Best 10 Cool Small Business Ideas

Do you need some cool business ideas you can capitalize on? Absolutely, here are some cool business ideas you can invest in and earn your financial freedom within a short period of time.

Are you tired of staying at home doing nothing?

Interior Designing
Interior designing is a cool business idea you may never imagine. This business idea is a lucrative and profitable one that has been really fetching many entrepreneurs their daily bread.

To venture into this business, involve some tedious task and that is the main reason why I would advise you to take it with enthusiasm.

In some states out there, it requires that an interior designer should pass some certification test before he can be a certified decorator. But if you are so serious about this cool business idea, I think this should be good news to you—because many people do give up on the road to pursuing it as a profession with this stress and barrier to entry. Why don’t you start this business now? Tomorrow may be too late.

Restaurant Business
Restaurant service business is a cool business idea that you wouldn’t regret capitalizing on. If you are skillful in preparing palatable dishes, why don’t you seize this opportunity to kick start your own restaurant business this instant and break through the financial boredom you are experiencing.

To get this cool business idea started, it doesn’t require you to do much, all you need to do is to look for a commercial or busy location that will enable your prospective customers to patronize you, plus a little paper work at the government bureau so that you can get your business license.

Logistics and Haulage Business
No doubt, the world population keeps increasing day by day and quite a large number of people are sincerely seeking for a comfortable settlement and living hence, people travel from one geographical region to the other to earn ends meet.

You can grab this cool business opportunity to be a problem solver by capitalizing on logistics and haulage business.

This is another cool business idea that has the capacity to turn your financial life around if you really study the business and give it a try. Of course, there are numerous number of bloggers out there earning thousands of dollars every month with just their system and connected internet.

Revenue from ads, affiliate sales, eBooks, products, etc. can transform a blog into real business in itself – just that it takes a little time. Be dedicated and passionate about it, most full-time bloggers out there also started it has their hobby before it grew into a profitable cool business.

Bakery Business
This is another lucrative and profitable cool business idea you can rely on. With just some amount of money and few weeks training you can have your own glowing bakery.

People across the globe like taking baked foods and cookies, so capitalizing on this cool business idea isn’t a game of chance; you will surely make a way.

Freelance Writing
Apart from blogging, this is another cool business idea that you can venture into online. It doesn’t need you to be a webmaster or blogger to earn money online with this business.

If you find fun in researching topics and enjoy writing articles with utmost passion, you can kick start a freelance business and earn anywhere between $15 – $50 or even more per article.

In case you used to have a favorite blog or website that you do visit, you can pitch the editor if they hire writers, you never can tell you may land your first ever writing gig through that.

Freelance Designer
If you are so versed and have bright eye for designing colorful advert and other aesthetic graphics, you can transform it with ease, into a profitable business.

Trust me, this is a cool business idea for college students who are creative enough, as well as the stay at home mothers or parents that so wish to earn extra money.

Dry Cleaning Business
Dry cleaning service business is a cool business idea you can venture into with little capital. It is a lucrative, reliable, comfortable and profitable, cool business idea till date.

If you really want to be your own master, this is a nice business you can venture into without trouble shooting. Not everyone is too overwhelmed to wash and iron themselves and not everyone has the time to do that. Therefore, looking and buying into this cool business idea isn’t a wrong choice.

Babysitting Business
If you have great love in hanging out with children, having fun and being like a guidance to them, you can turn that passion into a million dollars’ business.

Starting a babysitting business won’t be a wrong idea because there are countless number of mothers out there that are too busy at work and have little or no time to look after their babies.

You starting this cool business idea might be the best for you. All you need is to rent an apartment and hang up a banner at the gate that you render a babysitting service, buy varieties of toys etc. and you are good to go.

Payment Solution Business
Payment solution is a cool business idea that people are seriously patronizing these days. Everyone is tired of queuing in the bank with exhausted stomach just to save or withdraw from the ATM machine.

With just a little amount of money, you can kick start this business and stand a chance to earn your financial freedom without any delay.

With the above highlighted cool business ideas, I do hope you take your time to read and choose the one that suits you most and capitalize on it now. You never can tell; tomorrow may be too late my dear.


Are you in search of cool business ideas that are unique? You keeping asking yourself, ‘What are some cool business ideas I can start? I discovered that the earlier one finds his/her passion in entrepreneurship, the better for one’s business future. For instance, there are many cool business ideas for students, kids and teenagers that can help them develop the culture of saving and investing.

Most cool business ideas for college students revolves round passion and service delivery as these make it easier for them to combine business with school work. Photography and customizing wears are some cool business ideas around a college campus for students who want to make money especially during departmental and hall week celebration.

Today, I would beam my torch on really cool businesses to start especially for small towns. Whether you are in New York, DC, Austin, Boston, London, India or Chicago, if your desire is to stand out, look for businesses with unique value, multiple streams of income and prospects for creativity and expansion.

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This info-graph will give you an idea of the cooliest business ideas to start up irrespective of the fact that you are still in school or retired.

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1. —-» Boutique Shop
2. —-» Fast Food Business
3. —-» Customising Wears
4. —-» Urban Farming
5. —-» Game Development
6. —-» Car And Bicycle Hire
7. —-» Photography
8. —-» Bar And Lodgings Business
9. —-» Printing Business
10. —-» Blogging

Are you are tired of struggling to come up with innovative business ideas? The internet is a market place of really cool business ideas and investment opportunities. Recently, I stumbled on three super cool businesses ideas while browsing the business section of a popular forum. After scouting for cool business ideas for sale, some investors buy these unique businesses and developing them into wealth empires.

I hope you were able to pick one of two ideas from my list of the coolest businesses to own this year.