good business but a business that will meet the needs of a lot of people and of course you can include delivery charges.

4. A chicken rent house
It sounds funny I must admit, I mean who rents chickens? Well that is why this is unique, and it works in two ways. First you can decide to create a platform where people who want to start up a chicken farm and probably do not have the resources to buy chicks to start up, can rent from your company, but they return them when they have laid and hatched new chicks which they can continue their own poultry farm with.

The second part could be a company that rents out everything needed to startup poultry to enable people know if they can venture into the poultry and you will be renting for a price. I know it is funny, but it works.

5. Biometric ATM 
Using the ATM can very frustrating sometimes it can be as bad as the machine seizing your card for no reason or even being expired when you need it the most and then you have to wait for some two three weeks to get another. Biometric ATM is a means of making withdrawals using your finger prints. So all you have to do is place your finger on a portal provide, select amount, and viola you have your cash.

Doesn’t this crazy online business sound amazing?

So you see it is still possible to have the monopoly of a business all you have to do is think of that idea that seems very stupid but people cannot do with out and develop it . It might be that break point you have been looking for.

Business is easy what is important is getting the right idea and knowing how to develop it to become successful. So begin to think of the craziest thing that can become a business and create that generate other crazy business ideas that actually worked.

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