Sample Coupon Clipping Service Website Business Plan Template


There are several business opportunities you can choose from. Although it is common knowledge that almost all businesses are established for profits, knowledge is required to successfully run your business.

Without this, your business will be like a plane without a pilot.

This article will discuss the requirements for starting a coupon clipping service. This is aimed at guiding the entrepreneur with an interest in this field of business on how to go about setting up as well as highlighting the basic requirements.

What Does a Coupon Clipping Service do?
This is a question we need to answer before we go any further. This is because surprisingly, a lot of people have absolutely no idea of what a coupon clipping service is. In providing an explanation, a coupon clipping service is a business which makes coupons available for shoppers on a variety of products. This means that the major work of searching for coupons through the papers is eliminated. All you need to do is to order for as many coupons as you can use. These coupons offer discounts on products or services wherever you shop.

Is it Legal to Sell Coupons?
In most cases, a clear message on these coupons warns against the selling of coupons. However, most coupon clipping services have explained that they only charge money for handling or sorting of these coupons and not selling them. This makes some sense in a way as the buyer is paying for coupons which have been sorted and arranged. Such buyer may find it more difficult clipping coupons hence, the coupon clipping service offers an alternative.

How a Coupon Clipping Service Operates
One way a coupon clipping service operates is that it simply finds/buys papers which contain coupons, sorts them, clips them and packages them together. This makes for easy purchase by the interested buyer. Since coupons offer a discount to services, why not purchase some at a fair price and use them to get great deals. This saves a lot of time and effort on the part of the customer. Thus, he/she pays the coupon clipping service for the time and effort.

How to Start a Coupon Clipping Service
Although this business may seem very easy at face value, there is more to it than meets the eye. You will need to have a deep understanding of how coupons work as well as the various discounts or promotional offers they offer. An active coupon typically lasts a maximum of 2 months. However, some coupons bear promotional offers which may have a shorter validity period. Having a deep understanding of how coupons work is a necessary factor. This means you will have to do a lot of studies.

Step 1: Being Good in Mixing and Matching
This is a necessary skill for starting a coupon clipping service. The stress of carrying this out is what makes a lot of people to prefer buying from coupon clipping services. Although this may seem easy, experience has shown that the best step to take is to learn this skill from an expert. These people have refined their skill over the years and can cut the learning curve to the barest minimum as they reveal to you how to carry out mixing and matching of coupons to help your clients to know which coupon to use for a particular product.

Step 2: Obtaining Licensing
This is a necessary step to be taken by any serious business. Licensing gives your business legitimacy and allows you to function with minimal interference. This also ensures that only competent businesses are allowed to function. Hence before obtaining a business license, registration is required. The process of business registration may differ from city to city. Therefore you need to find out what the requirements for registering a business are in your city.

Step 3: Pricing Your Services
This is one crucial step you need to think through. First, there are several coupon clipping services which offer good deals to clients. You need to have a general picture of the charges they make. By making yours slightly lower than theirs, you would have succeeded in attracting clients who are looking for the best deals around. When contemplating on the cost of your services, one thing that you should consider is that your services must not be too expensive as it will discourage new and existing clients from patronizing your business. Also, it should not be too low as you may never make a profit. You should try to strike a balance between the two.

Step 4: Building a Website for your Business
This is an important consideration to make as it expands the horizons of your business. The possibilities of owning a website are endless. By having links to social media platforms, you are adding to the visibility of your business. When building a website for your business, you should try to ensure that it is engaging and attractive for the visitor. You should raise your concerns to your web designer or may do so yourself if you possess the skills.

These are the requirements for starting a coupon clipping service. By following this information, you are adequately guided and the chances of making costly mistakes are significantly reduced.


Here is a free business plan for starting an internet coupon deal website.

Are you preparing to start an online coupon website business? If yes, follow through with this write-up. Coupon website business is a business that deals with advertising websites that use direct marketing to broadcast businesses, that is you advertise for business owners and you get paid.

In this article I present to you a coupon website business plan sample, which can be used as a sample when about to start the business.


  • Executive Summary
  • Our Product and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary
Zadily is a coupon website business that has fulfilled all the requirements for starting a business in California, United State of America. Our business will be doing all in its power to carry out our business in the best way possible.

Justice Drinkwater will be both the Owner and CEO of Zadily coupon business which will be located in California, United State of America. He has gathered a total of $200,000 from his personal savings and sales of some of his properties. Plans are also on hand to borrow $150,000 from his bank to complete the required startup fund which amounts to $350,000.

Our Product and Services
Zadily coupon business is in the business to provide the best coupon services ever for our clients in California, United State of America. Our services will be opened to people both in United State of America and beyond. Our services will include the following:

  • We will be advertising offers for business owners.
  • We will link your business to customers who are ready to buy your coupons.
  • Provide coupon services for goods like groceries, furniture makers, clothes amongst others.

Vision Statement
Our vision in the industry is to become a standard coupon website business that will offer her clients the best service ever in the United States of America.  We are looking forward to have a business that all will use as a positive gauge for success.

Mission Statement
Our mission in the business is in fact the major source of motivation driving us to achieve more. We are looking forward to give all we have for our clients and publicise their business as they will want it.

Business Structure
From our foreknowledge about business, we know that our business structure plays a part in defining how successful our business will be. For this we will be taking seriously our recruitment program and make sure our business is structured well. Below are some of the spaces to be occupied:

  • Manager I (CEO and Owner)
  • Manager II (Advertisement and Media)
  • Computer operator
  • Accountant
  • Customer Service Personnel
  • Security Officer

Market Analysis
Market Trend

As long as the internet and humans exists coupon website will always make their way. Human will always to patronise it whether they like it or not

Target Market
Our target market will involve those listed below:

  • Household
  • Students
  • Sport men and women
  • Young People
  • Working class individuals
  • Corporate companies

Sales and Marketing Strategy  
As a coupon website business we know the importance of marketing to the success of any business. We will be especially giving our business the biggest broadcast since the success of other business owners depends on our success, we will be giving this the needed publicity. Below are some of the methods we’ve highlighted:

  • We will be making use of introductory letters and fliers for a start to inform the world about our business.
  • Since our business will be internet based, we will be using this judiciously and make sure we fix our wings in every important part of the business. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram amongst others will be used to make sure our business become a whole of success.
  • News media like the Television stations, Radio Station, Newspapers and Magazines will be used.
  • We will be making use of bill boards both electronic and manual to broadcast our business.
  • We will also be listing our business on the yellow pages.

Financial Plan
Source of Startup Capital

The investment injected in our business will define the gain we’ll see. So as a business empire we will be investing big in our business. As of present we have we’ve been able to amass a total of $200,000 from his personal savings and sales of his properties. We have made plans to borrow a total of $150,000 to complete the startup fund amounting to $350,000.

Competitive Advantage
Zadily business as an online coupon business, who are although new in the business will not been seen as an underdog when competing with others coupon businesses. The connection we’ve facilitated will help us survive irrespective of those we are competing with.

This article contains is for a coupon website business plan sample named Zadily. The business will be owned by Justice Drinkwater and will be carrying out its operation from California, United State of America. This is just a sample that can be used when preparing to venture into the coupon website business.

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